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Top 5 Reasons to buy Norton Internet Security 2012

A Geek who hangs out with computer 24×7 may be aware of what to click, and what not to click on a webpage, the behavior is not same for a person who has just knows to go online, type some mails, browse websites. Everyone wants to be safe, even a self-proclaimed geek. All we need is a good antivirus which makes us feel that things are secure. Of course all good things comes with a price tag.

Today we are going to review Norton Internet Security 2012 by Symantec. Its not an YET-ANOTHER-ANTIVIRUS which does the same stuff as any other antivirus. We are listing out 5 Good reasons why you might want to switch to Norton Internet Security 2012

Simple and Straight

The first impression was quite Positive

as we installed Norton Internet Security for Windows XP. The simplistic and clean Interface with just three BIG buttons Scan Now,  LiveUpdate and Advanced doesn’t bore you for sure. On left top, it lists out the current system status- infected or secured. The bottom portion shows up the various live threats witnessed worldwide.

Live Update

We use USB devices, we download files now and then. Who knows we might have been infected by the Virus which was invented yesterday! Live Update could save our lives. Norton Internet Security comes with live update feature which downloads the database of latest found threats online in realtime. So, checks are made for latest possible threats and you stay safe.

Scan Facebook Wall!

We discovered Scan Facebook Wall  feature as we expanded the SCAN menu which is featured with “Quick Scan”, “Full Scan” and “Custom Scan”. As the internet is evolving with facebook like social networking site, parallelly we see an increased number of spams and scams which spreads via our facebook walls. This feature enables Norton safe browsing and auto scans all feeds/ updates for possible spammy links shared on facebook.

Startup Manager and Application ratings

There are various factors which makes your PC go slow and slow. Norton Internet Security 2012 exclusively has dedicated something for your PC performance. Which program is taking up the most memory, What program is making you slow?, What applications are safe and trusted? you get all answers here. Full System insights with CPU and memory usage are logged on daily basis specific to applications. It has also been bundled with Startup Manager where you can tick and untick startup programs. Application ratings lets you know its trust worthiness.

Hell lot of other features

These features are for explorers. You have a bottom bar which lists out

Activity map : where you catch the realtime threat updates scrolling now and then with a map view.

  • Manage: where you link all your devices running norton products to one account and manage online!
  • Mobile: Norton Mobile Security for Android phones.
  • Online Family: Parental Control features.
  • Safe Web: where all URLs are scanned automagically as you surf the web. you will be notified for suspicious websites.
  • Backup: Norton Online backup allows you to back up your data securely!

Norton Internet Security costs 1399 INR for an year long license for a single PC. You can go get it from Norton Product page.

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linux mint - the best new linux operating system

Have you heard of Linux Mint? Its better than UBUNTU!


Did you ever know about Linux’s most popular operating system? No its not Ubuntu, at least that’s what most of us would say. Its the new LINUX Mint.  According to the statistics at DistroWatch (the site that collects data regarding the best Linux Operating systems) the most popular Linux OS currently leading is the new Linux Mint!

linux mint welcome screen

The guys at ZDNet have been kind enough to let us know the existence of Linux Mint or else we would have never known about it. I myself (an out of the street LINUX lover) have found out about Linux Mint just now. And when i saw the screenshots of the latest Linux Mint 11 codenamed “Katya”, i was anxious to try it out.

Linux Mint is very elegant looking and of minimalistic styles. It is not too eye candy and doesn’t require a lot of resources to run. In fact it offers an out of the box multimedia solution, meaning you don’t need a high quality graphics card to enjoy its uniqueness. And the nice part is Linux Mint is based on Debian and Ubuntu operating systems, both the distributions, that’s why you get the best of both environments.

linux mint - the interface

Also as you know LINUX Mint is totally free and its code is open source. The perks you get by using this operating system is its interface is powered by GNOME 2.32, which i like the most. Working in Gnome is easy and fast. That’s what i like about Gnome. If you are also a GNOME fan as i am, then you should definitely check out this operating system.

Head to the download page now and start Minting your Linux. The CD version can also be installed using the Windows installer ‘WUBI’.

So pass on your comments if you liked this short review about Linux Mint. Have you tried it yet?

Source: ZDNet


YouTube's new video editor is now live

New YouTube Video editor launched: Have you tried it yet?

YouTube has launched a new browser based video editor that performs quick fixes to a video after it has been uploaded. This is a built-in editor that launched on 14 Sept, 2011, unlike the cloud based YouTube video editor that we saw in 2010.

After a video gets uploaded on YouTube, you could never make changes to it, rather you had to start from Step 1 i.e. upload it again. With the addition of this editing tool, you can now make changes to the video by clicking Edit Video button.

“Until now, when you uploaded to YouTube, your video was hosted and shared, but couldn’t really be changed. Starting today, you can edit your uploaded videos right on YouTube”, said YouTube software engineer John Gregg.

While the tools are not so legendary that you see in a professional video editing software, these editing options will prove very helpful in making some small changes to your video. Some of the editing tools are:

Rotation of a video, Stabilize a shaky footage, Adjust the brightness such as Saturation levels, Color intensity and Temperature. You can also add extra effects to a video such as make it a Black and White video or effectify it with Sepia.

The exciting news is that even after editing of the video, YouTube does not swipe off all your user interactions on that video. Comments, View count, Video URL and ID, all settings are left intact. You can also undo the edit anytime in the future and still expect a positive output.

Here is a small teaser video that shows you what new features you will get in the new YouTube video editor.

So did you enjoy the new YouTube video editor. Share your experiences by a comment and let us know!

via CNET


Norton Mobile Security for Android

Norton Mobile Security for Android: Reliable Protection Guaranteed!

Hi friends. Today i am going to review Norton Mobile Security for Android devices. This is a full guide and feature-list to Norton Mobile Security for Android. I am going to discuss all its protection mechanisms and how it makes viruses a thing of the past.

Norton Mobile Security for Android reviewed

Being a open source fan myself i prefer Android over any other Mobile Operating system, simply because its so easy to work with and its functionality is always extendable. Keeping your Android device safe and secure is entirely upto you, its decided on how well you authorize data transfers on the web with your Android phone. With the availability of third party apps, malicious users can easily gain control over our phone. This is where Norton Mobile Security comes in to save you.

So recently i got the chance to try out the paid product and here’s what i came to know:


The setup is very simple or what we call as a 2-minute install. Just visit this link from your Android phone and download the Norton Mobile Security for Android software. You will get a .apk file, just install it and you are good to go.

At its first start it will ask you for your activation code. You should enter the secret code that you got when you purchased the product. Norton will then connect to its licensing server to check if the code is valid and enable your subscription period momentarily.


As soon as you’re in, you will get a host of options to choose from such as Setting up Anti-Theft, Anti Malware, Call and SMS Blocking, Web Protection etc. So lets discuss them one by one.

Norton Mobile Security Android - Features

Anti-Theft: This is an advanced feature which remotely locks your lost or stolen device via a SMS and prevents strangers from seeing your private information. You can wipe your sensitive data remotely with the help of your friend’s mobile. Just send the password in the form of a text message to your phone and all your data gets erased to protect your identity.

Norton Mobile Security Android - Anti Theft

To help locate your device, Norton Mobile Security also sends the exact GPS coordinates of your phone’s whereabouts, offering an increased chance of retrieving it. I found this feature to be very helpful since very few software companies these days actually safeguard your phone even when its lost.

Anti Malware: This feature regularly checks your Android system for viruses and other malware that might have gained access. You can also schedule your scans to run at specified intervals. This utility also gives you an option to scan your memory card which slows down your system for a while but that’s a choice i am willing to take.

Norton Mobile Security Android - Anti Malware

Call and SMS Blocking: You can block unwanted numbers and text messages with this feature. Also you can create your own Block List to prevent those numbers from communicating with your device in the future. This is a great utility as you can permanently get rid of a certain someone who annoys you all the time.

Norton Mobile Security Android - Block calls

Web Protection: Surfing websites has never been easy. Hackers can easily gain advantage to your phone and use it for fraudulent purposes if you are careless. Norton Mobile Security’s brings you a web protection that constantly protects you from phishing and malware sites. It works with the Android browser and scans your clicks as you visit them.

Norton Mobile Security Android - Web Protection

Automatic Update: Norton Mobile Security’s LiveUpdate installs and updates your databases automatically. You can also schedule your updates to be a performed when you find it convenient. My update ran for under a minute and all the catalog files were updated successfully. LiveUpdate also respects what you are doing and disables the update feature when you are roaming.

Norton Mobile Security Android - Live Update


Norton Mobile Security is available for purchase at leading retailers and telcos across the country at Rs 599 for a single license. The price includes a one-year service subscription to use the product and receive Symantec’s protection updates.

If you want to check out the free version before purchasing the fully paid product check out Norton Mobile Security Lite (NMS Lite) available for Free Download at the Android Market.


I would like to give this product a 4 1/2 star out of 5 stars. When i was working with the Auto Scan enabled i hardly experienced any lag, all the applications ran as smoothly as possible. The only con i found in this product is its memory consumption. My Android phone has 280 MB of RAM installed and Norton was consuming 1.03% of it. But i think that’s a very small price to pay considering of all the pros this product carries especially the NMS tracker technology.

I give a GO to this product and recommend it to all the Android users as security is always important whether it is a PC or a Smartphone, prevention always has the upper hand.

Now show your love and drop a comment to express your views! We are excited to hear your thoughts.



BitDefender 2012 beta version is out. Grab it now!

BitDefender just released its newest and latest antivirus software for all, the BitDefender Total Security 2012. But the antivirus is still in beta. Lets quickly list out the new features which will force you to make the change.

Bitdefender 2012 next gen antivirus

1. Autopilot – This feature is the same one seen in the G-Data antivirus. It takes decisions for you without any manual intervention. No pop-ups, no alerts, nothing to configure.

2. Scan Dispatcher – This feature intelligently performs a scan of your system when PC usage falls below a certain level and pauses it when usage is maximum or above normal.

3. Rescue Mode – Sometimes hidden viruses are very adamant and thus become very tough to remove, which is what we call as rootkits. When this situation occurs BitDefender switches the system into Rescue mode where they can be wiped clean.

4. Streamlined installation – This is less of a feature and more of a plus point to the antivirus. With this, the installation speed of the antivirus is greatly increased. BitDefender claims 2012 version takes half the time to install than its previous version.

5. Online Backup+Cloud integration – All the files of your BitDefender products are safely uploaded to the BitDefender servers. This way if there is an outbreak next time you can safely rollback to the files sitting on the servers. Currently BitDefender Total Security 2012 offers you a free plan of 2GB storage space.

6. File Sync – Synchronize all your files from one computer to another or a whole workstation. Changes made to one system are automatically applied to other systems.

7. Smart interface – Most frequently accessed items are automatically visible on the main window. So that next time you want a specific task done you don’t have to navigate all the way where the component is located.

8. Social Networking+ – We see a lot of links on the various social networking sites. Have you thought that some of them are spam and are deliberately put there for you to get affected? BitDefender now scans all your links on Facebook and Twitter so that you can surf without any worries.

Bitdefender 2012 Beta

NEW INTERFACE (Bonus Feature) – BitDefender has completely revamped the user interface. It now features a XBOX 360 like alert circle. Lighting system is bright and next-gen type. The design is clean and smooth. Don’t worry it wont hog your system resources, it is light and silent!

DOWNLOAD the beta and see for yourself. (NOTE: The antivirus is still in beta mode, use it at your own risk)

Drop in all your comments and tell us what you think of the new BitDefender 2012! Will you make the change?

Firefox 7 beta released

Firefox 7 goes into Beta! Promises 50% less memory usage

Mozilla released Firefox 6 just 2 days ago and pushed its Firefox 7 from Aurora build to the Beta phase on the same day. Firefox 7 Beta is now available from download from Mozilla’s update channel.

Firefox 7 goes from aurora to beta

Key improvements in Firefox 7 is its minimal memory usage. As we all know, Firefox 6 hogs down your memory considerably. I myself have tested it out by opening multiple tabs on Firefox and checking the memory consumption rate. When it takes 1,00,000K amount of memory for just 2 tabs, you can predict at what pace the memory rate will jump when 3 or more tabs are open.

This is why Mozilla team is introducing the MemShrink project with the release of Firefox 7. A project solely concentrated to clean out the memory leaks and crashes seen in the Firefox browsers. Mozilla team is claiming that it is getting successful results.

Developer of Mozilla, Nicholas Nethercote quoted on his blog,

“Firefox 7 uses less memory than Firefox 6 (and 5 and 4): often 20% to 30% less, and sometimes as much as 50% less. In particular, Firefox 7′s memory usage will stay steady if you leave it running overnight, and it will free up more memory when you close many tabs.”

Other great features to be expected in Firefox 7 are:

  • Azure Direct2D for Canvas which renders canvas based animations in HTML5 smoothly.
  • Improved Javascript Garbage collector.
  • Firefox Sync is faster now which means all your passwords and bookmarks will be synchronized instantly.
  • New add-on to be introduced called as Telemetry which allows users to send performance data to Firefox developers.

Firefox 7 is destined to be released this September 27. But for other anxious people who can’t wait, here is the Beta download link.

Firefox 7 beta in review

I think Firefox 7 will be a good news for everybody and since Mozilla has introduced this rapid updates we will be seeing a new version of Firefox released every 6 weeks. I am very excited for its release. Are you?

Place your thoughts by a comment and we will get back to you right away!

facebook and twitter on Google+

Make Google+ all in one: Cross post to Facebook, Twitter

A Blogger and a computer programmer who goes by the name Zane Claes has developed a nice handy extension for the Google Chrome browser. It is called as Start G+. Basically what the extension does is, it allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter directly from Google+.

Start Google+ interface

You just have to authorize the extension from Google+ and then you are good to go.

Here are some of the top features of this extension:

  • Gather your Facebook and Twitter streams seamlessly into the Google+ stream. The stream includes all videos, photos and links which are normally shared on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Automatically share updates and post contents to Facebook and Twitter when shared on Google+. This makes your content visible on all three social networks simultaneously, therefore no need to waste time switching from Google+ to Facebook and vice versa.
  • The extension also adds a small Gmail notifier onto the top bar. Clicking it will reveal all your unread e-mail instantly.
  • ZDNet has brought to our light a very cute app which can be used after installing this application i.e. Convert Facebook to Google+. With this app you can easily sync all your photos to Google+ and share them with your Google+ friends!

Post by Gautam Doddamani

If you want to check out other cool features of this extension please refer to this nice article on ZDNet by Emil.

Post a comment to share your views about this new Chrome extension! Is it any good?


Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is a disaster!

Apple launched its latest version of Final Cut Pro, (video editing software) the Final Cut Pro X on June 21st. Apple states that Final Cut Pro X is completely built from scratch and is a lot more advanced than the previous one.


FCP X consists of a high-end video editing technology that beats every other video editing software out there. Apple has put together a complete featurelist over what new improvements it holds on its predecessor. The most prominent feature being it grabs out the heart of your 64-bit CPUs and throttles it completely. Full GPU utilization and adding more speed by making use of the latest Thunderbolt I/O ports are some of the key features of FCP X.

Apparently the developers of FCP X failed to include many of its important features, such as the ability to open previous FCP projects. FCP X also revolves around a number of issues like limited XML support, no 3D support and unusability of third-party add-ons. Apple has also officially stated that all other versions of Final Cut have been discontinued. The reviews have completely gone down, the negative criticism to this app went upto such an extent that Apple had to close down new reviews, although Apple regards this as an App Store bug. As TNW has rightly said it, “We’ll treat this one as a bug, though with some skepticism.”

This app has wreaked havoc even in the HOLLYWOOD. Conan O’ Brien mocks this piece of shit openly on his show. Take a look at this video.

For a complete PROS and CONS list refer to this article.

We at CHAAPS recommend of not investing in this software, atleast until it is fully patched by Apple. If you want to still give it a try, proceed to this link and click Buy. Thanks to Apple for keeping this app as a low budget software, FCP X is currently priced at $299.

Drop a comment to share your views about this huge disaster! Will video professionals revert to some other Windows app or keep continuing working in the buggy FCP X’s environment. Share your thoughts.



Firefox 5 released: Overview of Pros and Cons

Firefox 5 stable version has just been released yesterday. Here is a overview of what new features you will be seeing in this new browser.


For starters, after you download and install the browser, you will notice no major change has been done to the interface. It still carries the good old Firefox 4 look. Now lets jot down the pros and cons and you yourself decide whether you really want to upgrade to 5 or not!


  • Do-Not-Track feature is taken care of and is easily accessible via the preferences section allowing a greater deal of control over cookie storage.
  • Browsing the web is a lot faster compared to the previous version. According to a test conducted at PCW, Firefox 5 even beat Chrome  and Opera in terms of both speed and efficiency. Firefox 5 continued to work smoothly even with 25 websites opened.
  • Firefox 5 has fixed many major bugs like HTTP idle connection bug. It has also added extra level of security to its Web-based Graphic Library. Improved support for HTML5, Javascript and CSS animations. Additional support of the new iPv6 protocol.


  • No major change in its interface. Carries the same GUI as seen in its predecessor.
  • Add-on incompatibility. Many add-ons are  not supported in Firefox 5. I myself checked out that the Google Toolbar extension had been automatically disabled because of incompatibilty.
  • Hogs a large amount of memory in a Linux environment resulting in a slow and draggy performance. I have tested the new Firefox 5 stable build on Ubuntu only to find out thats it still hangs off on me.


I give Firefox 5  an OK for a upgrade. Yes there are a few minor bugs, but i think the Pros section holds a stronger stand than the Cons. Firefox 5 also features a new Add-on SDK kit which will prove a lot helpful for the add-on developers.


Also Mozilla is claiming Firefox 5 to be the first browser to debut the Rapid release cycle giving out many browser updates  over the year.

Download Mozilla Firefox 5.0 for Windows!

Drop a comment if you found this review helpful. Also tell us what you thought of this new version of Firefox, is it good enough?

Why Meego Could Live Long in Mobile Space


There was a growing fear among handset manufacturers that Nokia, Apple and Blackberry were taking the lead in the mobile industry. This left no room for smaller companies like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Dell, etc. for joining the mobile industry. Why ? Simply because the best Mobile OS(Operating Systems) were made by Apple, Nokia and Blackberry.. Without a good OS manufacturing a phone is worthless.

Thats why in November 2007, 35 big handset companies came together to form the OHA(Open Handset Alliance). The OHA was lead by Google who had acquired Android Inc.(a small team devoted to provide a better mobile experience) and using the expertise at Google the OHA released the Android software platform as open source.

This was a big hit for most smaller companies. Handset manufacturers could now focus on the hardware and install the latest version of Android with minimum charges. Thus a revolution of new devices started appearing as the cost of manufacturing a suitable mobile OS was reduced.


This is partly the reason for the success of Android. To support Android, all you need to do is manufacture a handset and install the Android OS. If you want to advertise the fact that you use Android, then you must get the approval from Google at a small fee. This is not much of an issue for a handset manufacturer.

As you may have guessed, this meant trouble for Nokia, Apple and Blackberry..
Samsung left its bada OS in favor of Android. This boosted sales for Samsung.
Blackberry had a clear advantage – The Blackberry Enterprise Server – The IT standard for push email with high security.
Apple had a clear advantage – The iOS – The best ever known mobile OS.
Nokia – ??

MeeGo menu

Well, Nokia had acquired the Symbian Foundation and used the Symbian OS on all its devices, but fact was that Android was way better than Symbian. To make Symbian usable is not a pleasant experience. As one of the respected GNOME developers stated “It is not easy to make the Hippo dance.”

Nokia had to come up with something. It realized what Google did immediately, used the term “open-source.” So immediately Nokia announced that Symbian would gradually become open source. But by the time it became open source, Android had acquired more market share. Did I tell you that Android outperformed Symbian by now ?

Nokia realized that it needed an alternative. Symbian was a dying platform. It had to be tweaked a lot. This was not an easy task. So Nokia decided to use the world’s most advanced OS – LINUX !

Do I sound crazy ? Linux is a free and open source OS kernel(most important component of an OS). It was used a lot on PCs and Laptops. I repeat – PCs and Laptops..

The new mobile OS was called Maemo. This was one of the first major attempts to use the Linux kernel in a mobile environment. There were other attempts, but rather insignificant, except for one, which happened almost the same time.

It turned out that Intel – The World’s leading silicon chip-set manufacturer – was developing its own Linux OS for mobile devices – called Moblin. Why ?? Intel stated “Mobile OS disappoint us as they do not support the Intel Atom.” Intel Atom is a stripped down version of the x86 architecture. Most software is written on the x86 architecture. But Mobile OS usually supported the ARM architecture because it was easier to license ARM and ARM processors usually consumed less power.

Nokia and Intel realized that they had the same goal in mind – to create the first (truly) Linux based OS. Thus they merged both their projects into what is today known as MeeGo.

MeeGo browser

MeeGo being linux had its core kernel(linux) under the General Public License(GPL). The User Interface was licensed in permissive licenses like the MIT License. To keep it free and open source, the project was hosted by the LINUX Foundation.

MeeGo was a promise for an open mobile OS. However, when Nokia decided to team up with Microsoft, there aroused some doubt about the future of the MeeGo platform.

Nokia left development for MeeGo. However people failed to realize the truth. MeeGo still lives.

MeeGo contacts

After Nokia abandoned MeeGo, Intel continued to support it. This is the beauty of a platform like MeeGo. Its not owned by any company. Android does not follow this kind of a principle. Android is owned by Google, but MeeGo is truly free and open source.

Today MeeGo is being developed by Linux Foundation, Intel, Nokia, Novell, AMD and several others. The beauty of it is that any company can join MeeGo development. This is not true for Android – since only Google and their approved companies can officially develop Android, although unofficially anyone can develop it.

Thats only part of the advantage of developing for Meego. The main advantage is that the Meego platform supports x86 architecture. This means that all applications running on a desktop can easily be ported to the mobile world. There are millions of free linux applications out there that are just waiting to be ported to MeeGo with the simple changes.

Intel had stated that mobiles running the Intel Atom processor will be released in 2011. This is a huge hit in the mobile industry. The worlds most advanced architecture – The x86 is now coming to mobile consumers.

Also MeeGo is using the Qt framework for GUI(Graphical User Interface). Qt is C++ binding for creating GUI applications. It is one of the most popular GUI frameworks.

The fact that MeeGo apps are all written in C++(usually) means that MeeGo performs better than Android. As a developer, anyone would be able to say that C++ is directly related to the hardware and thus it runs really fast. However Android is written in Java and works on the Dalvik Virtual Machine thus interpretation of Java code means slower programs. People don’t realize it but you need really powerful processors(at least 600MHz ARM processor) to enjoy the true experience of Android. Linus Torvalds had once said “If your not fast enough, (then) your not worth using.” Thats a fact. Android is not fast enough, since Java is not fast enough. Its just popular since you don’t expect that speed in a mobile environment.

MeeGo being an open platform, was modified by a lot of external sources who eventually came up with alternatives. The standard MeeGo platform was kept intact but the user interface was changed to suit mobiles, tablets, vehicles, TVs and netbooks. This meant that the applications that run on the standard MeeGo platform will be able to run on MeeGo phones, tablets, TVs, vehicles, etc. without any modifications. This is a big success for a developer as he can develop for one platform and deploy his program on all platforms.

So to simply sum up, why should someone develop for MeeGo:

  • MeeGo is not owned by any company – so it can live on even if the creators abandon it. (Good eg. Nokia)
  • MeeGo is hosted by the Linux Foundation who ensure that the platform is always free and open source
  • MeeGo supports the ARM and x86 architecture – This means that it’ll run applications already running on a desktop
  • MeeGo is supported by the leading companies of the world – Intel, Novell and AMD just to name a few
  • MeeGo uses C++ so its applications are faster than Android applications
  • Meego uses the Qt framework which is well known to a lot of developers
  • MeeGo runs everywhere – Handsets, Tablets, TVs and in-vehicle devices

MeeGo photo viewer