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Google +1 button for AddThis! Change size and personalize

I know, i know, what you all must be thinking! Since Google launched their +1 button everybody’s writing about it! BORING! Next thing you do is close this tab. Well to your surprise this article is not about integrating Google +1 button in your site but is rather inclined for those people who are experiencing trouble in placing the code and trying to make modifications to the button via AddThis.


Since you are already here lets quickly brush up the coding for beginners who are not using the addthis platform (NORMAL METHOD):
Go to this site and make your selections, copy the generated code below and paste it wherever you want the button to show up.

Copy the code below and paste it in your header.php file just before the closing of </head> tag: *MUST FOR ALL BUTTON SIZES*

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Copy the code below and paste it where you want the button to be displayed: *CODE FOR STANDARD BUTTON (24px) only*


If you want to change the button size visit the above link and pick your size. Thats it! Now lets discuss what addthis users have to do to personalize their button style and size.

Addthis released the +1 button the same day when Google made it available. Since many of us are not addthis users, hence the tutorial above but for others who have been loyal fans of addthis community are recently experiencing some trouble as to how to make further changes to the readymade code given by addthis people as seen over here.


While googling around for the solution i came across this very interesting post by Mark Shu. He had written exactly what i was looking for! Here is how i succeeded to modify my button:

The standard code given by addthis people is this:

<a class=”addthis_button_google_plusone”></a>

If you want to change its size here is what you have to do:

<a class=’addthis_button_google_plusone’ g:plusone:size=’medium’/>

For other sizes just replace the word medium with small, standard or tall to get the respective button size. If you want no counter just include g:plusone:count=’false’ in the above code like this:

<a class=’addthis_button_google_plusone’ g:plusone:size=’medium’ g:plusone:count=’false’/>

If you want to play with other features take a look at Google’s +1 button API site. You can also see a +1 button integrated right here on this very post just beside the tweet button, what more…+1 this now! Your recommendation will be visible to all your connections.

Now post a comment if you have enjoyed this tutorial and if there are any questions pls dont stop asking! 🙂

AddThis 2.0 for WordPress released!

All the successful bloggers are sure to use AddThis as its the best plugin for sharing content. Most of the AddThis users already know that but for some of you here is a short explanation for why addthis is better than other sharing plugins.


First of all, addthis is completely modifiable. The script can be modified to place the button wherever you would like it to appear. For Blogspot and Tumblr users this feature is quite interesting as it brings out a particular blogger’s creativity into light about how the buttons can be arranged more systematically on a webpage.


addthis offers a variety of buttons. Currently addthis gallery has 13 different layouts and can be configured to include many other social network buttons. You can also make your own buttons if you know your way through CSS.


addthis buttons are very interactive and rich in graphical beauty. They shine on the webpage and add to the website’s modern look and feel. These cool buttons also brings in more readers as the site is more user friendly and they also get tempted to read your Blog.


Anyway the latest news from addthis is that recently it has released the 2.0 version of its plugin for WordPress users. With this release you get a new settings page. addthis can now be placed either above the post or below the post. To make your share numbers go viral you can also place it both above and below the post to get the most out of your readers.


addthis now offers more layouts for its buttons and you can also change the size of the buttons.


Before, addthis sticked to display buttons only on post pages but now it can be put on homepage, archives page and other pages too.



addthis now displays a statistics widget on your WordPress dashboard too displaying the most recent shares of your webpage and the ClickThrough Rate.



Why Twitter is better than Facebook

Recently a lot of developers and bloggers had a healthy debate among the two most popular social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

Although Facebook ranks no. 2 in Traffic , whereas Twitter is at no. 9 , it is still treated as a better media tool by developers than Facebook. Here are some reasons why they say so:

1)      Quick Addition Of Friends In Twitter as compared to Facebook

In twitter you just have to just follow your friend in order to add him in your list, which is very easy as compared to Facebook in which you have to send a request to your friend and then also if he accepts your request you get added into his list and vice-versa.

2)      Facebook Limits your friendList

In Facebook you have a limit to add your friends. You cannot add more than 5000 friends in your friend list. Whereas in twitter you don’t have that limitation , irrespective in those cases where you don’t have any followers and you are following everybody , in that case twitter restricts your following limit to 2000.

3)      Twitter is for whom you want to know

Facebook acts as a communicating media between us and the one whom we already know, whereas Twitter is a media between us and those whom we want to know. Thus twitter provides us with knowledge , ideas about those companies / Personalities whom we really are interested in .

4)      No wastage of time in Playing Games

Unlike in Facebook , you don’t waste your time in twitter playing games  , liking your friends quote , tagging on his photo , or poking uselessly .

5)      Less Security Issues in Twitter than Facebook

Since you don’t post your personal pictures on twitter , nor you give your personal detail on it , there is nothing to hide in twitter  which results in full transparency + No Security issues , which in case of Facebook is present in bulk.

6)      Anyone can post on your  Facebook  wall

A major drawback of default settings of facebook is that any member of your friend list can post anything any your wall , which can even sometimes degrade you image in the society , whereas in twitter you can’t tweet on somebody’ wall.

7)      A new world of Hashtags in twitter

In twitter you can easily make your own community by writing “#” before anything. With the introduction of hashtags in twitter the amount of real time search’s in twitter has increased magnificently. Where as in Facebook you have to first join a community and then post on that community which consumes a lot of time.

Thus, these are some of the reasons why most of the developers in the techworld preferred Twitter as a better social media tool than Facebook.


HELLOBAR that gets noticed!

HELLOBAR is a little bar placed on websites at the top, to drive visitors to buy their products or simply to get their attention.
digital-telepathy introduced it in 2010 and since then it has gained a lot of interest. Novice Bloggers who are new to Blogosphere can generate traffic to other pages of their Blogs by integrating this bar.

Hellobar offers to customize the bar manually (a static message will be displayed) or dynamically (regular feed updates will be displayed) or you can also allow Twitter Updates to be displayed. A link at the end of the message shall be provided to direct your visitors to other pages.

Appearance wise, you can change the bar color, message color, link color too. Hellobar offers you millions of colors for you choose from. It presently gives 22 font styles to decorate your text message including the popular Comic Sans, Verdana, Arial and Times New Roman. Hellobar also gives you many tweaks to play around with, in the Settings area. You can set time when to show or hide the bar, how the bar will be positioned, you can also allow users to close the bar or wiggle the bar after a short period of time.

Installing the bar is pretty easy too. After customizing the bar according to your taste, just click the ‘Get Code’ button, and in seconds you can paste the script into your favourite blog platform. Hellobar also gives you a small guide in case you dont know where to place the code in your template.

The feature from which Bloggers gain an extra edge by using this bar is the STATS page. In here you can monitor the ClickThrough Rate or CTR of your bar. You can also track how many impressions have been made onto the bar.
Hellobar also has a funny and cute tagline ‘the bar that gets noticed’ that is displayed when you hover over the H symbol on the bar!

If you want to try out the bar, please click here. And just FYI, it is totally free of cost!! Have Fun 🙂

How To: Block a Particular Website in StumbleUpon?

If you are aware of the immense power of Social Bookmarking sites, then an introduction to StumbleUpon is surely a no-brainer.
However, if you don’t know much about StumbleUpon: Hear it, StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site which beloved for the backlinks it gives and steady growth in traffic of that blog/website.

Related:, The StumbleUpon for twitter

Blocking a particular Blog/Website from StumbleUpon

  • You are probably used to the Thumbs down aka dislike in the StumbleUpon toolbar.
  • Next to that, there is located a small drop down button.
  • Click that, and you can see four options under the list.
  • The first option, Not for Me is the default. It is checked when you directly click on the ‘Thumbs Down’ button.
Blocking a website in Stumble Upon
Blocking a website in Stumble Upon

When you click on:

  1. Not for me: This signifies to StumbleUpon that the category just isn’t for you. But this doesn’t block the whole website from you. Let’s say, you say “Not for me” on an article about Ipad, written in mashable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to see an article about Twitter, from the same Mashable – It may also happen to be the very next post! 😉
  2. Report Spam: Blocks website permanently to you. Also after certain number of people have reported the website for spam, It maybe removed from the StumbleUpon directory and the user who submitted will also be banned.
  3. Duplicate Content: Need not block content. Once certain number of complaints are filed, the same action listed above is performed.
  4. Block Website: Blocks the whole website/blog only from you.

I hope this small tip could help you in some way. I’m looking forward to hear from you through comments!

Download Free Yellow Social Media Icon Set by Nicholas Francis


You Can Share Everything and Anything in just a Click of a Button! All Thanks to Social Media Services like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit etc. You could always Enhance the Rate of Sharing of your Content by Attracting your Users with Powerful, Nicely designed Social Media Icons..

Nicholas Francis, is a Professional Designer of Social Media Icons. Recently he Released a New Set of Social Media Icons called as “Why Not Yellow”. As The Title Says, The Icons are yellow in Color with Brilliant looks. Yes, Yellow is always Pleasant to Eyes, Grabs User Attention Quickly.

This Icons are Available at different dimensions from 32×32 pixels to 150×150 pixels.

You Can Download the Complete Set of “Why Not Yellow?” Social Media Icons by Visiting the Developer’s Official Website here for FREE!


Delicious Goes Down! Adding a New Bookmark Fails!


Delicious, The Powerful Bookmarking Website Goes Down for More than 4 Hours, This Wednesday June 23. Delicious is a Yahoo Company, which allows users to save bookmarks online.

Any Submission to Delicious Resulted in an Error Page Saying

Sorry, there is a temporary problem. Adding a new bookmark failed.

Here is the Screenshot

You Can Contact Support for Further Assistance


Integrate Official Google Buzz button for your blog

Till date every blog out there wanted to integrate buzz to their blog post. Some high rated blogs like mashable implemented by writing custom code to do so and others installed third party plugins. Its been long awaited for the official button/badge to come out. Well folks its finally here.

Visit site

Google Buzz

Once in this site you’ll be able to choose between different types of buzz buttons.Most of which are pretty nice .Atleast its authentic and doesn’t require you to disclose information.Already there is huge cry about personal data leak because of google buzz.

The best part is google allows you to use custom images to which buzz code can be implemented.

the google buzz code look exactly like this:

<a title="Post on Google Buzz" class="google-buzz-button" href=""></a>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Modifiy the above code to make any custom calls and tweaks for your site.
This is as simple as it can get 🙂

personally I din like the follow on buzz button google gives its toooooo blue…..


Google Buzz – Do you like it???


The latest topic in tech town is Google’s Buzz service. With the popularity of Orkut decreasing day by day and stiff challenges from competitors like Facebook & MySpace, Google would not want to make any more mistakes now. And looks like Google is ready to compete with the microblogging world too. Google’s Buzz service seems to be an open challenge to highly popular microblogging site, “Twitter”.

Buzz was launched about a week back and is already gaining popularity among the net savvy. But, I have my own reservations about it. Of course, the best part of Buzz is that it is integrated into gmail. Thats good news because you don’t have to build your friends network right from the scratch. And you don’t have to bother to follow anybody either. You can automatically receive updates from all your gmail contacts. And you can even share pictures and videos too.

But what are the minuses with Buzz??? If you’re a businessman using an official gmail id, then I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate receiving Buzz messages in your inbox. And you would hate it when hundreds of your official contacts end up following you on Buzz.

Being a great admirer of Google and their innovative strategies, I’m naturally disappointed with Google Buzz. I’ve always expected something “new” from the software giants. But lets face it folks – Buzz is a rip-off of twitter. Providing support for multimedia, giving it a new look or integrating it with gmail does not make Buzz any way better than twitter. Google should have tried to come out with a new path-breaking concept and we all know that they are best at doing that!

So, in conclusion, Buzz seems to be a last minute contigency plan by Google to make sure that they remain in the competitive social networking market. Hope that Google comes out with something bigger, better and innovative next time


How to Import Synced BookMarks in Google Chrome to a New Browser?

Google Chrome, A Month ago officially Released its Browser with Features Like Bookmark Sync and Extensions. I am a Hard-Core Google Chrome User and I am Very Pretty much happy with BookMarks Synchronization Feature.

What is a Bookmark?
We Could Mark a Page as Important by Starring the Particular Webpage. The Stared Webpages can be Used for Further References for Future. We Call This Feature as BookMark.

Bookmarks are Limited to Machine’s Web Browser. You Mark a Page as Important in One Machine and You would Like to Refer The Same Page from Different Machine. Say, You Have Marked a Page as Important in Home and You want to see the bookmarked page in office. So People Expected Bookmarks to be Global and can be Used in any machine.

BookMark Sync, A Solution by Google Chrome

Google Chrome Released a Feature , which Automatically Syncs your Saved Bookmarks to Web. So All Your Bookmarks are Hosted Online as soon as you Star a Page. What’s More! Now, You can easily Access Bookmark’s from the Cloud by Just Importing to a New Machine.

To Enable Bookmark Sync option on your Google Chrome Web browser Click on the settings option and Check on Enable BookMark Sync

Once You Enable this feature on Your Browser, Your Bookmarks starts getting Synced automatically.

Importing Synced Bookmarks to New Machine

So, How Do I import These BookMarks to a New Machine where I don’t have any clue of any Bookmarks…

First of all, it is Important to Know where Exactly Our bookmarks are getting Saved.. Initially, I was Confused to Track the Exact Location of Bookmarks on Web… I thought Google will be Holding Our Saved BookMarks at And Even Visited it Several Times to Find No Clue of Synced Bookmarks. It is True That bookmarks are not Synced to Google Bookmarks (

Your Google BookMarks are Synced automatically to Google Docs! Remember holds No Copy of your Saved BookMarks. Every BookMark which you made is Present at Google Docs!

Exact Location of Your Synced Bookmarks in Google Docs is Here

Visit, You could see a Left Sidebar.. Select My Folders and Expand it to Find Google Chrome Folder where all Your Bookmarks are Synced

Find the Export Option by Right Clicking on BookMarks Option as shown Below and save it in Required format

Import The Saved BookMarks File to a New Browser in a New Machine with Browser’s Import Option.

Using The Browser’s Bookmarks Manager Feature Import The Saved File on your Hard disk to Browser..

That is it! Everything is done! Now You Can Use BookMarks which are marked at Home in Office and Viceversa, This BookMark Sync feature by Google Chrome is very Much useful for the people who often use different machines.

Hope This Tutorial Helped you in Knowing about Google Chrome’s BookMark Sync Feature and How to Use it. If You Do not have Google Chrome Download here

Your Comments are Appreciated.

The New Improved Facebook Suggestions


When I was Very New to Facebook the Tool which I found Very Useful in Facebook was Suggestions … The Facebook Suggestions helped Me to Figure Out Many of My Friends whom I have not added, It Used to pop Many Profiles which Might be Possibly my Friend by Showing How Many Mutual Friends we Have…

Now Facebook has Enhanced Its Suggestions.. It Now Suggests You to Reconnect Back with Your Friends by Posting Something on Wall..

It May Ask you to leave a Message for Them… etc etc

Suggest a Profile Picture:

Write on His/Her Wall -Reconnect with Him/Her

Suggest Friends for Less active Friends:

What did Facebook Suggest to You?


5 Fingers of Your Blog Hand- Google, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit


Our Hand has 5 Fingers and All 5 Fingers are Necessary for Hand to Work Perfectly! So is The Case For Our Blog. The Must 5 Fingers to make our Blog a Successful Blog… Read On…


The Thumb is Very Prominent in one’s Hand. The Thumb Performs Maximum Work of a hand.. So is Google… Without Google Everything is Void.. For a Successful Blog, getting under the Eyes of Google is Important. Google being the world’s biggest and largest Search Engine gives a Nice Exposure to your Blog and accounts for maximum Traffic for your Blog.. Following are The Things which you need to consider to get Traffic for your Blog from Google.
1. Submit SiteMaps of Your Website/Blog To Google using Google Webmaster Tools and Adding URL to Google
2. Page Rank Factor- The More PageRank your Blog has, Higher you get Ranked in Google. Enhance Your Google PageRank by getting Backlinks from Higher PR websites
3. Producing Original Content – Content is King- So Concentrate on Content. Make Sure You have Something which is Not there in Other Blogs.

Fore Finger / Index Finger

The Fore Finger or Index Finger.. Just Next to Our Thumb which Plays a Vital Role Supporting The Thumb…
Facebook is a Social Networking Site and we are Considering it as Fore Finger of our Hand. Rather Calling Facebook as a Social Networking site.. it is Sharing service.. where we could share the new blog posts and if the shared content deserved a share.. this could go Viral across the facebook around your Network. Where People Comment, Like and Share Your Posts… Facebook Helps You to Keep your Blogs interactive..
The More friends you have in your Facebook Profile, Greater Exposure, More Likes, More Comments and it Keeps you going..

One More Interesting Thing in Facebook which I must Mention, Facebook Connect- Facebook Connect allows you to embed a Fan Page widget into your Blog so any Facebook User could easily Connect to Your Page in Facebook.

Applications like, networkedblogs, selective twitter and ability to add unlimited applications to your Facebook profile could help you in one or the otherway promoting the blog..

Middle Finger

Middle Finger, The Center of Attraction.. The Longest of All Fingers as well, Here I have Considered Middle Finger for Twitter- The Popular Micro-blogging Service.
Twitter is The Best Way to Generate Traffic for your Blog.. Though Twitter Status Updates are restricted to 140 Characters, The Power of Tweets is Such a Huge. Putting the Popular Retweet Buttons on Your Blog could double your Traffic…
Any User, who likes Your Post Retweets Your Post and You get Maximum benefit, as the Status Updates on his/her Profile and it Goes Viral.. The Only Thing, which a blogger has to achieve is GOOD online presence in Twitters, The Factors of Following, Followers, Listed Gonna decide How Much Popular you are on Twitter and How Valuable is Your Tweeted Tweet and How many of Them Consider Retweeting it..

URL shorteners are big Boon for Twitterers, with the increased number of URL Shortening Service, bloggers can Make the Most out of it..

Using #HashTags, writing on Trending Topics, And trying new Twitter Clients could Boost your Traffic as well…

Ring Finger

The Ring Finger- The Finger which Most of them Gonna have a look. What kind of Ring are you wearing.. Silver, Gold, Platinum?? The Ring Finger of Hand decides it all… how much important it is to your Hand..

Let Me Compare the Popular Social Media DIGG to Ring Finger… Popular Service which allows users to Submit URLs of your Posts. if Some One Likes Your Submitted Story, he could promote it by Digging The Story… The More Diggs You receive on posts, the More Popular and Hot your URL becomes… and Be careful, if Someone doesn’t like Your Submitted Story, He Could Burry it, Right Away…

A Popular Phenomenon Called DIGG effect, where You receive Unlimited Traffic for few Hours/days if you are Lucky enough to get Through the Homepage of Digg…. So Everybody aims for Large Digg Counts.. More Diggs is equal to Powerful Digg Effect…

Digg is a Nice Place to Interact and Discover New Stories on Various Categories. You could Track the Stories which are Most Current and Popular on Web… A Blogger could Utilize the DIGG, keeping himself updated with Current Topics..

Like I said Followers in Twitters.. Getting More and More Friends in Digg could make you a Digg Power User.. and who knows, you may be the next person to enjoy the Digg Effect…


Little Finger

The Cute and Little Little Finger… I gonna Straight away compare The Little Finger of our hand to reddit.. A Big Time Competitor for DIGG.. and a very Popular Social Media Sharing Service…

like digg, Even here you could Submit Stories and Get Up voted and Down Voted for Your Content.. The Higher Up Votes, More Time in Homepage of Reddit.. and Maximum exposure to your Blog Post…

reddit is unique in its way, being Light weight, and Less Ads stuffed… reddit has a wide range of Topics which you could submit… reddit offers better way of Commenting … all Comments under Single Page.. and Your Earn Karmas for Your Work on reddit….

The Little is Power!


We all Saw How Important is The above Mentioned 5 websites in Promoting Our Website and to Gain Success… As Important as 5 Fingers in our Hand… to get Maximum Benefits from Hand, Co-ordination between the fingers is Important so is The Case for Google, Facebook, Twitter, digg and Reddit!

I hope you Enjoyed This Analogy Post… If You Didn’t like any of the Fingers, let me know by Commenting below… and share your Views mentioning which are the Prominent Fingers of Your Hand(Blog)!