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Dell Latitude 10: What is it?

Dell latitude 10 is a recently released multi-touch 25.4 cm tablet which runs on Windows 8.  Dell claims this tablet as a “Business” device as it has Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and support for computrace.



The long lasting battery (9:03 / 16:01) puts it apart from its competitor tablets. The Bright IPS Display is one of its key features.
Productivity dock and the optional keyboard support could serve you as a good add-on.

Screen size of 10.1 inch, screen resolution of 1366 x 768, weighs just 1.57 lb with Corning® Gorilla® Glass display and stylus support.

You can have a look at the official page for complete tech specs


  • A very good battery life.
  • 3G Connectivity.
  • IPS Display with Gorilla Glass.
  • Pen input.
  • TPM and computrace security.


  • No USB 3.0  support.
  • Non upgradeable 2 GB RAM

If you are looking for a windows 8 experience on tablet consider going for this. Have your say in comments section.

Google Chrome beats Internet Explorer Worldwide!

The Global Stats service from Statcounter reveals an interesting data about browser usage worldwide. The Search Engine giant Google is now victorious even in the browser war.

Google chrome was released on September 2, 2008. Even before completing its 4th anniversary it has got a tremendous

growth and now in the month of May and June it has surpassed the

Internet explorer, a browser made by Microsoft which exits from 1995.

Here is the link to stats page

While there is a drop in the user base of Firefox, The other browsers like Safari and Opera follows its trajectory with a common ups and downs.


MSN India Poll results

Best and Worst Stories of 2011: According to MSN India

MSN India recently conducted a poll in which it registered 5.2 million votes. The results are now out. Read on to see the Best and Bekaar of 2011 and find out for yourself. This poll was tailored only for the Indian audience. MSN India quotes 2011 to be “one action packed year ” for India.

Below is the official Press Release by MSN.

Rajeev Khandelwal better than SRK!

•  All India Survey by MSN chooses the ‘Best’ and ‘Bekaar’ of 2011

•  Whopping 5.2 million votes

•  Kat capture fancy, Vidya and newbie Nargis trail way behind

•  ‘Bodyguard’ Sallu secure on top

msn special the best of bollywood

New Delhi, December 28, 2011: The countdown to ring out 2011 has begun and What a Year it has been….we won the Cricket World Cup, we had scandals after scandal in politics, a new leader emerged in form of Anna, and Aiswarya Rai Bachchan, along with the nation, welcomed Beti B had. Whichever way you see, you will agree that 2011 was one action packed year!

Therefore, at the dawn of 2012, MSN India invited consumers to vote for the best and the worst of 2011 under the categories: Bollywood, Sports, leaders and the most admired women. Indians have voted up a storm and we have had a whopping 5.2 million votes!! The results are out, some are expected and some are massive surprises.

Read on to know more:


Best Actor (Male): The ‘Shaitan’ of Bollywood, Rajeev Khandelwal has bagged the ‘Best Actor Male’ title. What’s more surprising? He has beaten the more obvious, Shahrukh, the King Khan and Imran Khan, the chocolate boy! With …….. Votes, great going Rajeev!

Best Actor (Female): Katrina Kaif. Ahem! So ‘Shiela Ki Jawani’ has eclipsed ‘Silk Smita’ and Katrina has beaten Vidya Balan for the top spot. We hope this would be a great encouragement for Kat and she would win the top spot again next year – not for being a ‘Chikni Chameli’…this time for actually acting!

Worst Actor (Male): And the award goes to Himesh Reshammiya. We Indians admire bravery and this man is the bravest person in Bollywood currently. If you do not believe us, kindly watch his movies. But for that, you need to be very brave too! In fact, Aby Baby might have got blessed with a BaB this year; however, he has definitely not managed to be on the apple of the Junta’s eye! He gave a tough competition to Himesh Reshamiya in the category of the ‘worst actor male’.

Worst Actor (Female): Esha Deol. Well! At least she won something.

Best Film: Bodyguard. Lovely Singh gave a tough competition to other contenders, Delhi Belly and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. But, we are not surprised. Salman Bhai is pretty hard to beat! And with this, the bad boy of Bollywood has ruled the people’s hearts two years in a row. Last year, Dabang had emerged as the Movie of the Year in the MSN India Diwali Dhamaka Poll.

Worst Film: Mausam. One of the reviews said that the movie was so long that India could have accommodated a couple of terror attacks by the time the movie finished. Go Figure!


india: the world cup 2011 winner

Indian Sportsman of the year: M S Dhoni is the undoubted winner. Why not? After the legendary Kapil Dev, this is the next man who won the world cup for us. You do us proud Dhoni!

 Best Indian Sporting eventThe Cricket World Cup, what else??????? India winning the cup is still afresh in our minds and hearts. But, the big surprise is that there is just a difference of 1000 votes between the Cricket World Cup and the Hockey World Cup. Do we smell a return of the Hockey decade?

Most followed Indian Sport: It’s Cricket for the most obvious reasons but here too the difference between Cricket and Hockey is a mere 64 votes. Hopefully, this is sign of a renewed interest in our national game.

narendra modi - the admired leader


Most Admired Indian Leader: Narendra Modi wins this title and beating other hot favorites Anna Hazare and Rahul Gandhi in the process.



kiran bedi - most admired female


 MSN She Most Admired Indian Female Icon: Kiran Bedi wins this well deserved title for her fight against corruption.


To see the results from Poll, Log on to

Did you enjoy this article? Are you satisfied with the results of the poll, drop a comment to share your personal views with us!


Microsoft Social Network

Microsoft Tulalip: A rumored to be Social Network

Microsoft is planning to take down Facebook and the very latest social network by Google, Google+ by starting its own social network which goes by the name Tulalip.


Fusible was the first to report this news. Shocking as it came we noticed a welcome screen hung upon on the site which is short for Social. The welcome screen reads,

“With Tulalip you can Find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever”

Reports suggests that, Microsoft purchased the domain recently just two weeks ago, exactly when Google launched its social network. Obviously Microsoft was planning this way before. From what we know, the Search box where it reads OPEN is currently non functional. The Facebook Sign in feature too does not work.


The Twitter Sign in feature is where we have been able to gather more information about what this new service is going to be all about. As soon as you click it, you will see Twitter’s authorization page. In here glance over the application control features:

Read Tweets, Follow others, Update Profile and Post Tweets automatically

Now what impression does this give to you? That its some kind of social network right! Yes as nice as that news maybe to you, you will bummed to hear that its just a experimental app for now.

If you look at it closely, you can see that it says

Tulalip, By Microsoft Research, Experimental App.

Well it speaks for itself, we don’t think we will hear of Tulalip in a while as the service is currently under development. If you like you can check out yourself. Presently the page reads,

“Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web. We didn’t mean to, honest.”

I think Microsoft heard about its possible leak and posted that message. We certainly don’t think it was a mistake. DO YOU?

Speak with us by a comment. If we are the first one to get in, maybe who knows you would be the first one to get invited!



Xbox 360 now absolutely free from Microsoft

Yes this is a genuine news. Its not a hoax or a rumor. Microsoft has already announced it on its official blog. Microsoft is giving college students free XBOX 360 console with no charge whatsoever.


Microsoft said that if a student buys any Windows 7 PC from well known retailers such as Dell, HP or the Microsoft Store, which is above the price tag of $699, he/she will get a free XBOX 360 4GB console, from the Microsoft Store itself. I think this is a great deal because at just 31,413 INR, Indian people can get a sweet slick-looking XBOX 360 console absolutely free. All you have to do is go to a DELL or a HP retailer, choose any PC above $699 price, and present your .edu email address, in case you dont have a .edu email id, just present them your student ID. Thats it, nice and simple!


The free XBOX 360 that you get from the MICROSOFT is a 4GB console and features a built-in WiFi and comes with a black XBOX 360 wireless controller as stated in an article at the CNET. This console is currently priced at $200.

This is a very good time to buy your kids a PC because already he/she will start going to college or school soon and has a chance to learn many things and get interactive. A PC will always help them in doing their homeworks and a XBOX will always keep them connected with their family and friends. Surfing the web, streaming videos and gaming just got a lot more easy and fun with the new XBOX.

Hurry now!!! This offer has just started today, the 22nd May. Offer valid till stocks last.

Its time now for your superb comment. Tell us, whether you like this giant frenzy offer or not? Isn’t it cool?


Breaking News: Microsoft owns Skype

Okay its everywhere, its official and its big! Microsoft has acquired Skype for $8.5 billion. CEO Steve Ballmer has released his press statement. Redirect here to view the official Press Release.

skype-into-microsoftMicrosoft Corp

Facebook and Google were to purchase Skype, but out of nowhere Microsoft dashed in and gained hands on it. This is looking as a massive blow on Apple’s face. Steve Jobs has integrated the Facetime in all of his devices making it available on a wider platform. Microsoft has done the same, but just a bit better. Microsoft will implement its Skype services in the XBOX gaming console, Kinect motion-sensing device and also on the Windows phone platform. It will interconnect Skype users with Xbox Live, Outlook and Lync as well. Of course, Microsoft will not harm non-microsoft platforms and will continue to support them too.

As of Skype’s history, the Luxembourg based company was launched in 2003 and annexed by eBay in 2005. After Skype lost a whopping $99 million in 2009, eBay decided to finally trash the deal and eventually dropped Skype to a company called Silver Lake in 2009. Skype lasted for 18 months on its own and the company did pretty well in its years. Profiting $13.2 million in the first six months of 2010 Skype was making some heavy bucks. According to an article at MASHABLE, Skype is recorded to have 170 million regular users of which 8.8 million are paying customers.

The deal was successfully closed just yesterday Monday, the 9th. Microsoft is claiming this to be the most expensive deal they have ever made. This is a very good news for the investors down at the Silver Lake as they now have copious amount of money pouring in. Tony Bates had recently joined Skype as a CEO and now will be heading the Microsoft Skype division as the President.

Please drop a comment as to what you think of Microsoft sealing the deal with Skype. Will it promise to be a profitable one and pose as a serious threat to Apple or will it turn out to be another shitty deal? This latest news is brought straight to you at Chaaps. Please subscribe to our feed to receive more of the latest stories and updates!

Rumor or Reality? Windows 8 Pre-Release code arrives at PC makers’ doorstep!

A big hush-hush in the Windows loving community these days is the Windows 8 Pre-release code. There has been a lot  of “rumors” doing the rounds of the international OS market about the much awaited Windows 8 Operating System for PCs. Many websites (viz. theregister, winrumors, etc.) reported earlier this week that PC manufacturers and OEMs like HP are getting copies of the Windows 8 Pre-Release code.

To the rest of the world, Microsoft is promoting this program as “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program”. Sounds interesting? Read On!

Some of the most interesting features (as described by the leaked screenshots of Windows 8 ) are as follows:

1. System Reset

Here Microsoft has been quite innovative, Mind It! A button that restores your computer to the factory settings without actually formatting you hard disk. Hard to believe? Yes, Microsoft has done it this time. If it is successful, you can stop worrying about your data getting lost into oblivion or re-purchasing the activation key.

2. Mosh

Sounds like “Mash” or “Moss” right? But its more beautiful than either of those. Its Microsoft’s new tile-based user interface. But will it appear on your desktop? Difficult to tell at this point in time. Microsoft is planning to release this for low-end devices (like tablets) which’ll run a portable version of Windows 8. This will most probably be an alternative GUI for silencing the Windows critics and iPad freaks.

3. 3D

Yes, you read it correct. Windows 8 is supposedly full 3D and will have a fully dynamic interface. Does this mean it’ll adapt to your Windows usage habits? Well, maybe YES! Memory optimization and application usage will make your icons look different at different times. Will this be a good feature? Only testing can make it perfect!

4. Jupiter

Am I talking about the 5th and the largest planet in “Milky Way” with many moons? Absolutely NO! Its a codename by Microsoft!  Its a new application market which will allow users and developers to create Silverlight based “immersive” applications which will exist in the market as .appx packages. Rumors suggest that these applications can be written in Visual Basic, C# and C++. Way to go Microsoft, should we expect a competition to iTunes and Android market?

5. Did someone say “fast”?

Windows 8 will feature a full fledged super-fast “Hibernation” system. Now, the question is, how fast is “fast”? Well, the answer is: 3 to 6 seconds. Isn’t that fast enough you time hungry people? Windows will be expected to hibernate by saving all your work in 3 to 6 seconds flat. This calls for a celebration in the laptop user community. Lot of power saved as a result of faster hibernation!

6. History Vault

You need not go back to read your History books now! Windows 8 will feature a backup utility (similar to “Time Machine” of MAC OS X) which will backup all your files to a pre-defined time stamp. So, what happens to “System Restore”? That feature is believed to be preserved. History Vault is supposed to use Shadow Copy service of windows to backup files. Interesting!

All of this looks quite elusive! Ain’t it? But we are yet to know how much of this will actually appear in the Release Candidate of Windows 8. But the chatter about that is growing exponentially on the internet, which is a good news in itself. Will we see a Windows 8 based tablet? We, cannot rule out the possibility! The present version of Windows 7, was able to penetrate the OS market quite successfully because of the aesthetic UI and better resource management. Will Windows 8 ouster its predecessor? All we can do is wait and watch out for Microsoft.

And as for my dear readers, stay tuned with Chaaps for more updates on Windows 8!

Really? Windows Phone 7 Ad, A Must Watch

A Must Watch Video! I am just not recommending Only because it is made by Microsoft, The thing is It is really a worth watch for all you gadget Geeks.. Microsoft has come up with an Innovative Campaign to promote its product ‘Windows Phone 7′.. The Advertisement has already Grabbed 1,546,160 views in youtube within a month of its release.

Here it is:

The Ad Makes Sense for this Generation where phone has evolved to be as one of the Basic Needs(Almost an addiction), Of Course the Ad gives an exaggerated message that WINDOWS PHONE 7 has been specially optimized for YOU, the Users, so that you can come OUT of it, and switch IN to your life.. With Ease!

Thanks for the In depth Analysis on This Ad

We would like to hear from you. Yup,Really! Microsoft Lovers as well as its haters!


Perfect Reasons to Stop using Windows

Are you using Microsoft Windows ? Which version is it ? 2000, XP, Vista or 7 ? Or is it some server edition ? Are you still proud that you’re using the latest version of Windows ? There’s not much reason to be happy about it….

A background on Windows

Windows was a revolutionary. It all started after Bill Gates dropped out of school. He had to get some money. He asked Microsoft to buy his software which he made. Microsoft told him to wait for 2 months. This was good news for Bill Gates as he had not started work on the software yet. He managed to make this software in 2 months and he sold it to Microsoft. This software was called ‘DOS’ (Disk Operating System). Microsoft with the help of Bill Gates had managed to build a GUI(Graphical User Interface) on top of DOS and combined these packages together calling it Windows.

Windows was a revolutionary. There was none at that time that actually could compete with Windows. Because of the easy-to-use interface and the professional support given by Microsoft, every business and every individual started using Windows. But this history need not apply to present day context…

That is really not what should concern you. What should concern you is this – Who owns your computer ?

What happens when you use windows ?

  1. Windows becomes omnipotent
  2. Lets take it in this way, now Windows 7 Ultimate costs $319.99 . Lets say that the next version of Windows will cost 10 times the original ($3190.99). New software that will be created will be only for the latest version of Windows. Don’t believe me ? How many software actually work on Windows 2000 today ? You’ll be soon forced to spend thousands of dollars on getting a windows license.

  3. More software developers will make applications for only Windows
  4. It should be quite clear that if more people use windows, software developers will likely make software for windows. Then there would be no software for other operating systems. At that time, even if for some reason you don’t want windows, there’ll be no other alternative.

  5. Microsoft does not want development, it wants dominance
  6. Critics often say this, and it is a very true fact. There are many open standards that are free, stable and robust. Yet for some reason Microsoft prefers its own applications. Take for example the C and C++ languages. These were good. But Microsoft preferred making C# instead. Also, most of the parts of Internet Explorer do not follow the open web standards. Applications like silverlight just make things worse. Why make these ? The answer is simple. To prove that Microsoft is omnipotent.

  7. Windows is too bloated
  8. Software bloat is a term used to define a software that has many unnecessary features usually not used by the user. Windows comes with many things like the Registry, Graphics, etc. which are not really that important. Surely a good operating systems needs them but there are just too many features in windows.

  9. Not ready to use
  10. Have you ever tried installing Windows yourself ? What did you notice on installing it ? I always notice that there is actually no software at all. After buying an expensive Windows license I’ve to waste time buying software like MS Office. Windows surely cannot be a business solution as it takes too much of time and resources to set up.

  11. Security concerns
  12. How secure is your windows operating system ? No matter whichever firewall or antivirus be installed, Windows will always be insecure. The OS is internally weak. Furthermore, with years of experience by Windows hackers, its now really easy to hack a windows pc. Don’t believe me ? See this then. Google officially dumped Windows due to security concerns. Then why shouldn’t you ?

  13. Viruses
  14. Ever thought of a world without viruses ? Seems like Utopia right ? The truth is that everyone is so deceived with Windows, that they fail to realize that viruses affect only windows and not any other operating system.

  15. Tweaking not allowed
  16. The saddest part of all is that you’re not allowed to modify the windows set up such that it loads all your programs in the setup itself. You can neither modify nor share your Windows CD or license with anyone.

  17. Windows slows down over time
  18. Ever realized this ? Most Windows users do. When you buy Windows then it seems to run really fast, but after some months or years it slows down. To avoid this, Windows users have to spend hours to clean up the Registry, defragment their disks, etc.

  19. Built for profit, not harmony – Copyright, Patents, Royalties, and what not
  20. Windows keeps getting better. It helps make your life easier. But was it really designed to do so ? Think again, Windows was just built for profit to microsoft.

With all these issues, windows merely prevents you from making the full use of your computer. What if you find out that modifying windows slightly will help improve its speed.. What will happen if you give your results to microsoft ? The answer is just this, you’ll be fined because you hacked windows without permission.

With Windows installed on your PC, one thing is for sure. You don’t own your computer anymore, Microsoft does.

Alternatives ?

I would personally suggest Ubuntu:
“Super-fast and great-looking, Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free.” says the Ubuntu Foundation.

Ubuntu is a virus free, sleek, easy to use operating system that is completely free. It releases a new version every 6 months. Most well known non-profit organizations such as Wikimedia(Wikipedia) have all their computers and servers running ubuntu. No wonder it was awarded the title “Linux for human beings”.

The best part about Ubuntu is that you can try the operating system without installing it. This way you can explore all the features ubuntu has to offer and then decide the switch. To know more Check out the official Ubuntu site