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RIM playbook to get facebook app with video chat?

Apple’s first ever tablet, iPad was warmly welcomed all around the world. So was iPad 2. But android lovers couldn’t keep mum for long time and hence, came up with the android tablets. In fact, studies show Android will have the upper hand in the tablet market by 2014. Having said that, Blackberry’s playbook has high expectations and, it seems, they are all heart to fulfill them.

For instance, take this. This post by socialtimes makes it clear to us that the facebook app for Blackberry playbook will have video chat. Also, point to be noted, RIM is the developer of Playbook’s facebook app. This being awesome, there’s an awful part as well. Few features like groups and events are probably absent; probably.

Catch a glimpse:

Facebook for playbook

Source: Blackberry’s press release.

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Twitter bird

Facebook pages, be ready to make a move. Switch to twitter brand pages soon!

Not too many days back we discussed on why twitter is better than facebook. The response we generally got was both are for different cause and we cannot really compare these two social networks to each other. Nevertheless, the commentators also stressed on the point the social network that best suits you also depends on what type of business you run. However, most businesses, I reckon would like to go the twitter way as the responses they can gather is quick and in the same time they can reach out big masses with a lot more ease.

London-based Sarah Shearman of Brand Republic reported that twitter is developing a new kind of profile page for business accounts, similar to Facebook Pages.

According to Marketing Magazine,

The pages would work in a similar way to Facebook Pages, providing brands with their own space to deliver content and encourage Twitter users to follow them, claim sources.

Also the report insists that this feature would first be introduced in US; similar to twitter’s promoted trends and promoted users being introduced in the US prior to other countries. A spokesperson of Twitter confirmed that their interest in brands meant it is now looking to set up a UK office. He, however, declined to comment on specific advertising plans.

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Google adds +1 Button Everywhere. Did you “like”(+1) it?

Google does some math here! A basic math indeed, by asking you to +1 the cool stuff you found on the web. How easy is that! Oh yes, a definite answer to facebook’s popular “like” button.

Today, google announced that it is going to add a tiny cute button named “+1” all its products, including the famous search results! Isn’t this a breaking news? Things are going to change, Mr Zuckerberg! will the generation which liked the “like” button would set a new trend by +1ing it on google! 😛 Before any future predictions, lets have a look at how “+1” by google looks like

Google has now revealed the first of its kind “+1” button in its official +1 page! Google defines the +1 button as shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”

All the +1’s on the cool stuffs you like could now help your friends and contact! If you find some of your friends have +1d on a link or anything useful on web, it makes you to say, “hey, here i go , let me check out this link, my friend muru likes this” … wonderful thing! 😛

This is what Google is experimenting from longtime, it is all about bringing the web “social” and opening up with audience! Google has actually making some amazing changes and things like “Google circles” , real time search which could boost the users “social search” experience two hundred percent!

Want try how will be the “+1” experience! join in the Google Lab’s experiment for search, make sure you are signed in!

What do you think of Google’s +1? if you liked it, how about +1ing this 😛

How useful is Facebook Questions?

You might have realised a new ‘cute’ button alongside status, photos etc. on your facebook wall or news feed. Like me, you might be left wondering what the heck it is. This latest facebook newbie is called – Facebook Questions, and what is does? Well, simple!! it allows users to get answers to their queries from the entire Facebook community. Probably it adds a little more spice in Facebook vs Twitter usability discussions.

This may prompt you to quickly fire a very legitimate question in your mind – Do we not have something similar already – Yahoo! Answers, Quora and Mahalo etc. Answer is yes, we already have BUT ‘Facebook Questions’ is little more than simply posing questions on internet communities. It gives users the opportunity to ask questions just by clicking the “Ask Question” button on the homepage. Questions is also available on friends’ profiles just as you would post on someone’s WALL. Does it make sense now?

In a nutshell, the usability of ‘Facebook Questions’ can be summarised as below:

Photo Questions:

This feature comes from Google search tool, if you have got on your iphone but here your friends have options to teach you than powerful google algorithm. For example, if you take a picture of a bird, but don’t know what species it is, you can post the picture on Facebook Questions and get your answer. Of course expect silly answers too.


If you’re simply looking for the answer to Which city is better: Chicago or Dallas?, you can get your answer by creating a poll. Again, accept answer at your risk as friends are there to confuse you.


The company seems to be placing a lot of emphasis on tagging questions based on category or topic. The goal seems to be to make Q&A discovery an easier and faster process by making it simple to look up questions on cooking, photography, San Francisco or a variety of other topics.

Topic exploration:

Facebook described this as a roulette-type feature that allows users to browse Facebook’s eventual mountain of Q&A. Under the “Questions about” drop-down menu, there’s a feature called “Everything” that allows users to browse the company’s catalog of questions.


This feature is cool than it sounds. it gives you space to start your own little discussion board with your friends as members. You can follow specific questions for updates and new answers.

Updated homepage:

Facebook Questions does actually change the homepage, adding a new bar at the top of the page where you can choose to update your status, ask a question, add photos, or post a link.

So, lets explore ‘Facebook Questions’ and add more feathers if I missed any. Keep smiling!!!

Why Twitter is better than Facebook

Recently a lot of developers and bloggers had a healthy debate among the two most popular social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

Although Facebook ranks no. 2 in Traffic , whereas Twitter is at no. 9 , it is still treated as a better media tool by developers than Facebook. Here are some reasons why they say so:

1)      Quick Addition Of Friends In Twitter as compared to Facebook

In twitter you just have to just follow your friend in order to add him in your list, which is very easy as compared to Facebook in which you have to send a request to your friend and then also if he accepts your request you get added into his list and vice-versa.

2)      Facebook Limits your friendList

In Facebook you have a limit to add your friends. You cannot add more than 5000 friends in your friend list. Whereas in twitter you don’t have that limitation , irrespective in those cases where you don’t have any followers and you are following everybody , in that case twitter restricts your following limit to 2000.

3)      Twitter is for whom you want to know

Facebook acts as a communicating media between us and the one whom we already know, whereas Twitter is a media between us and those whom we want to know. Thus twitter provides us with knowledge , ideas about those companies / Personalities whom we really are interested in .

4)      No wastage of time in Playing Games

Unlike in Facebook , you don’t waste your time in twitter playing games  , liking your friends quote , tagging on his photo , or poking uselessly .

5)      Less Security Issues in Twitter than Facebook

Since you don’t post your personal pictures on twitter , nor you give your personal detail on it , there is nothing to hide in twitter  which results in full transparency + No Security issues , which in case of Facebook is present in bulk.

6)      Anyone can post on your  Facebook  wall

A major drawback of default settings of facebook is that any member of your friend list can post anything any your wall , which can even sometimes degrade you image in the society , whereas in twitter you can’t tweet on somebody’ wall.

7)      A new world of Hashtags in twitter

In twitter you can easily make your own community by writing “#” before anything. With the introduction of hashtags in twitter the amount of real time search’s in twitter has increased magnificently. Where as in Facebook you have to first join a community and then post on that community which consumes a lot of time.

Thus, these are some of the reasons why most of the developers in the techworld preferred Twitter as a better social media tool than Facebook.


Now, Facebook allows you to tag people in comments too!

It’s been quite a while since we dug into the facebook status tagging error or bug or whatever that prevents you from tagging more than six people. Now there’s a related news, Facebook allows us now to tag our friends in comments too. Here’s a screenshot:

Tagging your friends in the comments

This sounds great for me. How did you like it? Do let me know in the comments.

H/T: @ramprakashr 🙂

Facebook’s New Photo View Rolled Out

The Social Network, Facebook has rolled out a new Feature where one can expand the Photo, and navigate through the Related Photos in Photo album by still staying in “News Feed” section.

Earlier, When the User used to click on thumbnails of photos in News Feed, it used to take directly to album jumping from the News Feed Section. This New Feature, makes the life simpler by popping a large preview of that photo and also includes all related photos within the view. One can easily Slide Photos, Like or Comment by still staying in News Feed Section!!

Happy about the New Feature Roll Out? or You don’t Care? Let us Know!


Have the upgraded Facebook messages? Logging in to your account just got easier!

Facebook’s upgraded messaging system, combining e-mail, messages and texting and I guess everyone except a very few have upgraded their messages. One advantage that I didn’t know about this feature is explained below. Read on…

Logging in with your vanity URL

Do you have a vanity URL for your facebook profile – something like ?”
If you don’t have one, go get it here.

After you get a vanity URL, your e-mail address will be

Now you can login with your vanity URL in lieu of your e-mail address.

Logging in with your vanity URL
Logging in with your vanity URL

Facebook has reduced one of our biggest pains (our laziness to type in the e-mail address). Do drop your views on your comments.

How to: Effectively share a link in Facebook

We might have seen tons of posts covering how to effectively drive flocks of traffic via Search engines and twitter but people often forget covering up on how to share a link in Facebook effectively, in spite of the fact that facebook is where most links are shared.

Well, you need not worry – you’ve landed in the right place. 😉

The Case Study

This is a case study on ‘s facebook fan page having 1000+ fans.

According to the case study done, I found out the links without a thumbnail preview got lesser likes/comments than the links that had a thumbnail included in them (I guess even the clicks varied because of lack of the thumbnail.)


The reason is quite simple :- most of these without-a-thumbnail links are automated ones and have an URL shortener used which might not make the reader click the link, he/she might suspect the link being spammy. [More on this…]

How to effectively share links in facebook
How to effectively share links in facebook

So, what should I do?

Avoid using applications such as twitterfeed and the likes. You can preferrable replace it with applications like RSS Graffiti, NetworkedBlogs. However, it is highly recommended that you share the links manually with a comment to add more life to the link which might help you get more likes, comments and views.

Do let me know in the comments the strategies you use to make your shares go viral in facebook. 🙂

Facebook testing real Time Comments for Status Updates

If you are a Facebook lover like me, then you might have seen some changes on the commenting system these days. Facebook is testing real time comments on the status updates of a person. I am referring this as testing because there has been no such update on the Facebook blog.

Two days before when I updated my status with a message testing. I was wondering if this is really working. Well, many of my friends commented on it within seconds and that was clearly visible. By saying real time I mean that in order to see the comments you don’t need to refresh your Facebook page, the comments appear any ways.

As you can see in the image above the comments are all under seconds difference. 🙂 This will allow more people to communicate through the status comments and well this will be fast!

What do you think about this? Did you also experience it and how was it? Do share your views with me.

Editor’s note:- This is a guest post by Himadri Dimri who covers news and updates about Facebook on If you’d like to write for us too, do read the Guest posting guidelines.

You might have forgotten 2010, Facebook hasn’t!

The all new year is all set, I can feel it. I don’t know if Facebook remembers that I criticized it just the last year for not allowing it’s users to tag more than six people in a single status. 😛
But still, our dearest Facebook has baked some sweet cake for us!

Whenever I view a status story, the sidebar where I generally get to see disgusting advertisements, now has a portion called “Memorable stories of 2010” which brings up the most commented/liked statuses.

Take a glimpse of what I saw!

Memorable stories of 2010I wonder how facebook came to know 2010 was my favorite year. 😉

Do drop your views through your comments.

Facebook's newly bought domain

Take a tour: Twenty Minutes on Facebook

And.. here we go – The first post of 2011!

Over the past 36-48 hours a UK political campaigning initiative (Democracy UK) has released some interesting facts on there Facebook page expressing. The interesting facts of course are the STATS of 2010 for Facebook. Facebook of course with its over 500 million users and 2.5 app developers have created alot of interesting stats. Spend a couple of minutes and peep through them, each one is big and the next one is better! 😉

Relationship Statuses in 2010:

43,869,800 changed their status to single

3,025,791 changed their status to “it’s complicated”

28,460,516 changed their status to in a relationship

5,974,574 changed their status to engaged

36,774,801 changes their status to married

What happened in a random 20 minutes on Facebook:

  • Shared Links: 1,000,000
  • Tagged Photos: 1,323,000
  • Event invites sent out: 1,484,000
  • Wall Posts: 1,587,000
  • Status Updates: 1,851,000
  • Friend Requests Accepted: 1,972,000
  • Photos Uploaded: 2,716,000
  • Comments Made: 10,208,000
  • Messages Made (Inbox/PM’s) : 4,632,000

And of course the most liked page (as of now) is Texas Hold ’em poker followed by Facebook and Michael Jackson. You can see the most liked pages here at Facebook’s directory of pages.

Let us know in the comments what do you think of these stats for 2010 – Aren’t they some jaw-dropping stats? What do you think 2011 will hold with a Renowned blog: Mashable predicting twitter to have a boring 2011?