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BitDefender 2012 beta version is out. Grab it now!

BitDefender just released its newest and latest antivirus software for all, the BitDefender Total Security 2012. But the antivirus is still in beta. Lets quickly list out the new features which will force you to make the change.

Bitdefender 2012 next gen antivirus

1. Autopilot – This feature is the same one seen in the G-Data antivirus. It takes decisions for you without any manual intervention. No pop-ups, no alerts, nothing to configure.

2. Scan Dispatcher – This feature intelligently performs a scan of your system when PC usage falls below a certain level and pauses it when usage is maximum or above normal.

3. Rescue Mode – Sometimes hidden viruses are very adamant and thus become very tough to remove, which is what we call as rootkits. When this situation occurs BitDefender switches the system into Rescue mode where they can be wiped clean.

4. Streamlined installation – This is less of a feature and more of a plus point to the antivirus. With this, the installation speed of the antivirus is greatly increased. BitDefender claims 2012 version takes half the time to install than its previous version.

5. Online Backup+Cloud integration – All the files of your BitDefender products are safely uploaded to the BitDefender servers. This way if there is an outbreak next time you can safely rollback to the files sitting on the servers. Currently BitDefender Total Security 2012 offers you a free plan of 2GB storage space.

6. File Sync – Synchronize all your files from one computer to another or a whole workstation. Changes made to one system are automatically applied to other systems.

7. Smart interface – Most frequently accessed items are automatically visible on the main window. So that next time you want a specific task done you don’t have to navigate all the way where the component is located.

8. Social Networking+ – We see a lot of links on the various social networking sites. Have you thought that some of them are spam and are deliberately put there for you to get affected? BitDefender now scans all your links on Facebook and Twitter so that you can surf without any worries.

Bitdefender 2012 Beta

NEW INTERFACE (Bonus Feature) – BitDefender has completely revamped the user interface. It now features a XBOX 360 like alert circle. Lighting system is bright and next-gen type. The design is clean and smooth. Don’t worry it wont hog your system resources, it is light and silent!

DOWNLOAD the beta and see for yourself. (NOTE: The antivirus is still in beta mode, use it at your own risk)

Drop in all your comments and tell us what you think of the new BitDefender 2012! Will you make the change?

[News] Are you a victim of Computer Face?


I am pretty sure you may be thinking if it is a new XSS attack on a website just like Twitter and Orkut had, but it isn’t! It is even worse! It’s a disease, a geeky disease!

Being hunched over computers, women especially are sagging jaws and deep set wrinkles that are likely to show premature signs of agenting, a cosmetic surgeon has identified this phenomenon as ‘Computer Face’.


  • If you are one of the unfortunate who has to work 24 x 7 on a computer, then you will sure end up with inevitably wrinkles.
  • And if you work on a laptop, Mac, then it is quite true that you spend most of the time looking down, your muscles will get shorten and go saggy, may giving you a second neck!

Michael Prajer, who is a botox specialist warned the problem is set to get even worse as generation grows up using computers throughout their working life.


Well, we would suggest if you can leave your work for some days, then take a break or else put a mirror next to your computer so, you can see if you are frowning at screen.
Seriously it is something that we can’t ignore as we bloggers also do the same and may get. What do you think? Any solution that you would like to recommend? Drop it down!


Advanced System Care: The tool that every Windows user MUST have

Today I left my computer along to come back to see half my quota was used. After doing some diagnoses to find out why an unknown binary file was running. After overcoming this I thought it was time to install some type of software that can help me avoid this from happening again.

After asking people on various forums what tool is the best to remove even the littlest to biggest security threats the most reccomended tool was Advanced System Care.

Advanced system care has 3 useful options for you to run on your computer. The three options of the course are to:

Advanced SystemCare
Advanced SystemCare

1. Maintain Windows

This runs (if all options selected) a spyware Removal Tool, Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep and Junk Files Clean. These tools help maintain windows to the best ability possible. It helps remove files that aren’t needed and remove files that are a risk to your system.

2. Diagnose System

This runs (if all options selected) System Optimization, Security Defense, Disk Fragment, and Security Analyzer. This is the best tool out of the three. It help me find over ten thousands virus’s and threats that my normal internet security agent hasn’t.

3. Manage Utilities

This contains various tools to help optimize and find viruses, malwares and Trojan horses on your computer.

This tool is light-weighted and now my computer is running faster than ever. This wonderful tool has been downloaded over 45 million times by different people over the world [via CNET].

Link: Download Advanced System Care

What’s your take on Advanced System care? Do let me know what’s the tool that you use to take care of your PC.