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Breaking News: Microsoft owns Skype

Okay its everywhere, its official and its big! Microsoft has acquired Skype for $8.5 billion. CEO Steve Ballmer has released his press statement. Redirect here to view the official Press Release.

skype-into-microsoftMicrosoft Corp

Facebook and Google were to purchase Skype, but out of nowhere Microsoft dashed in and gained hands on it. This is looking as a massive blow on Apple’s face. Steve Jobs has integrated the Facetime in all of his devices making it available on a wider platform. Microsoft has done the same, but just a bit better. Microsoft will implement its Skype services in the XBOX gaming console, Kinect motion-sensing device and also on the Windows phone platform. It will interconnect Skype users with Xbox Live, Outlook and Lync as well. Of course, Microsoft will not harm non-microsoft platforms and will continue to support them too.

As of Skype’s history, the Luxembourg based company was launched in 2003 and annexed by eBay in 2005. After Skype lost a whopping $99 million in 2009, eBay decided to finally trash the deal and eventually dropped Skype to a company called Silver Lake in 2009. Skype lasted for 18 months on its own and the company did pretty well in its years. Profiting $13.2 million in the first six months of 2010 Skype was making some heavy bucks. According to an article at MASHABLE, Skype is recorded to have 170 million regular users of which 8.8 million are paying customers.

The deal was successfully closed just yesterday Monday, the 9th. Microsoft is claiming this to be the most expensive deal they have ever made. This is a very good news for the investors down at the Silver Lake as they now have copious amount of money pouring in. Tony Bates had recently joined Skype as a CEO and now will be heading the Microsoft Skype division as the President.

Please drop a comment as to what you think of Microsoft sealing the deal with Skype. Will it promise to be a profitable one and pose as a serious threat to Apple or will it turn out to be another shitty deal? This latest news is brought straight to you at Chaaps. Please subscribe to our feed to receive more of the latest stories and updates!

Rumor or Reality? Windows 8 Pre-Release code arrives at PC makers’ doorstep!

A big hush-hush in the Windows loving community these days is the Windows 8 Pre-release code. There has been a lot  of “rumors” doing the rounds of the international OS market about the much awaited Windows 8 Operating System for PCs. Many websites (viz. theregister, winrumors, etc.) reported earlier this week that PC manufacturers and OEMs like HP are getting copies of the Windows 8 Pre-Release code.

To the rest of the world, Microsoft is promoting this program as “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program”. Sounds interesting? Read On!

Some of the most interesting features (as described by the leaked screenshots of Windows 8 ) are as follows:

1. System Reset

Here Microsoft has been quite innovative, Mind It! A button that restores your computer to the factory settings without actually formatting you hard disk. Hard to believe? Yes, Microsoft has done it this time. If it is successful, you can stop worrying about your data getting lost into oblivion or re-purchasing the activation key.

2. Mosh

Sounds like “Mash” or “Moss” right? But its more beautiful than either of those. Its Microsoft’s new tile-based user interface. But will it appear on your desktop? Difficult to tell at this point in time. Microsoft is planning to release this for low-end devices (like tablets) which’ll run a portable version of Windows 8. This will most probably be an alternative GUI for silencing the Windows critics and iPad freaks.

3. 3D

Yes, you read it correct. Windows 8 is supposedly full 3D and will have a fully dynamic interface. Does this mean it’ll adapt to your Windows usage habits? Well, maybe YES! Memory optimization and application usage will make your icons look different at different times. Will this be a good feature? Only testing can make it perfect!

4. Jupiter

Am I talking about the 5th and the largest planet in “Milky Way” with many moons? Absolutely NO! Its a codename by Microsoft!  Its a new application market which will allow users and developers to create Silverlight based “immersive” applications which will exist in the market as .appx packages. Rumors suggest that these applications can be written in Visual Basic, C# and C++. Way to go Microsoft, should we expect a competition to iTunes and Android market?

5. Did someone say “fast”?

Windows 8 will feature a full fledged super-fast “Hibernation” system. Now, the question is, how fast is “fast”? Well, the answer is: 3 to 6 seconds. Isn’t that fast enough you time hungry people? Windows will be expected to hibernate by saving all your work in 3 to 6 seconds flat. This calls for a celebration in the laptop user community. Lot of power saved as a result of faster hibernation!

6. History Vault

You need not go back to read your History books now! Windows 8 will feature a backup utility (similar to “Time Machine” of MAC OS X) which will backup all your files to a pre-defined time stamp. So, what happens to “System Restore”? That feature is believed to be preserved. History Vault is supposed to use Shadow Copy service of windows to backup files. Interesting!

All of this looks quite elusive! Ain’t it? But we are yet to know how much of this will actually appear in the Release Candidate of Windows 8. But the chatter about that is growing exponentially on the internet, which is a good news in itself. Will we see a Windows 8 based tablet? We, cannot rule out the possibility! The present version of Windows 7, was able to penetrate the OS market quite successfully because of the aesthetic UI and better resource management. Will Windows 8 ouster its predecessor? All we can do is wait and watch out for Microsoft.

And as for my dear readers, stay tuned with Chaaps for more updates on Windows 8!

Really? Windows Phone 7 Ad, A Must Watch

A Must Watch Video! I am just not recommending Only because it is made by Microsoft, The thing is It is really a worth watch for all you gadget Geeks.. Microsoft has come up with an Innovative Campaign to promote its product ‘Windows Phone 7’.. The Advertisement has already Grabbed 1,546,160 views in youtube within a month of its release.

Here it is:

The Ad Makes Sense for this Generation where phone has evolved to be as one of the Basic Needs(Almost an addiction), Of Course the Ad gives an exaggerated message that WINDOWS PHONE 7 has been specially optimized for YOU, the Users, so that you can come OUT of it, and switch IN to your life.. With Ease!

Thanks for the In depth Analysis on This Ad

We would like to hear from you. Yup,Really! Microsoft Lovers as well as its haters!


Perfect Reasons to Stop using Windows

Are you using Microsoft Windows ? Which version is it ? 2000, XP, Vista or 7 ? Or is it some server edition ? Are you still proud that you’re using the latest version of Windows ? There’s not much reason to be happy about it….

A background on Windows

Windows was a revolutionary. It all started after Bill Gates dropped out of school. He had to get some money. He asked Microsoft to buy his software which he made. Microsoft told him to wait for 2 months. This was good news for Bill Gates as he had not started work on the software yet. He managed to make this software in 2 months and he sold it to Microsoft. This software was called ‘DOS’ (Disk Operating System). Microsoft with the help of Bill Gates had managed to build a GUI(Graphical User Interface) on top of DOS and combined these packages together calling it Windows.

Windows was a revolutionary. There was none at that time that actually could compete with Windows. Because of the easy-to-use interface and the professional support given by Microsoft, every business and every individual started using Windows. But this history need not apply to present day context…

That is really not what should concern you. What should concern you is this – Who owns your computer ?

What happens when you use windows ?

  1. Windows becomes omnipotent
  2. Lets take it in this way, now Windows 7 Ultimate costs $319.99 . Lets say that the next version of Windows will cost 10 times the original ($3190.99). New software that will be created will be only for the latest version of Windows. Don’t believe me ? How many software actually work on Windows 2000 today ? You’ll be soon forced to spend thousands of dollars on getting a windows license.

  3. More software developers will make applications for only Windows
  4. It should be quite clear that if more people use windows, software developers will likely make software for windows. Then there would be no software for other operating systems. At that time, even if for some reason you don’t want windows, there’ll be no other alternative.

  5. Microsoft does not want development, it wants dominance
  6. Critics often say this, and it is a very true fact. There are many open standards that are free, stable and robust. Yet for some reason Microsoft prefers its own applications. Take for example the C and C++ languages. These were good. But Microsoft preferred making C# instead. Also, most of the parts of Internet Explorer do not follow the open web standards. Applications like silverlight just make things worse. Why make these ? The answer is simple. To prove that Microsoft is omnipotent.

  7. Windows is too bloated
  8. Software bloat is a term used to define a software that has many unnecessary features usually not used by the user. Windows comes with many things like the Registry, Graphics, etc. which are not really that important. Surely a good operating systems needs them but there are just too many features in windows.

  9. Not ready to use
  10. Have you ever tried installing Windows yourself ? What did you notice on installing it ? I always notice that there is actually no software at all. After buying an expensive Windows license I’ve to waste time buying software like MS Office. Windows surely cannot be a business solution as it takes too much of time and resources to set up.

  11. Security concerns
  12. How secure is your windows operating system ? No matter whichever firewall or antivirus be installed, Windows will always be insecure. The OS is internally weak. Furthermore, with years of experience by Windows hackers, its now really easy to hack a windows pc. Don’t believe me ? See this then. Google officially dumped Windows due to security concerns. Then why shouldn’t you ?

  13. Viruses
  14. Ever thought of a world without viruses ? Seems like Utopia right ? The truth is that everyone is so deceived with Windows, that they fail to realize that viruses affect only windows and not any other operating system.

  15. Tweaking not allowed
  16. The saddest part of all is that you’re not allowed to modify the windows set up such that it loads all your programs in the setup itself. You can neither modify nor share your Windows CD or license with anyone.

  17. Windows slows down over time
  18. Ever realized this ? Most Windows users do. When you buy Windows then it seems to run really fast, but after some months or years it slows down. To avoid this, Windows users have to spend hours to clean up the Registry, defragment their disks, etc.

  19. Built for profit, not harmony – Copyright, Patents, Royalties, and what not
  20. Windows keeps getting better. It helps make your life easier. But was it really designed to do so ? Think again, Windows was just built for profit to microsoft.

With all these issues, windows merely prevents you from making the full use of your computer. What if you find out that modifying windows slightly will help improve its speed.. What will happen if you give your results to microsoft ? The answer is just this, you’ll be fined because you hacked windows without permission.

With Windows installed on your PC, one thing is for sure. You don’t own your computer anymore, Microsoft does.

Alternatives ?

I would personally suggest Ubuntu:
“Super-fast and great-looking, Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free.” says the Ubuntu Foundation.

Ubuntu is a virus free, sleek, easy to use operating system that is completely free. It releases a new version every 6 months. Most well known non-profit organizations such as Wikimedia(Wikipedia) have all their computers and servers running ubuntu. No wonder it was awarded the title “Linux for human beings”.

The best part about Ubuntu is that you can try the operating system without installing it. This way you can explore all the features ubuntu has to offer and then decide the switch. To know more Check out the official Ubuntu site


How to Get Bing Custom Search Like Mashable


Mashable, The Social Media Guide is Now Powered with Bing Search. We Don’t Know How Mashable is Affiliated to Bing,But What We Know is, How One Could Get Similar Bing Custom Search for Blogs and Websites. Take a Look at The Mashable’s Bing Powered Custom Search..

Mashable with Bing Search
Mashable with Bing Search

The Search Results Page Contains Two Categories “Search Inside Site” and “Web” with Separate Tabs embedded in an AJAX widget…

Three Easy Steps to Create your Own Custom Bing Search..

Step 1. Head Over to .. You Can Find Two Kinds of Search Box Options- Basic Search Box and Advanced Search Box.. We have to Use the Advanced Search Box inorder To Display the Search Results within The Site… Click on Get Started below Advanced Search Options


Step 2. Enter The Site Name and the Site URL


Step 3. Hit “Next” and Customize to Get the Code!

Insert the Code, Where You like The Search Box to be… To Make it as Mashable style: Insert the Generated Code in Head Section.. Do not Worry about Search Result Page Code.. No Separate code is needed to Create a Special Search Result Page, as the Results( Both site and Web) will be Displayed as a Popup Box overlapping the Existing Content! Which Looks Pretty..

Give it a Try.. Why Always Google?


After iStore, its now WinStore for Windows 8


Taking a leaf out of their arch rivals Apple, Microsoft has now decided to open a dedicated WinStore. The motive behind this surprising move is to offer better support to customers for any device based on Windows 8.
“Consumers get applications they want, that they can feel confident in, that they can use on any Windows 8 device”, thus reads one of the slides about the Microsoft WinStore.

Earlier, Windows Marketplace was the entry point to purchase 3rd party software compatible with Windows. However, this is likely to be replaced by WinStore. Microsoft hopes that using a centralized location to track down and install new software would reap benefits for the company. Users no longer have to look up to the search engine giant(read Google) for software or updates.

But of course, there has not been an official communication from the software giants themselves regarding the same. Until, then, lets keep our fingers crossed.


Hotmail introduces Email Alerts by SMS


Earlier I posted how to give your blog readers alerts through SMS. Looks like Microsoft read my post and thought of making use of it in their email service called Windows Live Hotmail. Just kidding.

Hotmail was my default email service from long time so this is an awesome news for me.

So Microsoft recently launched SMS alerts of Emails. I activated it and its free for me. try it too here. And what more you can earn prizes and gifts from microsoft too if you enable this service for limited time.

This service is available to Aircel, Bharti Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTNL Delhi, MTNL Mumbai, MTS, Reliance (CDMA), Reliance (GSM), Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo, Uninor, Vodafone Essar customers. For each SMS received from Windows Live Mobile SMS services you will be charged 0 Rs. For each SMS you send to Windows LiveMobile SMS services you will only be charged your standard messaging rates by your operator.


Microsoft Office goes Online – A Move to beat Google Docs?


Any business needs word processing . From word-star to fox pro to lotus and then word. After microsoft office launched word, it almost crushed all competition for ages. After years google came up with google docs. An online version of word processing which in any man’s opinion is a nice alternative. Google docs can definitely do almost all common operation that a word processor can. I personally was impressed by how efficiently google docs works. Well did google doc take off well ? Companies were not happy in using a cloud based third party sever to hold their important information and google hasn’t done much in offering alternatives . Recently google bought docverse a company that specializes in document processing. This move may be to gain experience and infrastructure to monopolize the domain .

Free is not a part of Microsoft Office’s history. The Business Division, whose chief product is Office, brought in $19 billion in sales in fiscal 2009, more than a third of Microsoft’s $58 billion in sales for the year. It generated more than half of the company’s operating profit — $12 billion of the overall $20 billion. I mean WHOA!!!!!!!!

But Microsoft’s ability to sustain these numbers is being challenged by the new way people use technology.

To counter Google Docs, Office will also take the cloud way but with a little different prespective .Office Web Apps will offer more features and what the company claims is a better visual presentation than its competitor. But Office Web Apps will not have all the features of Office 2010, which is being priced from $119 to $499, depending on the version.

Observers say an Office that embraces the cloud is just the beginning for Microsoft. As Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has said, “we’re all in” when it comes to the cloud. Microsoft has built large data centers in Houston, Chicago, Ireland and other locations to launch cloud services.

I guess time has come where a different way of e-earning has to be figured out. One can’t just survive with ads for a long time . If a new way of earning through web appear . I’d expect more apps to come . Well,will microsoft office web app beat google docs. For once i think the microsoft has the experience and technology in this domain. Only time shall tell the success story .


PS3 vs PC vs XBOX – A Quick Tour


Hi everyone. Nice to see you all again. This time i am comparing PS3 vs PC vs XBOX.
You all maybe surely knowing what a PS3 is. For all those who are new to this gaming field, here is a short summary of what it really is!
PlayStation 3 often abbreviated as PS3 is a video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. Its mainly used for high performance computing.
Now lets come down to business!

We know when it comes down to Sony PS3 its a superb piece of hardware. Now lets discuss the areas where and how it differs with PC and XBOX.

1. PC cards often have trouble with smoothing of the graphics, but the PS3 has no trouble at all. The cell processor and the GPU chip works to produce something that high-end PC graphic card makers could only dream of.

2. The cell in conjunction with the GPU is capable of squeezing 2.0 trillion floating point operations per second on the fly and outperforms XBOX 360’s 355 billion floating point operations per second.

3. Digital foundry recently did an MSAA analysis. MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility is an application to interact with user interface elements of an application or an OS. PS3’s MSAA is far more advanced than anything seen whereas XBOX 360’s can do a maximum of 4x MSAA with built in graphics card. Anti-aliasing and edge smoothing has been a challenge even on the PC front.

4. PS3 has all the good stuff. IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING! The PS3 system has built in Wi-Fi and huge amounts of storage for games, add-ons, videos, photos. Its built in Blu-Ray player shows HD movies at 1080p so you ge pristine picture quality.

5. Meet up with friends and other gamers to discuss games, get new content or team up for online gameplay. The PS3 system offers you some of the industry’s most hottest games such as SOCOM, God Of War III and BioShock 2. THe PS3’s Synergistic Processing UNit (SPU) gives you advanced microprocessor working at blazing speeds to give you the best HD gaming experience.

So my friends go out there and instead of wasting money on PC and XBOX purchase a PS3 and be ensured for atleast 10 years that your PS3 will run all the latest and oncoming games.

Remember when you purchase a PS3 you are ten years ahead of PCs and XBOX coz you are already running the next generation computing system available on the planet.

So go out there and ENJOY!!!


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Brits taking sport too seriously?
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Introducing Microsoft Docs for Facebook – Share MS Office files With Facebook Friends

On the Facebook developers conference f8, Mark Zuckerburg announced that Facebook will be launching a collaborative document-editing tool with Microsoft. Over 1500 software developers and FB app developers were present in the conference. You can watch f8 live on Facebook.

is a join collaboration of Facebook and microsoft. Built on Microsoft Office 2010, the Docs app enables Facebook users for the first time to create and share Microsoft Office documents directly with their Facebook friends, using the Office tools they already know.

Documents can be created directly within the app, or can be uploaded from your PC. You can share the document with your selected friends or all the friends or with the whole world. Documents can be viewed and edited directly within a web browser – or, with a single click, you can edit them more richly and powerfully through the Microsoft Office software on your PC or bns goldbuy bns gold

Docs is currently in limited beta. You can sign up to be notified when it’s available for you to use by connecting your Facebook account.

Docs – Homepage


Download Free Ebook from Microsoft : Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Microsoft press has released a free downloadable ebook entitled ” Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 ” by Ross Mistry and Stacia Misner!. This ebook consist of 10 chapters with 216 pages.

It covers many of the new features of MS SQL Server 2008 R2 along with information around upgrading, consolidation and monitoring and business intelligence maintenance.

If you study or deal with MS SQL server, this ebook will be very useful for reference and keep yourself uptodate.

Topics which are covered –

PART I – Database Administration

CHAPTER 1 SQL Server 2008 R2 Editions and Enhancements
CHAPTER 2 Multi-Server Administration
CHAPTER 3 Data-Tier Applications
CHAPTER 4 High Availability and Virtualization Enhancements
CHAPTER 5 Consolidation and Monitoring

PART II – Business Intelligence Development

CHAPTER 6 Scalable Data Warehousing
CHAPTER 7 Master Data Services
CHAPTER 8 Complex Event Processing with StreamInsight
CHAPTER 9 Reporting Services Enhancements
CHAPTER 10 Self-Service Analysis with PowerPivot

Direct download and no registration required.

You can download the ebook in and in .

Feel free to follow the authors and ask quesitons on Twitter.

@RossMistry and @StaciaMisner