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Nokia 5230 Firmware Update: Swipe to Unlock, a New Browser & Internet Radio

Good news for Nokia 5230 users. Nokia has rolled out a new software update which comes with some amazing add-ons like “Swipe to Unlock” , Internet Radio, an awesome web browser , Kinetic scrolling, improved camera performance and more..

Swipe to Unlock

People who upgraded their phone to the newest firmware are pretty much excited about the “Swipe to Unlock” feature where the user is just required to swipe around the screen to unlock phone.The “Swipe” feature in Nokia has been heard in recent announcement of Nokia N9- The buttonless phone.

A good surprise for those who upgraded to latest nokia firmware

An Awesome Browser

(with minimal HTML5 support)

You cannot believe if this is your default Nokia browser. The Upgrade comes with NokiaBrowser/ with a major UI update, easier navigation, html5 support and more. I rate this browser the best among all the other previous releases. New color schemes, simple, opening multiple windows is a big plus!

Internet Radio


An Optional update for this firmware. Though the Internet Radio requires some extra space, it is an awesome thing one could ever imagine. The radio stations can be played so swiftly on handset, blends it very natively to your phone. Internet Radio is equipped over thousand internet radio stations across world. Plays with a good quality sound, works well even on basic GPRS connection..

Facebook and Ovi Maps optional upgrade are also available with this firmware.


The Update to cannot be made OTA(Over the air), one has to upgrade using ‘Nokia Software Updater’ from PC..

Dial *#0000# on your handset and click on “check for updates” to start with.

Expected Question: How to Use Swipe to Unlock feature in Nokia 5230 (latest firmware

Answer: When the phone is locked, click on the “Menu” hard key and then a big digital clock with a swipe option pops up.. swipe on it to unlock the phone.

Easy, Interesting and Exciting. Isn’t it? Nokia is getting better and better. What say?


Flash Vs HTML5

Google Swiffy Introduced: Flash “out” HTML5 “in”

With the introduction of Google+, Google also introduced its new Flash to HTML5 converter on Tuesday. This creation is the work of a very young, energetic and passionate Googler known as Pieter Senster.

Google Swiffy Labs

According to this software, it can convert Flash animation files known as .SWF into fully functional HTML5 files. As we know Flash is very important to us. All the videos we watch on YouTube and other internet players are Flash related content, so with the introduction of this technology people can now watch videos without installing the Flash plugin, like iPhones and iPads which do not support Flash.


Speaking in Technobabble, simply feed the Swiffy converter with a .swf file and the result is a JSON file rendered with the help of SVG and a bit of HTML5 and CSS3. Modern browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari reads the converted files as Javascript and renders the content smoothly to you. Take a look at some of the demo content here at Swiffy Galleria.

Maybe you would have also heard a similar Flash to HTML5 converting tool developed by Adobe and only known as Wallaby. But Google claims that Swiffy has lot more advantages than Wallaby. Some of the primary being Swiffy can convert .swf files whereas Wallaby only focuses on .fla file conversion. Also Wallaby’s converted file can easily be edited whereas Swiffy’s files are very hard to breakthrough. For a more deeper review refer to FAQ over here.

Don’t forget to visit Swiffy Labs. Time for your comment! You can also submit your creations over here.

Why should “Chaaps” move to HTML5?

HTML5 is the language of web in 2011. With the advent of latest browsers like IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome 10; the developers have got a boost to create multimedia enabled web pages with ease.

The website designers have slowly realized the importance and efficiency of HTML5 based web pages. If one just performs a Google search on “Top HTML5 websites”, s/he will come across a variety of sites which have had a complete makeover. One among them is Agent8Ball

This interactive website allows you to play a free game of pool without registration. All this without flash! This magic is created by HTML5. Though still under the evolution and development process, HTML5 is a rich and colourful language.
“Chaaps” has been presenting technology blogs from quite a long time. Moving to HTMLL5 would not only increase the readability of the site, but would also increase the viewership of the site. Some of the advantages of moving to HTML5 are as follows:
1. Rich graphics,
2. Easy Multimedia support,
3. Faster page loading,
4. Easy to embed panes, divs and pictures.

Someone said correctly “A picture speaks more than a thousand words”. A website without photos is as dumb as a toilet without a commode (pun intended). HTML5 would not only allow easy picture embedding, but also encourage flexibility in terms of movement of pictures across frames.
Keeping all this in mind, it is highly recommended that “Chaaps” be made a rich, interactive and multimedia enabled website.

Way to go “Chaaps”!

[A Birthday Candy] Google gets a HTML5 logo

Link: Google USGoogle UK

Google can also be called the god of Internet. Google has always been coming up with different new logos and doodles and today we hit our eyes on one of it’s best.

Google HTML5 logo
Google implements HTML5 in its logo

Chaaps loves HTML5 since long. Now Google also love HTML5. Yes, you guessed it right – Google’s logo is, today, controlled by HTML5: Wherever you take your mouse pointer, the particles of the Google logo moves away from it.

Java: Case-sensitive :: Google: Mouse-sensitive

Something special? According to my guesses, this is probably Google’s 12th birthday celebrations – supposed to be on September 4th, 7th or 27th.
Maybe or maybe not; But however, we’ll wish Google a very happy birthday.

Note: This doodle/logo is up and running only in Google US and Google UK.

I am sure you’d like this new logo. By the way, you can use the comment box to wish Google a Happy birthday. 🙂

3 Websites to find HTML5 Experiments

3 Websites to find Amazing HTML5 Experiments

Nowadays, HTML5 is riding over on flash. Against us? Rise your voice in the comments then.

It’s been quite a while since we discussed about Google switching to HTML5 view, but is it all about HTML5?
No, obviously.

Day-by-day we hear new projects and experiments in HTML5 via blogs, social networks, etc.,
But do we have a  particular place where only HTML5 is the Talk?
Yes, certainly.

Here we bring three of the most impressive HTML5 experiment galleries:

1. Chrome Experiments

Originally created as a platform to advertise and make Google Chrome popular. But now it has turned out to be one of the greatest HTML5, Canvas and SVG experiments gallery. The main advantage here is you can submit your own HTML5 experiment here.

Chrome Experiments
Chrome Experiments

Link: Chrome Experiments

2. Mr. Doob

In contrast to Chrome Experiments which has a li’l deal with Canvas and SVG, Mr. Doob is solely dedicated to Mr. Doob‘s HTML5 experiments. I personally like Mr. Doob more than Chrome Experiments and

Mr. Doob
Mr. Doob

Link: Mr. Doob


A collection of HTML5 experiments powered by Hakim El Hattab. Worth giving a try.


They were a few HTML5 collections that I was impressed by. Among the three, which one you lik’d the most? Or do let us know if you know about a better collection of HTML5 experiments, that is not included in the list.


GMail to Use the Power of HTML5


HTML5 is Emerging! Google is Promoting HTML5 Standard in a big Way!
Soon Google’s Web based Email Service “Gmail” will be rendered in HTML5!

Quick Note:
How HTML5 in Gmail can make a difference

  • Speed of loading and execution time of Gmail will be enhanced with the implementation of HTML5 Standard
  • Loading Time of Gmail to go Under 1 Second!
  • Document Object Model (DOM) , will be eliminated if Gmail is used in HTML5 Supported browser.
  • New Feature, One can Drag Files to Gmail from Desktop
  • Makes use of HTML5’s database standards for email services (presently, it makes use of Google Gears)
  • Magic iFrame, which allows a user to view a part of a web page which in a frame and has a functionality to Render there and one could pull out into a New browser.

So Are you Excited to See Your Brand New HTML5 Gmail?


7 New form field types <input type> Implemented in HTML5 [Tutorial]

Things are Moving Fast! Lets Learn some HTML5!
Today we will learn some Basic Things in HTML5. We Will discuss on some of the New form field types which are implemented in HTML5. Form Field types can be classified into Dedicated UI and Input Validation.

“Dedicated UI” as the Term says it is dedicated and can be used anywhere you like… here are 3 New Form field Types which comes under “Dedicated UI”


<input type=’range’ min=’0′ max=’50’ value=’0′ />

Using Range as Input type we are defining some range with attributes min and max.. Set your Own Values for Min and Max to lengthen or shorten the Range. One Could Scroll horizontally to move pointer between Min and Max!


<input results=’10’ type=’search’ />

Get a Search Box of your Own declaring the input type as search


<input type=’text’ placeholder=’Search inside’ />

This defines some default text(place holder) in a search box.

To Learn 4 Other New form field types of HTML5 which belongs to Input Validation type lets have a look at this Code Snippet

Now Learning one by one


<input type=’color’ />

Using color as a input type you can type in your own colors to validate the form


<input type=’number’ />

if you type in wrong inputs other than number, a “red” color is highlighted as per the code!

<input type=’email’ />

Define email id using emailid input type during form validation.

<input type=’tel’ />

Adding Telephone number as Input type for form Validation!

Hope This Tutorial helped you to learn some basic things in HTML5! Lots More Coming Up, Subscribe to our feeds to get Notified

PS: Try This Only in HTML5 Supported Browser!