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Some of The Top Class Articles Which People Liked on Chaaps

Kraken- A GSM Cracking Software is Released which Intercepts Calls


A Group headed by Frank Stevenson, developers for A5/1 Security project has released first GSM Cracking Software called “Kraken” which could intercept Voice Calls by breaking A5/1, An Encryption technique that provides communication privacy in GSM.

What does Kraken GSM Cracking Software do?
Kraken Cracks the A5/1 encryption algorithm used by some GSM networks… Kraken makes use of very efficient, encryption cracking tables that allow it to break A5/1.

What is A5/1 ?

A5/1 is a stream cipher used to provide over the air communication privacy in the GSM cellular telephone standard. It was initially kept secret, but became public knowledge through leaks and reverse engineering. A number of serious weaknesses in the cipher have been identified.

Making use of Kraken Software one could secretly listen to the private conversations of yours without even your Notice..As GSM is the backbone for 3G networks.. This Software is aiming at new generation of handsets..

With Over 4 billion GSM Mobile Subscribers across the World… Comprising 80% of total mobile market.. The Softwares like Kraken are Potentially Dangerous which attacks on weak A5/1 used for protecting privacy of calls end-to-end.

We got The Download Instructions to Set-Up Kraken Software:

If you Kraken Software’s Rainbow Tables, Antennas, Specialized software with $30,000 worth of computing hardware you could break the A5/1 Cipher and listen to Calls in Real-time breaking the Privacy!


Epic: Indian by birth

Download Epic Browser | Indian Browser Powered by Mozilla | Features


Epic: Indian by birthThe so-called Indian browser Epic has just turned two days old. It runs on the well-known Mozilla platform. It reminds us of Flock, often called the browser for social media addicts. But Epic stands ahead of Flock in various ways. Here are the Pros and Cons of the new browser Epic:

Epic browser window
Epic browser window


  • Customizable: 1000+ skins and also you can choose from over personas
  • Watch NDTV 24X7, NDTV इंडिया and NDTV profit online without any streaming problems
  • Indic typing with the integration of Google transliterate
  • Anti-Virus protection for both your computer and downloads optional
  • Write: Create a word document and save it as a HTML file
  • Snippets: Useful for taking screenshots of webpages – either select certain image or a paragraph and drag-and-drop it to the snippet sidebar or take a complete screenshot of a webpage
  • Cricket news and live scores – Everybody knows India loves cricket and the Epic Browser is no exception
  • Regional News, Events and financial events
  • Daily masti – Jokes, quotes and gyaan of the day
  • Epic video – Watch videos from youtube right on the sidebar
  • My computer – Browse your computer directly from the browser; You can open upto 5 tabs in the Computer sidebar
  • Social networks, E-mail accounts and Twitter in sidebar
  • To-dos: A great alternative to with alerts in
  • Timer: Need not run to your cupboard to pick your stopwatch up with the timer feature in Epic browser
  • Get directions with epic maps – Google maps integration
  • Search for jobs – with integration
  • Book tickets with yatra and cleartrip integration
  • Games: Time for some entertainment
  • Backup files by logging in to your gmail account and now, initially, each file size is limited to 10 MB mark. It is expected to increase soon
  • Collections: Save similar websites to one collection by clicking the collection icon next to the tabs. To load them, open the collections sidebar and click on the collection’s title
  • Bookmarks: Just the same as in Firefox browser, Self-explanatory;
  • History: Epic is very careful about your privacy, it has a private browsing icon and a clear browsing data icon in the address bar
  • 10,000+ Firefox addons compatible
  • Epic apps: 1500 sidebar applications, but we recommend you to keep the number of applications minimum so that the blazing speed of Epic will be maintained
  • 10,000+ Firefox addons compatible


  • Showing of the sidebar even in pop-up windows is quite disgusting – I click the re-tweet button in a post and even then, the sidebar shows off in the pop-up also.
  • Because it is a fully loaded browser, it takes more time to boot as compared to chrome, Firefox and safari. More the number of sidebar apps and add-ons more is the time taken to start the browser.
  • No Home button in the address bar

Link: Try out Epic browser

It is very clear that the pros over-weigh the cons and it is browser which must be tried by any internet user, especially an Indian internet user. In the epic browser’s website they have stated that PC World has awarded them 4.5 out of 5 stars. According to the chaaps team, they deserve it. Do let us know your views about the all new epic browser.


KickAss Torrents Goes in Beta 2.0


Kickass torrents recently moved the website into beta 2.0 mode. It promises some new functions. Many Torrent downloaders have switched to KickAss Torrents after the downfall of mininova and other search engines.

It does not astonishes me that the new features will gather more users.

Here are some of the features listed on the website’s Official Blog.

The Blog Says

01. Messages
Messages are now available on site and you can send them to any user. All the old messages were transferred from forum to site, so don’t worry. The visual part of the messaging still needs some work, but the tech part is ready and working.

02. Friends
Yes, we’re going a bit social. Now you have a possibility to add friends on KickAss. A bit later we will also present a number of features related to adding friends.

You can add friends through an new option in the User Options.

03. The Wall
All in all we’re just another brick in the wall… but in a more positive way. Now every user has a wall where other users can leave comments.

04. New Design
We did lot of changes to the design and we’ll be happy to hear some feedback on the new look.

05. EZTV and Limetorrents
…are both now our friends and we added their torrents to KickAssTorrents! Enjoy!

06. Comments Subscription
From now on you can subscribe to comments and see the feedback on torrent as an RSS (check the Subscriptions Page to get the RSS Feed).

07. Google Account Login
From now on you can also login through your Google Account.

08. New People Page
From now on the People Page speaks a little more about the KickaAss people.

09. Update on Trends
Search Trends now also available for all content types.

10. The Mighty Search Update 3000
First of all we added tabs to search, from now on if you enter Star Wars you can easily switch results from Movies to Games for example.

And as you might have noticed the second feature is Movie/TV auto-recognition. If most of the search hits in the tab lead to the same movie or series, the info on this media will be shown over the search results.

11. Torrent Info Tabs
The info on torrents is now divided into three tabs:
– Main for main info;
– Locations for tracker info;
– Feedback+Comments, for feedback and comments.

12. User Info Tabs
The info on users is no also divided into four tabs to make the browsing easier – Profile & Friends, Comments, Uploads and Reputation.

And as a dessert, some things that are on the way.
– Special Blogs for some of our users;
– A completely new Help/FAQ system;
– Multi-Language support… Zuerst für Benützer die diesen Satz lesen können 🙂


4 Best Search Engines for Finding Music and Videos


The people who enters into Internet, initially knows only a single website, named Google this is the common fact.  Google being such a popular website that is not only useful for beginners but it is also used by experts. Many software professionals, experts, SEO’s and other professionals use Google as the best source.

But Google is not for everything. There are certain dedicated Search Engines that which does individual tasks like Searching Files, Music, Videos, Torrents, Blogs, Recipes, and many more.

Here is the list of 4 Best Search Engines for Searching Music and Videos:

  1. MP3Realm
  2. Blinkx
  3. ClipBlast
  4. TuneFind

#1. MP3Realm :

  • MP3 search engine. Find and download music easily. Search and download mp3 for free.
  • It is a music search engine that allows you to find mp3s, stream them online and download ones you like to your computer.
  • It also displays the results of year, album, playtime and source site, the site displays file size, and link status. Lyrics are also available.

#2. Blinkx :

  • World’s largest video search engine. Search over 35 million hours of video from sites like Google Video, YouTube, MySpace, MetaCafe, and more.
  • Blinkx is the worlds largest and most advanced online video search engine. The site also lets you browse videos from a myriad of topics.

#3. ClipBlast :

  • ClipBlast is the worlds fasting growing video web search and distribution technology. ClipBlast has been indexing the video web since.
  • Worlds largest video search engine. Access video clips and millions of hours of video and TV from major media brands, YouTube, Blip, MetaCafe and many more.

#4. TuneFind :

  • TuneFind contains an index of music and songs appearing in popular television shows and movies.
  • TuneFind helps you find music from your favorite TV shows and all content is submitted and validated by TuneFind users.
  • You can even reverse look up artists, to see which films and shows their music has been featured on.


Add Images to your Gmail Signature [Now default in Gmail]


Just a couple of days ago, I had written an hack regarding how to add images and custom HTML to your gmail signature without the use of any extensions or add-ons.
But now the gmail team themselves are allowing to add images in signatures.

Google WYSIWYG signature
Google's WYSIWYG signature

Here’s how to configure it:

  1. Head to your gmail settings
  2. Under Signature, you can see a WYSIWYG editor
  3. Edit your signature and save the changes
  4. There you go, you are done with creating your gmail signature.

But still there is a limitation: You can add images only that are hosted on the web and cannot add images from your desktop. We strongly recommend that you upload your pics to flickr or picasa and then give its URL rather than use some other third-party image hosting services.

Anyhow bloggers and IT professionals may consider to stick to the canned responses method, as they might have two mailing streams: personal and official.

Though this is a very good move by Gmail, Which method are you looking forward to? The default one or the canned responses method? Drop your views in the comments.


Add custom HTML signature in Gmail [No extensions]


We all must be aware of Firefox and chrome extension WiseStamp used to add a signature at the end of any email. Here is another method to add signatures in Gmail:

  • Head your address bar to Gmail labs
  • Enable Canned responses and Inserting images
  • Go to Compose mail and prepare your signature just as you compose any other email:
Custom signature is composed
Custom signature is composed
  • Select all text by pressing Ctrl+A
  • Click the Canned responses drop-down list next to Insert Invitation button
  • Click New canned response under Save
  • Give a relevant name and save it
Saving the signature
Saving the signature

And now you are done saving your signature. Whenever you want you can insert that particular signature into your email by clicking the canned responses drop down list and click the saved signature’s name under Insert and your done! You can create as many signatures as you want that too with images and many other eye-catching features enabled. Isn’t that pretty amazing?

Which one do you prefer – Riding on an extension or something stored right in your Gmail account? I hope you like the latter better. Do let me know in the comments.

Death of Sergio Vega. Twitter Mourns as Sergio Vega Dies


He was born on September 12, 1969 in Hornos, Sonora, located near Ciudad Obregón,Sergio Vega was gunned down in his red Cadillac in Sonora,Mexico at US-Mexico Intly Highway 15 on way to performance.really bad news for the fan all over the world i saw twitter full of Tweets expressing GriefThis shows , that he was a great singer with a huge fan fallowing ,so we should pray to god ,to bless his soul,more pictures of him below:- REST    IN   PEACE

Sergio Vega is Dead 🙁
Sergio Vega is Killed 🙁
Sergio Vega Murder 🙁


Brazil blame Portugal for draw

Brazil hiding their face from the disappointing 0-0 draw with Portugal yesterday, saying the Portuguese’s defensive set-up kept the much-anticipated match from turning into a spectacle.The Brazilians say they did their part, going for the win from the beginning at Moses Mabhida Stadium, while claiming Portugal did all they could to keep the match from opening up.

leave the rest see what the Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano said “It’s really boring when we have to play against an opponent with 11 players at the back, only trying to draw,” WTF!! how can see say this?, this means that portugal don’t know how how to play, i think they forget that they are not the same winners they use to be.

Yea Brazil had already secured a second round ,but Portugal needed a draw to secure their spot in the round of 16, even though they were protected by a huge goal difference that could have allowed themselves to advance even with a loss.Brazil won Group G with seven points, two more than Portugal, so that means they are in the lead but that’s not fair too be bully.

Brazil coach Dunga criticised FIFA for naming Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo the man of the match yesterday and Brazil captain Lucio said he was appalled by it but here was again a comment from a Brazilian defender”I have no words about this decision”,”I respect Cristiano Ronaldo, but I don’t think he did a lot against our defence.”WTF!!!!!!! they are bully for sure, i am a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo ,soo this was not lookin good to me please leave your comment ,i want to hear, what every one else think on this brazil being bully

Download Firefox 4.0 for Windows/Linux/MAC


Firefox 4.0 has changed a lot of thing’s like:-In the Firefox 4 nightly builds, and in Firefox 4 Beta 1, they have changed the default tab position so that tabs are on top. This is a preference that users can change by right clicking on any of their toolbars. Moving the default tab position is obviously a significant and to some extent controversial change to the Firefox UI, which are really difficult to handle, for example have a look on the image below you can clearly see , the tabs cant be seen clearly, as per the firefox 4.0 has fixed this problem, as u can see in the image below:-

Now you can see,that the tabs are moved to the top and are easy to be used ,I have to say it looks more attractive too . Recently modern browsers have been transitioning by placing tabs on top, and that decision isn’t arbitrary, it isn’t about fashion. The change to placing tabs on top isn’t about one browser versus another browser, it’s about the evolution of the Web as a platform. Now in the image below you can see the rest changes in firefox 4.0firefox 4.0well it looks cool and in this post i will give u the link to download

The Mozilla Developer Preview 3.7 Alpha 5 (code name for firefox 4.0) is available for download here.


The Best CPU Cooling Systems Available in market


These days bigger processors like core i7 , phenom 2 are widely used. But they all have 4 to 6 cores working on 3.0 GHz or more which makes them really-really hot. However, the default cooling fans that are supplied with them are worthless. They are good enough for ordinary users who work on PCs for a couple of hours and shut it down later. But what about the hardcore gamers, web designers or hardcore downloaders whose PC’s are not turned off for weeks?? I for instance belong to the latter category of users who cannot wait to lay my hands on the latest game that arrives in the market. However, I find that it is nearly impossible to sit near the PC for more than a couple of hours, thanks to the heat generated. So, I decided to come out with this article to make it easy for hardcore PC users so that they could get more out of their PC by having a higher cooling system not only for the CPU but also for the RAM, Graphics, Northbridge and overall cooling of the cabinet.

This is a nice cooling kit and all the fittings are pre-assembled. This is from Cooler Master (I’m sure every one is familiar with this brand) .This can be fit in any case which has 120mm fan holding space. It has very tiny pumps but does its work well. However, the one disadvantage of this cooling system is that it makes a lot noise. I would say if u do not want to spend a lot of money and still make your friends jealous then go for it 😉

This cooling system from corsair is a fine product. It is less noisy and also fits into any cabinet with 120mm fan support. It is affordable too. The only disadvantage is that it does not look that cool. I wont recommend this for hardcore gamers but would be more suitable for people who work a lot on networking.

Now,this is the big daddy water cooling system from Cooler Master. This stuff is insane! It can connect to every thing in your pc and not just the CPU. On a rating scale of 10, I would give it 8.2. The disadvantage of this is its high price

Cooling systems for those who think water cooling is worthless and need maintenance.

Thats right! Water cooling needs some care too! You will have to fill the coolant and keep a eye on the rubber pipes Take a look at one of the hardcore cooling systems. This doesn’t consist of water but just the old school heat sink and the heat spreaders are on some sort of steroid.

This is a big one, does a good job and is from cooler master. However, the only problem is that this weighs around 2 pounds(or you can say 865g). Thats a lot of weight for the motherboard to handle, so I would recommend this for those who have the downside cabinet

coolermaster v10Now thats a demon called v10 from cooler master. Its a great product! You wont believe that this thing weighs 3 lbs or u can say 1200 g Heat Sink Material – Cu base, Al fin, 10 heat pipes ,Fan Life Expectancy 40,000 hours @ 25oC, Now have a look on Dimensions – 236.5 x 129.6 x 161.3 mm (L x W x H) this thing is very big and after seeing all I will still go for water cooling but if u cant look at the maintenance then u should go for any of the 2  monster


Why an Ubuntu Tablet will sell

       Recent times have shown what a tablet pc can do. Apple revolutionized the tablet technology. No matter what the critics,you or me say, the fact and numbers show what they have achieved. 1 million I-pad and there is no stopping them.

Ubuntu For Humans

       Now that the digital industry has seen the market for tablet PC , every company wants to get a share of the market. Hp, I heard, is working on a web-OS version that uses cloud computing to deliver quality services.Nokia has announced that it too is working on a revolutionary tablet. Revolutionary or not they have announced their presence. For all these product there is few critical area that daunts its credibility.

  1. Battery life
  2. Connectivity
  3. Computing power
  4. Apps
  5. looks

Considering these 5 points which i beckon most would agree requires an excellently designed hardware and an OS that can handle the hardware profusely well and this is where an Open Source OS is needed.


There are many tablet OS ‘s like Android and Chrome Os both from Google.Ubuntu has also announced the the release of a tablet version of OS that will be launched by end of 2010.

Why i think Ubuntu might capture the era of tab’s

Open Source Community Support

    Ubuntu’s community is huge with thousands of developers ready to help you to customize Ubuntu.If you want to install Ubuntu for your phone and if Ubuntu is capable of doing so, the community will help you.There is extensive documentation for Ubuntu.

Extensive driver support

    When i installed lucid lynx Ubuntu9.10 i was amazed at the driver support thats available . If there is driver you need they’ve got it. I’m sure anyone who used Ubuntu would know that.

Visual Appeal

    The Tablet version is rumored to have multi-touch capabilities with a new dashboard design that allows you to create a widget based dashboard . Which is very interesting actually . One can put a box of his/her favorite website and get live feeds . Nice.

App Store

     An App store with unlimited free Softwares to make life simpler . No more App Store where i need to pay per click.I personally hope they get a better E-book Management Tool.Since object C code can be run on Ubuntu i presume there will be ability to port Ipad apps to Ubuntu. And since Android is also based on Linux architecture i guess one can port that too to Ubuntu .Humanity for Humans is here Guys.

Its Free

     Its free what more does one need .

Gmail gets an ERROR!


Last time when did you see Google Mail down or an error in it? Don’t remember nah? Even I don’t! Gmail was in beta mode for quite a long time and even longer than it’s parent company Google. Gmail never gave any error in beta too, Google always tried to keep the users happy unlike the Yahoo! Mail who discontinued many their services and later on even filled the Mail pages with silly Adverts, which was also a point for them to lose users and force them to move on.

Well, coming to point.. Last night I came across an error in G Mail, which may irritate the users and force them to move on as the Yahoo! Did by filling silly adverts. First I thought that there’s some problem in Google, but it wasn’t though the problem is in their server only.


Gmail Error
Gmail Error

What is the problem?

I didn’t understand the main problem behind it, perhaps the error is coming because when we log out of our Account it gets redirect to Google accounts ( from Google Mail (, or is not getting redirected properly. I tried what’s my Firefox is saying, but believe me it won’t work.


STOP using Gmail till Google fixes it. 😛