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“Touch Meets Type” – The New Blackberry Bold 9900 Commercial


Blackberry Bold 9900 is out with brand new Blackberry 7.0 OS. The New blackberry bold 9900 stands out of the box by offering “Touch and Type” facility for its users.

The brand new TV commercial which got launched recently says it all..


Blackberry Torch 2 leaked

Blackberry Torch 2 leaked: RIM says its better than Torch

Just hours before, we spotted new documents regarding a possible announcement of the Blackberry Torch 2 smartphone of RIM (Research In Motion) technologies on the FCC website. The model number listed as RDM71UW is undoubtedly the Torch 2.

BlackBerry Torch 2 slim

OK, lets get down to the point. The major changes you will see in this version of Torch i.e. the Torch 2 are as listed below:

  • Screen size is 3.2 inches delivering a 640×480 resolution whereas the Blackberry Torch 9800 was a 480×360 resolution one.
  • It gives you a 1.2 GHz processor (still single-core) with 768 MB of RAM compared to a mere 624 MHz processor speed seen in its predecessor.
  • Runs the latest Blackberry OS 6.1 whereas Torch ran a 6.0. Folks at RIM already deemed 6.1 as a “major upgrade“. Lets see what 6.1 packs in this time.
  • You get enough storage facility this time. Blackberry Torch 2 boasts of a 8GB ¬†internal memory and a 32GB external memory, expandable with the help of a microSD card.
  • 5 megapixel camera with Autofocus and LED Flash integrated. Records videos in HD i.e. 1280×720 resolution.
  • Other great features you could expect are Bluetooth 2.1, NFC integration (which is huge), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Quad-band GSM, Tri-band HSDPA, WCDMA II and V bands compatible, Accelerometer, Magnetometer (digital compass), Proximity Sensor and an Ambient Light sensor.

BlackBerry Torch 2 5MP camera

Watch the hands-on video below to get a first hand look on the latest Blackberry Torch 2.

For a full list of specifications refer to this guide.

engadget has managed to perform a complete review and pass a verdict of this product, please visit here to view it.

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RIM playbook to get facebook app with video chat?

Apple’s first ever tablet, iPad was warmly welcomed all around the world. So was iPad 2. But android lovers couldn’t keep mum for long time and hence, came up with the android tablets. In fact, studies show Android will have the upper hand in the tablet market by 2014. Having said that, Blackberry’s playbook has high expectations and, it seems, they are all heart to fulfill them.

For instance, take this. This post by socialtimes makes it clear to us that the facebook app for Blackberry playbook will have video chat. Also, point to be noted, RIM is the developer of Playbook’s facebook app. This being awesome, there’s an awful part as well. Few features like groups and events are probably absent; probably.

Catch a glimpse:

Facebook for playbook

Source: Blackberry’s press release.

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Mobile Wars [Part 1]: History of Mobile Industry

Mobile Wars is a special experiment on chaaps where we discuss on topic Mobile Wars extensively, This Series of articles is authored by Siddhu

The mobile industry is heading in an odd direction today. It seems like just yesterday developers were actively developing Symbian when all of a sudden Nokia announced that Symbian will no longer be supported. The result was a sad developer community. Many of the Symbian developers did not know where to go. The mobile market is a shifting market after all.

This is a sequel series that’ll cover the details about the mobile industry, present standards and future standards. By the end of this sequel you should be able to tell the pros and cons of each and every mobile platform and even judge on whether the present standards will remain a standard or whether newer technologies will replace them.

History is often boring. You do not need to know the history of anything except something that’ll give you a better understanding of today’s technology. That’s what this post will aim at.

There’s a really long history about the mobile industry. But most notably there are three stories worth telling:

  • Apple
  • Research In Motion(RIM)
  • Nokia


In January 2007 Apple had announced that computers were no longer their prime focus. Instead, the focus was on what Steve Jobs referred to as the “Post-PC” period. Steve Jobs stated that the smaller devices were now capable of delivering the performance that computers one day used to deliver. He was right, he saw the future of the mobile industry before anyone else. Apple was known for its hardware that was always at top-notch. It wanted to bring the Apple quality outside PCs into the mobile world.


Research In Motion, a Canadian company, was beginning work on enterprise solutions. They could not make the top-notch hardware like Apple, but yet they could provide enterprise solutions in software extending it only to their hardware. The Blackberry Enterprise Server was thus born. This allowed all blackberry devices to push and pull email quickly from the company’s mail servers. This was fairly new technology to the mobile industry and only RIM mastered it at the moment. Companies and organisations immediately adopted the Blackberry Enterprise Server as a standard as it was not only blazing fast but also secure and ran in compliance with office mail servers.


Nokia, primarily a handset manufacturer, was the first company to produce high quality low priced devices in the market. This let them gain market share easily. To improve Nokia products further, it joined forces with a few other companies to form Symbian – the mobile Operating System that had a majority of the market share till 2011. By deploying Symbian on their phones, Nokia rose high among the ranks and competed with the big companies such as Apple and RIM.

It should be clear why Apple, RIM and Nokia have a leading role in the mobile industry. Its because they’ve specialized in either the hardware or software or maybe even both. Or maybe its just because they were early in the game. Whatever be it the case, what’s really important to grasp from this article is the fact that just these three companies have been dominating the mobile market for quite a while.

In the next post in this sequel I’ll give a brief introduction to the problems related to hardware and software and even introduce you to the ARM architecture. Then you’ll clearly understand how Java helps solve this problem and united the whole of the mobile industry together.

Next Article: The rise of Java as a standard(coming soon)……

BlackBerry Torch aka BlackBerry 9800 is Out! Price: $200 with AT&T


BlackBerry’s First ever Phone which Supports Both Touch and QWERTY Keypad is Released! BlackBerry Torch 9800 is Now a HAPPENING News across the World.. A Must have Phone for Blackberry Addicts which has QWERTY Slider… What About the Price? Blackberry 9800 is now Exclusively Available with AT&T for Just $200 USD with a 2 Years Contract..

Have a Look at The Photos of Blackberry Torch 9800

The Blackberry Torch Makes Use of 6th Version of Blackberry Operating System: BlackBerry 6 OS.. A Very Revolutionary Phone Introduced by RIM which is The First Sliding Phone and has BOTH Touch Screen and QWERTY facilities.. Complete Features and Specs in Next Post.

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