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Role of Social Media in Organic Search Ranking

by anilguptaDecember 13, 2010
Social media role in SEO

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter as the top emerging social networks today, Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have also evolved that made up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with some changes – that is taking into consideration social media in search rankings. Social Media Optimization (SMO), is then been considered as most recent variety of SEO.

4 Neglected but Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs

by SiddarthaNovember 14, 2010

Blogging has evolved as one of the most peculiar way for many individuals to get Fame, Money, Time Pass and most of all it became an addiction for many people. According to recent analysis, over 5% of Students in the world were getting into blogging for various reasons. Even we can notice the same thing […]

Chaaps Win An SEO Expert Comp Results

by Shaquille RaySeptember 1, 2010

After a month of people entering the Win An SEO Expert Comp entering has closed and the results are now in! Winners have been decided randomly. Each entry had a number, if the number had shown on the person wins the prize. 1st Place Advanced SEO Package ($600usd value) Congratulations to 2nd […]

7 More Stupid Ways to promote your Blog!

by Sukhjit SinghAugust 11, 2010

Ever felt like promoting your blog by stupid ways?????? I read a post like this few months back which gave me the idea. Though the concept is the same (To extract stupidity out of you!) but the ideas are my own! Here in this post I’ll give you some of the ideas which you may […]

Chaaps Comp, Win an SEO Expert

by Shaquille RayAugust 2, 2010

So your not really good with SEO? Getting Confused? Well i have got good news for you. My name is shaq and i am one of the many writers on And for the last couple of weeks Chethan (Chaaps CEO) and i have been creating a contest for Chaaps. And today i am pleased […]

Should you take Blogging seriously?

by Ankit PuriMay 8, 2010

This is one of the questions that is most asked by the bloggers, no one ever gave the proper answer nor wrote a detailed post on it so today I thought to write a complete detailed post on it. If I start writing everything about the disadvantages of blogging, then it’s sure that the discussion […]

What is sitemap and how to create it?

by Sukhjit SinghMay 2, 2010

You may have wondered many sites having this little word called sitemap in their website’s footer. Site Map basically is the index of all the pages of your site and combines them in one location. It makes search engine’s crawlers detect the pages efficiently. It is better for SEO. Anyways creating a sitemap manually is […]

Google Webmaster Tools revamped with more Functionalities and Stats

by Chethan ThimmappaApril 24, 2010

Google Webmaster is the One Stop for all your Search Engine related Needs for your website. Google Webmaster Tools has rolled out new features recently. Some of the Features being, 1. Capability of adding/removing Owners to Site 2. Impressions vs Clickthroughs Stats for the Search Engine Queries 3. Analytics and Complete Stats (in Graphs) Let’s […]

Must Follow Local Search Experts on Twitter

by SiddarthaFebruary 13, 2010

Twitter is the Best Social Networking platform that made the job of sharing quiet easy now a days. Its been the land of SEO Experts, Marketers, Bloggers, Business Experts, Celebrities etc. Search Marketers take full advantage of clients presence over there. Here is the list of few Experts that you must follow if you are […]

Spot Critical Issues in Your Website at One Click – WooRank

by SrivathsanFebruary 6, 2010

Not merely writing on your blog brings traffic, some little fine-tuning on SEO will add some more traffic to your domain. Fine-tuning on SEO is not an easy task, we have to consider alot of things for tweaking, say about 50 criteria. So, how to manage all these ? How to find out where the […]