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Your pages need to get Listed by Popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing? Few Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Role of Social Media in Organic Search Ranking

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter as the top emerging social networks today, Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have also evolved that made up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with some changes – that is taking into consideration social media in search rankings. Social Media Optimization (SMO), is then been considered as most recent variety of SEO.

Social media role in SEO

SEO Specialists, Internet Marketers, and Webmasters should not think about SMO as an interruption from their normal SEO efforts; but this new trend should be installed to improve their websites’ SEO projections. Search Engines and Social Media should go well hand in hand. This can be seen as the search engines are finding more and more ways to use them together. In fact, the right blending of these two aspects of web promotions could ultimately tell us who has the most functional tools for web users.

Social Media for Organic Search Ranking

In Social Media Optimization, gaining profile links and shared or tweeted back links from individual social networks such as Facebook and Twitter would be the objective towards real time search. The greater impact you can shed on the social networking sites, the greater your SEO projections will improve as the time goes by, take the advice that Wellington SEO provides and make sure to follow it. As we can see, Google have incorporated in their real time search the results and updates from Twitter as well as Bing allied to Facebook. Both Google and Yahoo give higher ranking to sites or content based upon social media voting.

So there is really a real closure between these gigantic websites. Let’s take a deeper look into how searches engines count social signals for organic ranking.

Twitter Tweets

A tweet is a status update on a microblogging website, Twitter. It’s been a powerful message allowing 140 characters or less, having a flexible link shortening and multi protocol services.

For Google, the link tweets take you to these dedicated social search services gathering content from social networks and leverage counted social signals from those networks to help decide what should rank well. Most links in Twitter are nofollow links but it doesn’t matter instead it helps improve the news results. You can see it how page rank and Google index cached the most tweeted and most shared content, which can be considered as the most visited. Automatically, when the page is tweeted most, Google will rank it to the search results. So, gaining more tweets to your content pays off.

But it’s quite different for Bing, Bing looks at the social authority of the users counting the followers on how many people they follow and how many follow them. Link carries much more weight in Bing Social Search when someone in authority especially public figures tweets the link and that will flow to the top when best match relevancy is being used.

Facebook Shares and Likes

The web-wide Facebook “Like” button and a “share” maybe are present in your website now. The idea of Facebook Connect, Likes and toolbars give just enough access to data to satisfy developers and all but the most perceptive web user. How search engines count “likes” and “shares” for organic ranking?

In Bing search, the ranking is quite diverse. Bing currently looks at links shared on Facebook that are marked as being shared to “everyone” and those links from Fan Pages. So it follows that when your link will be shared most in Fan Pages and to everyone then the more your links will be indexed and gets higher organic rank in search.

Social media has really an unswerving effect on search engine rankings showing us how social media reviews, comments, and rankings are currently influencing search engine results, and that search engines are using social voting systems and social network trends to determine quality content. If you have a good piece of content, which is attractive to these networks, then share, tweet and submit the story yourself, ask a friend, or a top user in these networks. But remember to do this cautiously and carefully.

Author Bio
Anil Gupta writes about topics related to making money online, seo, social media, affiliate marketing and blog tips on his blog.


4 Neglected but Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs


Blogging has evolved as one of the most peculiar way for many individuals to get Fame, Money, Time Pass and most of all it became an addiction for many people. According to recent analysis, over 5% of Students in the world were getting into blogging for various reasons. Even we can notice the same thing going around us, a High School student starts a blog and writes the articles with great passion. I don’t even know what is the use of a Computer, when I was in my High School standards, as I used it for playing Games.

SEO is yet another task, that which has lost its prominence since many people claim themselves as SEO experts, SEO analysts but they were just aware of a single drop in the Huge Ocean named SEO. What made them to declare that, the answer is simple its nothing but WordPress platform. WordPress is such a flexible platform that is estimated to be compatible of over lacks of plugins.

So, I’m going to List out the 4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress blogs other than All-in-One SEO Pack, Platinum SEO Pack, Google XML SiteMaps.

#1. WordPress SEO Pager

  1. This WordPress plugin implements a multi-page customizable pager to replace the standard, boring WordPress “Earlier Posts” and “Newer Posts” links. This improves SEO as well as usability.
  2. Its really easy to customize and its such a flexible plugin that provides scope for us to customize it by ourself else just install the plugin, it will do the rest and no need to edit stylesheet nor your template too.

#2. SEO Friendly Images

  1. SEO Friendly Images automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images. Improves traffic from search engines. Though few people comment that Search Engine’s Image traffic is useless but this will definitely benefit the blog/website in terms of SEO.

#3. SEO Titletag Plugin

  1. Search engine optimize your blog’s title tags. Mass edit the title tags of posts, pages, category pages, tag pages.
  2. Everybody is aware of the Importance of Title tag, if a plugin is ready to do that for us by reducing our work load then why should we take the stress without leaving on that intelligent bot?
  3. I have been using this plugin over a period of time its one of the must have WordPress plugin for bloggers.

#4. SEO Slugs

  1. The SEO Slugs WordPress plugin removes common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from post slugs to improve search engine optimization.
  2. This is one of the best plugin, that I ever used. I have started using it over past month and my results were improved.

So, Guys post your views about the article and Why not give these plugins a try and share your experience.


Chaaps Win An SEO Expert Comp Results

After a month of people entering the Win An SEO Expert Comp entering has closed and the results are now in! Winners have been decided randomly. Each entry had a number, if the number had shown on the person wins the prize.

1st Place Advanced SEO Package ($600usd value)

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Congrats to all the winners. You will receive an email in the next few days with more details about how to claim your prize.

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7 More Stupid Ways to promote your Blog!

Ever felt like promoting your blog by stupid ways?????? I read a post like this few months back which gave me the idea. Though the concept is the same (To extract stupidity out of you!) but the ideas are my own!

Here in this post I’ll give you some of the ideas which you may use to promote your blog! (I recommend you don’t 😛 )

  1. Write behind the books of people: Hungry for traffic???? Just write your blog URL on each and every notebook or book you encounter! Someone or the other may be caught in your trap! 😀
  2. Your URL as your Brand: Make T-shirts in all shapes and sizes with the URL of your blog and give them to poor. People roaming here and there will ultimately wonder why do all the poors have the same URL
  3. Go Public: You may have seen people writing there names, their Girlfriend’s, Other’s Girlfriend names etc on the walls of public toilets or Bus stands. Then why can’t your Blog be inscribed on that surface.
  4. SMS Power: SMS people with the URL and give a note that if you forward it to 20 people you will get Rs 200 as a free talktime! Believe me it works! I have seen many stupids doing the same!
  5. Piracy Rules: Put some pirated content on the blog! Piracy can attract people from miles away!
  6. Key Word Chaos: How about a meta keyword flood????? Paste the each and every word in Oxford’s Dictionary into the Meta Keywords of your blog! Enough Said!!!!
  7. SpamBook Rules: Make a facebook account! Add all the people your eyes could see on the screen! Once you are done begin your business with pasting Blog address on their wall! Success!!!!!

Hope these ideas encouraged the stupid inside you!!!!!

Chaaps Comp, Win an SEO Expert

So your not really good with SEO? Getting Confused? Well i have got good news for you. My name is shaq and i am one of the many writers on And for the last couple of weeks Chethan (Chaaps CEO) and i have been creating a contest for Chaaps. And today i am pleased to say we are running a contest.

I have noticed during my time on Chaaps that many of our readers are not quite good with SEO (I read your guys sites ;)). If you didn’t know i am SEO Expert. That just means i know the in’s and out of SEO. Today i am doing a give away.

We are pleased to say we are running a competition where you can win me to do your SEO work on your site.  Here are the 3 packages up for grabs

1. Advanced SEO Package (webmasters package) (valued @ $600USD)
– Optimization of up to 100 images for Social Media and Networks
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– Optimization of ALL articles (for blogs only) or up to 90 web pages (limit applies to web pages)
– Minor site touch ups
– Optimization of your homepage and updated with the latest information

2. Basic SEO Package (valued @ $299 USD)
– 60 blog articles search engine optimized or; 50 web pages
– Blog/Site homepage optimized.
– Site Template edited for max SEO

3. Surprise (valued @ $49.90 USD)
Winner will receive a 5 month subscription to website booster. NO BLACK HAT SEO IS USED! The winner will be given more info in an email!

To enter is simple, there is various ways to enter this competition

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Comment to win it:
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The winners will be chosen at random. Competition closes AUG 29 2010 at 6:30pm aest, winners will be notified on the 3rd of September.

This compeition has been made possible thanks to SEOPOSTMAN.COM.

Terms and conditions are viewable by downloading the text document “TOS CHAAPS CONTEST.txt


Should you take Blogging seriously?


This is one of the questions that is most asked by the bloggers, no one ever gave the proper answer nor wrote a detailed post on it so today I thought to write a complete detailed post on it. If I start writing everything about the disadvantages of blogging, then it’s sure that the discussion would never stop. If you ask me that should you take your life seriously? The answer will be ‘NO’ for sure, the same case is with the blogging life. Like our real life if we take things seriously (too seriously) nothing goes in our favor, same is with blogging. I have listed few things that why should you not take blogging seriously?

  • Creativity: Creativity is the thing which matters a lot for a blogger. It’s scientifically proven that when you are with a fresh mind, you would definitely get many cool ideas, but when you will get too serious anything with a busy mind, then I am damn sure you won’t get even a single idea. It happend with me too. When I started blogging I took it so seriously that used to write two-three posts everyday, but then I realized they were of no use.. Quantity doesn’t matter. What all matters is the quality. So if you won’t take it seriously, then would definitely get many creative ideas that can help you to make rocking stuff.
  • Care: Well, you know the human mind. As I told you above – if you will take everything seriously, you will also notice even small small points too. Like if you would not get comments on a particular post, then might take it seriously that and may think that there are some problems in your blogging skills and you are not a good blogger. As you know bloggers are kinda odd people (geeks!). The habit of takings things seriously might finally lead to depression and many other serious diseases too.
  • Social work: You may get too serious about your blogging career and would get stuck to your PC, Lappy, Mac or whatever you have and won’t get time to spend with your friends, family and friends. Spending time with friends and all might not matter in ‘Virtual’ blogging life, but believe me it matters a lot in real life. I realized this thing too late and wasted almost a year to understand this and because of this I lost some very good friends too.

Final Thought

I just want to tell you all that you should not take anything seriously in life, the things come and go. You should not your waste your precious time as once it is gone it means it is gone forever and it actually never stops for anyone at any case. Please don’t do the same mistakes as I did. Try to be cool, don’t take anything seriously. If you want to be a good blogger make a schedule and follow it or join a blog network it helps a lot!


What is sitemap and how to create it?


You may have wondered many sites having this little word called sitemap in their website’s footer.
Site Map basically is the index of all the pages of your site and combines them in one location. It makes search engine’s crawlers detect the pages efficiently. It is better for SEO.

Anyways creating a sitemap manually is a difficult task. I created my sitemap using a software called Coffee Cup Sitemapper. I have the full version(Buyed) but not all can be able to buy.

So I researched the net and came across a great website which would allow you to do the same. allows you to create the site map online .


  1. Open using your browser.
  2. Use the free online site map generator.
  3. Enter your site info. on the page like the address, duration of change etc.
  4. Click next.
  5. It will take some time depending on the size of your site. Took 7 minutes for mine as my site is in initial stage.
  6. Now the site will display your links to download.
  7. Just download the XML and HTML files and upload it to your root directory of your website.

You are done. 🙂


Google Webmaster Tools revamped with more Functionalities and Stats


Google Webmaster is the One Stop for all your Search Engine related Needs for your website.

Google Webmaster Tools has rolled out new features recently. Some of the Features being,

1. Capability of adding/removing Owners to Site
2. Impressions vs Clickthroughs Stats for the Search Engine Queries
3. Analytics and Complete Stats (in Graphs)

Let’s Discuss it one by One…

Capability of adding/removing Owners to Website
Earlier Google Webmaster Tools allowed only 1 administrator per website, and it sounded bit weired as there was a need for More than one person to handle bigger websites. Now Google has rolled out the feature of adding more owners for a single website. Check out the Option in the homepage

To add a New User to Your Webmaster tools. Click on “Add User” and enter their email id (Google Account)

2. Impressions vs Clickthroughs Stats for the Top Search Queries
This feature is not entirely new. Earlier the No of Impressions vs Clickthrough for the particular query made was not listed. Now with the Introduction of this feature one could easily know the Percentage of Clickthroughs for impressions. This could easily help you to get an idea on SERPs of your pages. (That is How likely your search results are clicked per query, and how much you rank for the keyword)

You Could see the above stats in your Dashboard of selected site. Expand it to View Complete Details.

3. Analytics and Complete Stats (in Graphs)
Stats when represented in a graphical manner helps in understanding your website’s Search Engine Traffic in better way.. Provides more Perfect Insights with the feel of “Google Analytics”. Here is how the Graphs looks in webmasters (Impressions vs Clickthroughs)..

To See Graphical Stats for your Webpage Expand “Your site on the web” >> “Top Search Queries” in your Webmaster Panel.

That’s it..

Every New Feature which Google adds to webmaster tools benefits Publishers in knowing their site better and provides More Control over the Site.


Must Follow Local Search Experts on Twitter


Twitter is the Best Social Networking platform that made the job of sharing quiet easy now a days. Its been the land of SEO Experts, Marketers, Bloggers, Business Experts, Celebrities etc.

Search Marketers take full advantage of clients presence over there.

Here is the list of few Experts that you must follow if you are interested in Local Search.

  1. Andrew Shotland (@localseoguide) : He is the admin of, a webpage onlocal search optimization, small business marketing & search engine optimization strategy.
  2. Mike Belasco (@belasco) : He’s an Internet marketer and a Pres. of seOverflow, a Denver SEO company. His blog won the Best Local Search Blog” by the SEJ (search-engine-journal).
  3. Martijn Beijk (@martijnbeijk) : He is SEO and local mapping expert who has done specialization for about 10 months at Onetomarket.
  4. Mike Blumenthal (@mblumenthal) : Website developer, own ad web hosting company.  He’s SEO and Local search expert.
  5. Dev Basu (@devbasu) : He went from SEO, to SEM, to social media to help fortunate businesses and SMB’s to obtain qualified and unique traffic that resulted in unbelievable conversions and sales.
  6. Will Scott (@@w2scott) : He’s the founder of Search Influence and has got great experience with Small Businesses on the net.


Spot Critical Issues in Your Website at One Click – WooRank

Not merely writing on your blog brings traffic, some little fine-tuning on SEO will add some more traffic to your domain. Fine-tuning on SEO is not an easy task, we have to consider alot of things for tweaking, say about 50 criteria. So, how to manage all these ? How to find out where the error has occured in your site ?

WooRank is a web analysis tool, which analyses your website and spots out the critical issues in your website at one click. This helps the webmaster easily to find out the problem and correct it. After rectifying the errors, it will ultimately reflect in traffic change.

What makes WooRank so special is, Search engines update their rules and algorithms very frequently, we may not know what all has changed. So using WooRank web tool will help us to take all the considerations into an account.

All you need to do is, Just type your website address on the textbox given there and click to generate report. It will generate a huge report based on the content, In-site SEO, Off-site SEO, Website compliance etc.

WooRank – Homepage

At last, with the help of WooRank website analysis tool, you can increase your site’s visibility.