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What is Your Twitter Profile Page Rank?

[ad#ad-2]Google PageRank is now Available for your Twitter Profile Too!

PageRank for your Twitter Profile
PageRank for your Twitter Profile

I recently Came to Know About this and Checked My Twitter Profile’s Page Rank! Amazing! It Showed me 4 points out of 10! So, The PR of my Twitter Profile che2on is 4!
You Can Check your Twitter Profile’s Google PageRank Here!

PageRank for the Profile che2on
PageRank for the Profile che2on

So, What is your Twitter Profile PageRank?
Share with us!

Link: Check Your Twitter PageRank using

Orkut Albums- Automatic Face Detection System

Recently Orkut has added a New Feature of Automatic Face Detection in its Albums. The Face Detection Feature was available only on Picasa before. Face Detection Tool Identifies the Exact Position of Person’s Face and allows any user to Tag it. You Might Have Seen This Message Popping in Whenever you View Photos in Orkut Some faces were tagged. Click to name them the Reason is Orkut’s new Feature of Auto Face Detection.

Orkut had the feature of tag a friend before itself. In tag a friend feature, the user had to Manually mark the face of the person. Now Tagging Friends is made easy with this New Face Detection System! By Default, Every Face present in The Image is Tagged And it asks you to Name The Person Present in The Pic (Similar to Picasa). You Can Tag The Image with Your Friends in Orkut. If someone Clicks on the tagged image it will be redirected to to Tagged Person’s Profile. So, More Tagging is equal to More Sharing!

Auto Face Detection
Auto Face Detection

Since This Feature Encourages Everyone to Tag the Faces, You Can Find Significant increase in the count of your Photos under the tab Photos of Me as your photo might have been tagged by some of your Friends! So it May Surprise you, as your Photo Suddenly starts appearing ! However, you Restrict your Friends in Getting Tagged Using the Privacy Settings Option!

What’s More. One More Reason for Happy Orkutting!

Furl Redirects to Diigo, The New Social Bookmarking Site Discovery.

Sharing on Digg, reddit, Yahoo Buzz is so common These days!
I Normally share my blog posts using The ShareThis Button!
For a Change, Did Some Exploration and found a Bookmarking Site by Name Furl!
The Furl Link Which I clicked got redirected to new website by name diigo
diigo Impressed me at The First Look!
It Has Powerful One liner HighLight and Share The Web!
diigo boasts itself saying it is a powerful research tool and Knowledge Sharing Community.


I played a Demo Video of Diigo which took me to Youtube Site.
The Video Was Okay, It Explains The Various Features Available in diigo. Main Emphasis is given to Highlighting and Sharing on Web!

The Video Summary is Here:
Great Tool While Reading Online.
The Explanation Begins with The Video Demonstrating How TechCrunch Posts are Highlighted. diigo Provides The Features like Highlighting, adding comments and also easy Bookmarking and Tagging. diigo also Talks on its special Feature called Lists Where You Can Organize and Share Your Collections to The World.
Diigo WebSlides is a very Interesting Feature which allows you to create the Slide shows of Your Collection in The Lists.

webslides Feature
webslides Feature

Diigo Offers A Sidebar and Distinguishes itself from other Social bookmarking Sites.
For Various Other Features Watch The Full Video of Diigo.
Visit and Signup for Diigo Today and Share Your Experiences Here.
You Can Join Diigo By Visiting and clicking on JOIN NOW Button! Have Fun!