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Top 3 well known automobile blogs in India

by Chethan ThimmappaOctober 15, 2014

At Chaaps, we mostly cover  latest tech stories and happenings in technology industry. Starting today we will also be covering the news connected to automotive.     Today we are listing the top brands in India which covers the latest automobile news. 1. Team-BHP The oldest of all the available auto-portals in India.  Team-BHP started […]

Facebook’s New Hover Cards

by Shaquille RayJune 23, 2012

If you logged on to Facebook today and hovered your cursor over a Facebook page or user’s name you may of seen the new Facebook hover card. A hover card is a small popup window that appears with information about a user which includes: there name (page or user), there cover photo, friends that like […]

Google's Plus One Buttons now features a new look: Increases Engagement!

by Gautam DoddamaniMarch 18, 2012
Google Plus updates its buttons

Just recently Google has rolled out a new slick set of Google Plus buttons for its social networking platform. Google tells us the new buttons are sure to increase user engagement on your site. If you cialis buy are still confused about wh canadian pharmacy cialis at i am talking about, then here is a […]

Real Life Angry Birds Slingshot

by SiddhuMarch 10, 2012
Angry Birds Slingshot

Angry Birds just got better! Angry Birds is played 300 million minutes per day according to the Telegraph. When that’s the case, why not make this game real. To make Angry Birds a real sport, we need real equipment. So the idea for this hack was to build a real slingshot as a USB peripheral […]

How to Make Friends Profile Picture as Emoticon in Facebook Chat

by Chethan ThimmappaDecember 27, 2011

Enrich your Facebook Chat experience by using your friends’ profile picture within the chat window. The recently discovered facebook chat hack what mashable calls it as Facebook Chat Gimmick is making quite a lot of news. The hack is all about using some special codes and tags to generate emoticon sized profile pictures within the […]

How To: Embed a Facebook Subscribe button on your Website

by Gautam DoddamaniDecember 16, 2011
facebook subscribe button tutorial

As you all know Facebook recently had launched a Subscribe feature with which you could Subscribe to a person’s public or m buy clomid without prescription ost important updates on Facebook without the need to be his/her friend. Just a few days ago, the social network decided to release its Subscribe button for blogs and […]

Facebook for Chrome extension: Now Facebook smartly and quickly

by Gautam DoddamaniOctober 26, 2011
Facebook for Chrome extension

Facebook for Chrome extension is a handy little extension to enhance your Facebook experience and get rid of all the unnecessary distractions. It integrates into the Google Chrome browser and brings to you only the latest, most important updates to your notice. Of course, it is not the official extension. This google chrome extension is […]

Facebook timeline, you sexy!

by MurugappanSeptember 23, 2011
Facebook timeline : a walkthrough

Sexy is the word. Oh, wait, sexy is viagra online canadian pharmacy an understatement. Man, what awesomeness I tell you. While the rest of the sites were trying to beat facebook, Facebook gave not a damn to stop them come up but they came up with something unique, something wonderful. And what’s that? Yes, the […]

Facebook adds Subscribe button. Subscribe to anyone and get updates!

by Gautam DoddamaniSeptember 17, 2011
Facebook Subscribe button

Facebook recently introduced a new Subscribe button on their social network. Just a week ago Facebook had introduced new privacy features and now it is in full swing in making new additions to their interface. This Subscribe button that Facebook has launched recently behaves very similar to Twitter’s Follow button. At least that’s what folks at CNET have […]

Google+ Suggested Users list just in. Create your own list, get followers!

by Gautam DoddamaniSeptember 7, 2011
Google+ Suggested Users list

Google+, the Social Network by Google just introduced its Suggested Users list on Saturday. Yes its the same list which you would have seen on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently this list something more different and is based on a slightly new idea. Bradley Horowitz, one of the minds behind Google+, tweeted that the list based […]