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How to fully restore your WordPress Blog

Backup Guide

You are reading this article because:

  • At this point, i think you have already screwed up your blog somehow and crying in help what to do next OR
  • Congratulations you are much more cleverer than you think you are!

Ok, so now that you are here let me tell you how to create a foolproof blog that you can use to restore if anything goes wrong and i mean “ANYTHING”. Sometime in the future if your server gets crashed suddenly, or your SQL databases become corrupt or if there’s a plugin gone rogue, whatever may be the situation you will totally thank god that you stumbled upon this article.

Backing up your Databases

(Serious shit, dont joke around this area)

Wordpress Backup technology

Every WP Blogger might have heard of this awesome plugin. What it does is it backs up your entire database including, posts, comments, and other wordpress core tables. Install this plugin from here For genuinity, this plugin is created by Austin Matzko (WP username: filosofo). Download it and install it. Schedule your backups daily, weekly or monthly. I backup my databases to my computer locally when making some minor changes.

Restoring your backed up Databases

(If you screw in here, wave your final goodbye to your blog)

Set it and forget it!

If you have backed up your databases through WP-DB Backup plugin, read more.

  1. First delete your wp-content/cache folder, then
  2. Login to phpMyAdmin present in your Webhost.
  3. Select your wordpress database.
  4. Tickmark all the tables that reside in your database
  5. Select the DROP option to delete them forever.
  6. Upload your database by selecting the import tab and browsing where you had saved the backup earlier created by WP-backup plugin.

Backup and restore your Themes, Images and Plugins

(You can live without it)

Save your Blog!

Login to your FTP account and download the whole wp-content folder onto your computer. It will include all the themes, plugins and uploads made by you. To restore them simply copy them back in the same folder.

By the time you are done, your Blog will be looking just like the last time you had seen it.

Backup now!

For the paranoid users, there’s a software called XMAPP available, which will run your blog locally on your computer without the need of any internet connection allowing you to preview any changes made to your blog before you actually make them on your live blog. For installing your XMAPP check out this awesome tutorial over here.

Please comment and share your views about WordPress backup technology. Have you ever suffered a major loss of your blog and had to repent over your mistakes or are you just too clever and developed a secret backup plugin of your own? Please let us know!

Start with a Click- Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography and blogging shall come in hand in hand. An year back at chaaps, we kick started with a photography article Top 30+ Flickr Tools to Enhance your Flickr Journey, and today, we have a new member in our crew, Karan Chadha who is passionate with photography and his first article here covers All photography tips for wanna-be photographers! Few important tips for the beginners who really wish to click.

1. Do not go for a professional camera in the beginning.

The love for photography starts when you start clicking. The passion arises if you start clicking few pictures. Bang on..!!! Its possible to get good pictures through a point and shoot camera. The more you click, the more you learn about your camera. You may upgrade to the kind of camera you want, later.

2. Click Click Click

No photography course can improve you as much as you are yourself. All you need to do is to click and click as much as you can. Keep a camera with you and whenever you get time. start clicking.And you never know, you might take advantage of some unexpected opportunities.

3. Shortlist the areas of your interest. As a passion too!

Even if you wish to click pictures and you cannot take your camera around, you need to shortlist your areas of interest. You can choose whatever you wish to click. Street, Portraits, Landscape, Light and whatever you wish to click. Make sure you do a research and note all the important information you observed.

4. Do not go for a perfect shot every time.

The more you click, the more you learn. It happens many times that people cant find subjects in their surrounding. But remember, it takes a deal to live your passion. And you need to stand up and see your surroundings to get your shots. You never know that you might find interesting! Light patterns or lovely macro shots in your veranda. eh.! Often a simple subject makes a best shot.

5. Never ending process.

The more you learn, the more you can learn. The best thing about photography is that its a never ending learning and experience. You can find your source of information everywhere. Look through the eyes of the photographer and you will experience a completely new world.

6. Search the internet.

It’s not just about clicking, but also seeing the work of other people. Taking inspirations and tips from internet and everywhere. You can browse through websites like flickr or deviant art or also facebook to see the work of other photographers.

7. Free softwares and post processing

Photography, is just not limited to clicking. The pictures have to be made presentable. And all the photographers decide how to present their pictures. If you cant use a photoshop then dont worry, you can use softwares like picasa, photscape and gimp that are easy to use and free to download and help in improving the photos upto a great extent.

8. Experimenting with the camera settings

There is no harm in experimenting with your camera settings. You never know your digi cam may be loaded with much more features than you expected. As you explore, just try changing settings of your camera to learn what effects do you like.

9. Be regular.

Try to click photos everyday. Make sure you practice regularly, so that you can set a good hand on your camera and develop a new eye. If you cant click regularly, try participate in various online competitions so as to improve your work. Facebook can be of great help here.

10. Just experiment

If you are using a point and shoot camera, dont be afraid to experiment. Just click it. if you like, save it. And if not, delete it. Just go crazy. Do not be shy and you might learn a lot in the process.

The Author, Karan Chadha would like to hear from you, you could comment your views on this Photography tip by commenting here. Stay tuned with chaaps for continuous news and updates.

How to build a brand for your blog with Twitter?

Standing out of the crowd in Twitter
Standing out of the crowd in Twitter

Twitter has always been a boon for us in promoting our posts as it is the main source of traffic for us after organic traffic. People just often keep tweeting the same link again and again which has a dual disadvantage: One, loss of credibility and Two, Susceptibility of spam.

Here are a few tips for you to drive huge traffic via twitter.

Building a Brand for your Blog with Twitter – A Ten-Point Strategy

  1. To begin with, choose an username that is the same as your blog’s name or at least has a connection with your blog’s name.
  2. Connect with fellow writer and also your readers. At the same time be selective, do learn to ignore. When someone says
  3. Tweet all your posts. At least a few of others. Back in August 2010, A survey showed Facebook users are generally narcissistic; As of now, not much of such a complaint has been thrown on twitter. Let’s keep it that way and promote others content and expect them to reciprocate, too!
  4. Make a note: Twitter isn’t the compact form of your RSS feed. Feeding your twitter profiles with twitterfeed and must be highly avoided as far as you have enough time to spend crafting materials within 140 characters.
  5. Make another note: Scheduling works like a charm though it is similar to feeding. But in this case, you automate blog posts only that are worth a read or two. Be wise in choosing the best and also keep the scheduling interval quite long.
  6. Advertising in twitter – using services like MyLikes Network is the most grave mistake you can ever do. This not only makes your readers think twice before clicking any link of yours but also degrades your idea of building a brand for your blog with twitter. Have you seen Techcrunch or Engadget people do such a lame thing?
  7. Tweet frequency – Let’s get social? I tweet 150 times a day. Will you click a single link of mine? I’d be surprised if you haven’t unfollowed me yet. Or even worse, I tweet once in two weeks. I myself will be wondering how many of my twitter buds know my username and/or my full name.
  8. Use your own URL shortener. Copyblogger has it’s own URL shortener, and Search Engine land has it’s own URL shortener, and so does almost every other renowned blog.
  9. Don’t have a URL shortener for yourself? There’s nothing to sob about! You can use twitter’s official URL shortener that really helps in building a brand. This is something I’ve learnt from my experience. What and doesn’t do, does.
  10. Tweet your heart out! But, Mind you, create another profile for that. Just like you need to keep your Facebook page clean and professional, your twitter profile must be professional on the same lane. Going by the TOS of twitter, having multiple profiles is no sin and hence I highly recommend you to have two twitter profiles – one personal stream and the other, professional. Take for instance, we tweet only legit stuff and share only worth-a-read sort of links from @chaaps while on the other hand I tweet all nonsense from @muru0410. 😛

Have I missed a thing or do you have anything to speak about my twitter profile(@muru0410)? 😉
Have your say in the comments section. Also, make sure you follow us on @chaaps to keep up with our updates instantly.


HELLOBAR that gets noticed!

HELLOBAR is a little bar placed on websites at the top, to drive visitors to buy their products or simply to get their attention.
digital-telepathy introduced it in 2010 and since then it has gained a lot of interest. Novice Bloggers who are new to Blogosphere can generate traffic to other pages of their Blogs by integrating this bar.

Hellobar offers to customize the bar manually (a static message will be displayed) or dynamically (regular feed updates will be displayed) or you can also allow Twitter Updates to be displayed. A link at the end of the message shall be provided to direct your visitors to other pages.

Appearance wise, you can change the bar color, message color, link color too. Hellobar offers you millions of colors for you choose from. It presently gives 22 font styles to decorate your text message including the popular Comic Sans, Verdana, Arial and Times New Roman. Hellobar also gives you many tweaks to play around with, in the Settings area. You can set time when to show or hide the bar, how the bar will be positioned, you can also allow users to close the bar or wiggle the bar after a short period of time.

Installing the bar is pretty easy too. After customizing the bar according to your taste, just click the ‘Get Code’ button, and in seconds you can paste the script into your favourite blog platform. Hellobar also gives you a small guide in case you dont know where to place the code in your template.

The feature from which Bloggers gain an extra edge by using this bar is the STATS page. In here you can monitor the ClickThrough Rate or CTR of your bar. You can also track how many impressions have been made onto the bar.
Hellobar also has a funny and cute tagline ‘the bar that gets noticed’ that is displayed when you hover over the H symbol on the bar!

If you want to try out the bar, please click here. And just FYI, it is totally free of cost!! Have Fun 🙂

How to Deal With Broadband Speed Problems

Using a broadband internet connection can be fun but since most of us use our broadband internet because of the extraordinary speed it provides and it will be really frustrating to be getting slow speeds from our broadband connection.

Many people experience speed problems with their broadband connection and a large percentage of them blame their ISP for it; others give one excuse or the other when in reality they are the ones responsible for the problems they’re experiencing with their broadband connection. It can be very difficult to say if your internet speed problems are from you or from your ISP especially if you don’t have much knowledge about technological things.

This article will be giving you some sure-fire tips to overcome every speed problems you may be facing with your broadband internet.

Check Your Computer

The above statement is what very few people want to hear when it comes to the speed of an internet connection while in reality it is responsible for a large percentage of the speed problems people face. If you’re having speed problems with your broadband connection the first thing you should check is your computer. Try to see if running programs or working on your computer system is very slow or if it is only with your internet connection.

If your computer does hang in the middle of your work or if you find it difficult to open files quickly there is a great probability the problem is from you. In cases like this the problem has to do with your hardware. If you discover your computer is having hardware problems it will be better to take it to the nearest engineer to help you check what is wrong with it.

Check for Software/Virus Problems

A virus can be very dangerous and deadly to the extent of making it impossible to access the internet using a very fast internet connection. The functions of computer viruses differ and they are capable of almost anything. Some computer virus are programmed to be downloading files from your system to an anonymous person on the internet and this can consume a large portion of your bandwidth thereby making your broadband connection frustratingly slow; in cases like this it is highly advisable to download the latest antivirus from the internet and do a thorough scan of your computer.

Sometimes the problem you’re experiencing might not be from a virus but from some software programs on your computer so it is highly important to do a thorough check of the softwares installed on your computer to make sure you only install those you really need. If you don’t need a particular software program then it has no use on your computer; remove it immediately.


Google now helps you to Teach your Parents a Computer Lesson!

Teach Parents Tech? is an Initiative by Google To spread the Knowledge of “Computers” to your Parents! Oh ! *Surprised*?

You may not have patience to teach your Parents the ABCD of Using Computers and Web, The Web Giant Google has time for it and even has set up a website for this Sake! It is called “Teach Parents Tech” which has over 50+ Videos, which helps you learn (your parents learn) how to perform some basic operations on computer, Let it be changing desktop background, setting up a blog, sharing photos, sending an email and whatever for your no-techsavy or less-techsavy parents!

The Site is Damn simple, all you need to do is visit and you will be assisted with How to send a Tech Support Care Package to your Parents. The Website provides a Letter Template where you can Write to your dear Mom or Dad and choose any tutorial videos on different categories like “The Basics” , “The World Wide Web”, “Communication”, “Media” etc.. The Videos are Good and has a cool step by step explanation so that your parents can learn things in a quicker and better way.. You can preview this Letter and send it as an Email to your Parents! Cool Sweet Gift, Isn’t it??

A Letter to My Mom, created using

By The Time, I was writing this post , the site has served over 25,000 parents! Link:

What do you think of this Idea? Do you Like to see your Parents in your Facebook List? 😛 Share your Opinion with Us!


How to Create Theme in New Facebook Profile by Photo Tagging!

Very Recently Facebook rolled out its new design and asked us to “Upgrade to New Profile” by making some updates and changes in looks here and there. One of the Prominent thing to observe in New Profile of facebook was, it displayed the Tagged Photos of yours in the Homepage and gave a more control allowing you to shuffle the Photo Tagged Photos as you like..

That is it, An Innovation in Design of New Facebook Profile has Begun! have a look at the Profile of Alexandre Oudin! Surprised? Yes, People are now creating trends by Creatively designing their Profiles just by placing the Photos in Right Place! Scramble Game!

Unlike Twitter where the User has an Option to Upload the background picture and customize the appearance, Facebook doesn’t have any such option to do the same. So it is challenging to your Creative minds to make the most of the New Profile and to own a uber cool Design for your facebook Profile!

Picture speak Thousand Words! But how do we create this Thousand word speaking picture? xadacka has made an attempt by uploading this Tutorial How to make creative designs using photo tags in New Facebook Profile making use of Photoshop Tools..

Facebook Profile Picture Hack Tutorial

One More Good Video on New Facebook Profile by StinsonDesign

Here are Some Cool looking new facebook profile designs!

Have your say by dropping comments!


How To: Block a Particular Website in StumbleUpon?

If you are aware of the immense power of Social Bookmarking sites, then an introduction to StumbleUpon is surely a no-brainer.
However, if you don’t know much about StumbleUpon: Hear it, StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site which beloved for the backlinks it gives and steady growth in traffic of that blog/website.

Related:, The StumbleUpon for twitter

Blocking a particular Blog/Website from StumbleUpon

  • You are probably used to the Thumbs down aka dislike in the StumbleUpon toolbar.
  • Next to that, there is located a small drop down button.
  • Click that, and you can see four options under the list.
  • The first option, Not for Me is the default. It is checked when you directly click on the ‘Thumbs Down’ button.
Blocking a website in Stumble Upon
Blocking a website in Stumble Upon

When you click on:

  1. Not for me: This signifies to StumbleUpon that the category just isn’t for you. But this doesn’t block the whole website from you. Let’s say, you say “Not for me” on an article about Ipad, written in mashable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to see an article about Twitter, from the same Mashable – It may also happen to be the very next post! 😉
  2. Report Spam: Blocks website permanently to you. Also after certain number of people have reported the website for spam, It maybe removed from the StumbleUpon directory and the user who submitted will also be banned.
  3. Duplicate Content: Need not block content. Once certain number of complaints are filed, the same action listed above is performed.
  4. Block Website: Blocks the whole website/blog only from you.

I hope this small tip could help you in some way. I’m looking forward to hear from you through comments!

How to Keep your readers focused on your Blog post?


Previously I had made a mention about How to build Relationships with your readers and how important are they to your blog. However impressed they are, with your blog, there are many chances of being deviated from your Post. Here is one small tip to keep  your readers focused on your blog post.

Images speak a thousand words, But not always

Images speak a thousand words. But if the images are made click-able those thousand words downgrade your few words. Here’s how you have to remove the link of an Image:

HTML Editor

Switch to the HTML editor and remove the highlighted area from your post. This may sound so simple, but it really helps. Trust me!!

Removing Image links in HTML Editor
Removing Image links in HTML Editor

Visual Editor

In the Image Upload wizard you have an option to remove the link. That button had been lying right there but most of us didn’t spot down it’s purpose. Look at the screenshot below for better understanding:

Removing Image link from the Visual Editor
Removing Image link from the Visual Editor

Hope you found this tip useful. To receive more tips and tricks about WordPress and Blogging, Stay tune to us via our RSS Feed.


Driving traffic to your Blog

How to: Maximize Your Blog’s Traffic?

One of the useful functions of website analytic programs, like Google Analytics, is these programs allow you to monitor your traffic sources. You can often look at where your traffic is coming from via three broad categories: Direct Traffic, Search Engine / Keyword Traffic, and Referred Traffic. Read on to learn more:

Driving traffic to your Blog
Driving traffic to your Blog

Direct Traffic

Direct trafficYour direct traffic numbers are a reflection on how strong your brand truly is. If you have high numbers, then readers out there often think of you and your site as a source they trust, and so they have no hesitation about visiting your site. Because these readers are your most loyal, you don’t risk driving them away, and you can depend on them in tougher times to stand by you.

Two ways to improve your direct traffic are to have a URL that is easy to remember and to market your blog in offline venues. For the first method, you should have already thought long and hard about this, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you still use a WordPress or Blogspot URL, you should immediately buy your own domain name and switch over. Related: How to build relationships with your Blog readers.
For the second method, try to come up with some neat guerilla marketing ideas: create stickers to put up around the city, and make bookmarks to hide in books related to your niche when you’re at the book store. You can do this for much cheaper than it would cost to take out an ad in the local paper.

Search Engine / Keyword Traffic

Traffic from Search EnginesPeople who come to your site via keywords and search engines don’t know what to expect sometimes. They’re looking for something specific, sure, but that makes them very picky, so you have to be able to keep their attention once they’ve arrived.

By looking at the traffic you get according to certain keywords and phrases, you can try to produce additional content that might satisfy those readers. Revisit those posts that produced good keyword traffic, and publish updated content that uses those keywords if you can. In order to make searchers happy and draw them in, give them what they want so they’ll be willing to stay around to check out your other content.

Referring Sites

Referral sitesVisitors from referring sites clicked through because they trust the site that sent them to you. They are probably a part of your niche, so you will have an easier time keeping their attention; however, your reputation is at stake if they don’t like what they find.

Treat referring sites like your friends. The best ones will send you traffic regularly, so you should give those other bloggers thanks every now and then and send traffic back their way to keep them happy. Essentially, the traffic you get from referring sites is a testament to the strength of the blogging community of which you are a part.

The secret of driving flocks of traffic from Twitter

Editor’s note:
This is a guest post contributed by Kitty Holman, who writes on the topics of nursing schools.  If you’d like to write for us, read the guest posting guidelines.

How to update your Facebook status via E-mail?

Are you one of the person who uses Facebook on the move in your smartphone? Or is Facebook blocked in your workplace?
If you fall into those sinned conditions, here is a solution to you:

Unique E-mail address
Your Unique E-mail address
  • Every facebook user will be given an unique E-mail address, note down yours.
  • Send an Email to the E-mail address you have noted down and your Facebook status will be updated in just seconds.

Note: The subject line of your E-mail will be your Status. The matter doesn’t matter!
Have a look at the below screenshots for better understanding:

Have a sharp look at the subject line and the matter inside
Look at the subject line and the matter inside closely
Subject line in Email is the Status on Facebook
Subject line in Email is the Status on Facebook

I hope you found this article an useful one, I’d love to hear either your compliments or your critics – Drop your comments and share your thoughts!

How to build relationships with your Blog readers?

Blogging is a profession, one of it’s kind, in which Bloggers depend upon readers more than themselves. Therefore, interaction with readers is something that every Blogger has to concentrate on. That’s why, after the end of any post Pro-bloggers write, they humbly request readers to share their views in the comments or the likes. Below are a few ways to build a relationship with your readers.

Readers are the most important part of a Blog
Bloggers revolve around readers


My part is too less now – You know it all. Every popular blog has Comments enabled and it can be drawn to a simple conclusion that: More the number of comments, more is the popularity of Blogs.


This is one way to make your readers interact in a better way. We those who have used Windows 7 thoughtlessly hate MS DOS, Similarly most of us would like to fill up polls rather than go to the comment box, Fill up details and then post our comment.

Conduct surveys

This give your readers a positive impression about you that you give your readers a lot of respect. Moreover, you can deliver what your readers require.

Ask for suggestions

Suggest your readers to suggest you some suggestions. This suggests the users that their suggestions are valuable and this may cause first-time readers to turn into regular readers of your Blog. I suggest you to ask your readers for suggestions.
You must really suggest this tip to all of your friends! 😛

Reply instantly

When your reader has placed a query to you on Facebook, Twitter or via the contact form reply as soon as possible. This upgrades your trustworthiness.

Guest post in other Blogs

Best way so far to build relationships in the blogosphere, not with your readers but with fellow bloggers. However, fellow Bloggers maybe considered as readers, too. Guest blogging not only gives you a backlink, fame and a sum of money if you guest post in a revenue sharing blog but above all, you can build relationships with fellow Bloggers. Did you know? You can write guest posts for us. [Read more]
Related read: 5 things you must know about Guest Blogging

How do you build a relationship with your readers? Share with us in your comment.