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Opera Mini and enable easy access to fashionable brands


Opera Mini is one of the most popular mobile browsers in India. It works on most mobile handsets, varying from basic Java phones to the newest smartphones. It features advanced compression technology, which shrinks webpages to as little as 10% of their original size, helping users save on data charges tremendously. This data compression also leads to faster page-loading, even in bad network conditions, making it a great companion for users on the go.

op1op2 is one of India’s largest e-commerce stores for fashion and lifestyle products. With the new Speed Dial entry, Opera Mini users will now be just a click away from, helping them choose from more than 70,000 styles spanning over 700 fashion labels across apparel, footwear and accessories. And, to make their shopping experience even better, offers great benefits like cash on delivery and a 30-day exchange / returns policy.

Sunil Kamath, Vice President for South Asia at Opera Software, says, “Online shopping is becoming all the rage in India today. Each day, more and more of our users are spending time on online shopping portals, and the fashion & apparel segment is becoming one of the most popular attractions. With this in mind, I’m sure that our users will love having Myntra on their Speed Dial. Opera Mini’s data compression technology will, of course, ensure that they can breeze through browsing the thousands of Myntra’s top-of-the-line fashion products, without worrying about their internet bills.”


Commenting on the partnership, Prasad Kompalli, Chief Revenue Officer at Myntra, said, “Everyone loves surfing and shopping on their mobile phones these days. At present, almost 35% of our revenue comes from mobile web browsing, which I believe will soon be the next big driver for e-commerce in India. In fact, mobile internet has made it possible for us to connect with new consumers in smaller cities and towns, where phones are the primary means to access the web.”

Myntra’s Kompalli adds, “Opera Mini is one of the most popular mobile browsers in India, with millions of users across diverse parts of the country. We are confident that our presence on Opera Mini’s Speed Dial will help us reach many new users and bring them closer to our brand.”


Apple iOS version 5.1.1 patches serious iOS Security Bugs

Apple came with an iOS update this Monday and have urged its all iOS users to update their devices immediately. The iOS 5.1.1 patch fixes 3 serious security issues found in the existing devices, mostly browser based bugs.

According to Apples website, the updated iOS  version 5.1.1 will work on iPhone 3GS, iPhon 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (3rd generation and later), as well as the iPad, iPad 2, and new iPad, the problem with this devices is that screens sometimes crack after little accidents so is necessary to get iPhone cracked Screen replacements.

However,  jailbroken devices  can also update to iOS 5.1.1 excluding newer devices like iPhone 4S, the iPad 2, and the iPad which came after the iPad 2.

One address bar spoofing bug and 2 webkit browser based bugs are addressed in this security update, since many people are already upset that their phones doesn’t work as they should and have taken them to repair services as iFix iBuy to try to fix this problem.

Of course, if you’re on an Android device you probably dont care much for this update, but do take a minute to consider if your phone or tablet is safe and secure. Google also pushes updates on its firmware, but not as much as Apple. So if you are interested in a more secure device, you might want to Buy Apple iPhone 4s.

Firefox 7 beta released

Firefox 7 goes into Beta! Promises 50% less memory usage

Mozilla released Firefox 6 just 2 days ago and pushed its Firefox 7 from Aurora build to the Beta phase on the same day. Firefox 7 Beta is now available from download from Mozilla’s update channel.

Firefox 7 goes from aurora to beta

Key improvements in Firefox 7 is its minimal memory usage. As we all know, Firefox 6 hogs down your memory considerably. I myself have tested it out by opening multiple tabs on Firefox and checking the memory consumption rate. When it takes 1,00,000K amount of memory for just 2 tabs, you can predict at what pace the memory rate will jump when 3 or more tabs are open.

This is why Mozilla team is introducing the MemShrink project with the release of Firefox 7. A project solely concentrated to clean out the memory leaks and crashes seen in the Firefox browsers. Mozilla team is claiming that it is getting successful results.

Developer of Mozilla, Nicholas Nethercote quoted on his blog,

“Firefox 7 uses less memory than Firefox 6 (and 5 and 4): often 20% to 30% less, and sometimes as much as 50% less. In particular, Firefox 7′s memory usage will stay steady if you leave it running overnight, and it will free up more memory when you close many tabs.”

Other great features to be expected in Firefox 7 are:

  • Azure Direct2D for Canvas which renders canvas based animations in HTML5 smoothly.
  • Improved Javascript Garbage collector.
  • Firefox Sync is faster now which means all your passwords and bookmarks will be synchronized instantly.
  • New add-on to be introduced called as Telemetry which allows users to send performance data to Firefox developers.

Firefox 7 is destined to be released this September 27. But for other anxious people who can’t wait, here is the Beta download link.

Firefox 7 beta in review

I think Firefox 7 will be a good news for everybody and since Mozilla has introduced this rapid updates we will be seeing a new version of Firefox released every 6 weeks. I am very excited for its release. Are you?

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facebook and twitter on Google+

Make Google+ all in one: Cross post to Facebook, Twitter

A Blogger and a computer programmer who goes by the name Zane Claes has developed a nice handy extension for the Google Chrome browser. It is called as Start G+. Basically what the extension does is, it allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter directly from Google+.

Start Google+ interface

You just have to authorize the extension from Google+ and then you are good to go.

Here are some of the top features of this extension:

  • Gather your Facebook and Twitter streams seamlessly into the Google+ stream. The stream includes all videos, photos and links which are normally shared on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Automatically share updates and post contents to Facebook and Twitter when shared on Google+. This makes your content visible on all three social networks simultaneously, therefore no need to waste time switching from Google+ to Facebook and vice versa.
  • The extension also adds a small Gmail notifier onto the top bar. Clicking it will reveal all your unread e-mail instantly.
  • ZDNet has brought to our light a very cute app which can be used after installing this application i.e. Convert Facebook to Google+. With this app you can easily sync all your photos to Google+ and share them with your Google+ friends!

Post by Gautam Doddamani

If you want to check out other cool features of this extension please refer to this nice article on ZDNet by Emil.

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Nokia 5230 Firmware Update: Swipe to Unlock, a New Browser & Internet Radio

Good news for Nokia 5230 users. Nokia has rolled out a new software update which comes with some amazing add-ons like “Swipe to Unlock” , Internet Radio, an awesome web browser , Kinetic scrolling, improved camera performance and more..

Swipe to Unlock

People who upgraded their phone to the newest firmware are pretty much excited about the “Swipe to Unlock” feature where the user is just required to swipe around the screen to unlock phone.The “Swipe” feature in Nokia has been heard in recent announcement of Nokia N9- The buttonless phone.

A good surprise for those who upgraded to latest nokia firmware

An Awesome Browser

(with minimal HTML5 support)

You cannot believe if this is your default Nokia browser. The Upgrade comes with NokiaBrowser/ with a major UI update, easier navigation, html5 support and more. I rate this browser the best among all the other previous releases. New color schemes, simple, opening multiple windows is a big plus!

Internet Radio


An Optional update for this firmware. Though the Internet Radio requires some extra space, it is an awesome thing one could ever imagine. The radio stations can be played so swiftly on handset, blends it very natively to your phone. Internet Radio is equipped over thousand internet radio stations across world. Plays with a good quality sound, works well even on basic GPRS connection..

Facebook and Ovi Maps optional upgrade are also available with this firmware.


The Update to cannot be made OTA(Over the air), one has to upgrade using ‘Nokia Software Updater’ from PC..

Dial *#0000# on your handset and click on “check for updates” to start with.

Expected Question: How to Use Swipe to Unlock feature in Nokia 5230 (latest firmware

Answer: When the phone is locked, click on the “Menu” hard key and then a big digital clock with a swipe option pops up.. swipe on it to unlock the phone.

Easy, Interesting and Exciting. Isn’t it? Nokia is getting better and better. What say?


Flash Vs HTML5

Google Swiffy Introduced: Flash “out” HTML5 “in”

With the introduction of Google+, Google also introduced its new Flash to HTML5 converter on Tuesday. This creation is the work of a very young, energetic and passionate Googler known as Pieter Senster.

Google Swiffy Labs

According to this software, it can convert Flash animation files known as .SWF into fully functional HTML5 files. As we know Flash is very important to us. All the videos we watch on YouTube and other internet players are Flash related content, so with the introduction of this technology people can now watch videos without installing the Flash plugin, like iPhones and iPads which do not support Flash.


Speaking in Technobabble, simply feed the Swiffy converter with a .swf file and the result is a JSON file rendered with the help of SVG and a bit of HTML5 and CSS3. Modern browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari reads the converted files as Javascript and renders the content smoothly to you. Take a look at some of the demo content here at Swiffy Galleria.

Maybe you would have also heard a similar Flash to HTML5 converting tool developed by Adobe and only known as Wallaby. But Google claims that Swiffy has lot more advantages than Wallaby. Some of the primary being Swiffy can convert .swf files whereas Wallaby only focuses on .fla file conversion. Also Wallaby’s converted file can easily be edited whereas Swiffy’s files are very hard to breakthrough. For a more deeper review refer to FAQ over here.

Don’t forget to visit Swiffy Labs. Time for your comment! You can also submit your creations over here.


Firefox 5 released: Overview of Pros and Cons

Firefox 5 stable version has just been released yesterday. Here is a overview of what new features you will be seeing in this new browser.


For starters, after you download and install the browser, you will notice no major change has been done to the interface. It still carries the good old Firefox 4 look. Now lets jot down the pros and cons and you yourself decide whether you really want to upgrade to 5 or not!


  • Do-Not-Track feature is taken care of and is easily accessible via the preferences section allowing a greater deal of control over cookie storage.
  • Browsing the web is a lot faster compared to the previous version. According to a test conducted at PCW, Firefox 5 even beat Chrome  and Opera in terms of both speed and efficiency. Firefox 5 continued to work smoothly even with 25 websites opened.
  • Firefox 5 has fixed many major bugs like HTTP idle connection bug. It has also added extra level of security to its Web-based Graphic Library. Improved support for HTML5, Javascript and CSS animations. Additional support of the new iPv6 protocol.


  • No major change in its interface. Carries the same GUI as seen in its predecessor.
  • Add-on incompatibility. Many add-ons are  not supported in Firefox 5. I myself checked out that the Google Toolbar extension had been automatically disabled because of incompatibilty.
  • Hogs a large amount of memory in a Linux environment resulting in a slow and draggy performance. I have tested the new Firefox 5 stable build on Ubuntu only to find out thats it still hangs off on me.


I give Firefox 5  an OK for a upgrade. Yes there are a few minor bugs, but i think the Pros section holds a stronger stand than the Cons. Firefox 5 also features a new Add-on SDK kit which will prove a lot helpful for the add-on developers.


Also Mozilla is claiming Firefox 5 to be the first browser to debut the Rapid release cycle giving out many browser updates  over the year.

Download Mozilla Firefox 5.0 for Windows!

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Mozilla’s New Feature Will Lessen the Likelihood of “Invasion of Privacy” Lawsuits

Mozilla Firefox has made a respectable stride in dealing with the issue of behavioral targeting with their new “do not track” setting. The practice of behavioral targeting entails tracking the activity of internet users, and then tailoring advertisements to their browser based off of their activity. This practice has angered many legal experts, who assert that such conduct is an invasion of one’s privacy. For those who many not know, “invasion of privacy” is a legal cause of action from which one may claim damages.

In response to such an accusation, many sites claimed that there was an “opt-out” option where users could avoid having their online activities tracked. The problem with this was that this “opt-out” option was never heavily promoted. If people do not know about an option, they are not likely to use it. Therefore, the activity of most online users was tracked, despite this apparent “opt-out” option.

What Mozilla has added with their Mozilla Firefox 4 is a “do not track” (DNT) feature in the browser’s heading. This way, it is visible feature for all to use. When a user enables the DNT feature, the option is exercised via the HTTP address, which in turn informs servers that a user does not want to be tracked. Earlier, “do not track” options were dependant on cookies. By going through the HTTP address, Mozilla has provided a more convenient and effective way for its users to not be tracked.

Not only has Mozilla provided a more convenient solution for its users to avoid being targeted, but it has also made a respectable effort to appease the fears of legal experts. When the upheaval regarding behavioral targeting first arose within the legal community, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) formed. The DAA was created to devise a self-regulatory program so that people’s online privacy would not be invaded. Mozilla has now proposed to the DAA to include their new feature as a part of their self-regulatory program. This is a great proposition. With the introduction of such a feature, less people will be tracked, which will lead to less lawsuits stemming from the invasion of privacy cause of action. All in all, it is a win-win situation.

Editor’s note: Neha Sareen is a regular contributor to LegalMatch and the LegalMatch Law Blog.

Why should “Chaaps” move to HTML5?

HTML5 is the language of web in 2011. With the advent of latest browsers like IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome 10; the developers have got a boost to create multimedia enabled web pages with ease.

The website designers have slowly realized the importance and efficiency of HTML5 based web pages. If one just performs a Google search on “Top HTML5 websites”, s/he will come across a variety of sites which have had a complete makeover. One among them is Agent8Ball

This interactive website allows you to play a free game of pool without registration. All this without flash! This magic is created by HTML5. Though still under the evolution and development process, HTML5 is a rich and colourful language.
“Chaaps” has been presenting technology blogs from quite a long time. Moving to HTMLL5 would not only increase the readability of the site, but would also increase the viewership of the site. Some of the advantages of moving to HTML5 are as follows:
1. Rich graphics,
2. Easy Multimedia support,
3. Faster page loading,
4. Easy to embed panes, divs and pictures.

Someone said correctly “A picture speaks more than a thousand words”. A website without photos is as dumb as a toilet without a commode (pun intended). HTML5 would not only allow easy picture embedding, but also encourage flexibility in terms of movement of pictures across frames.
Keeping all this in mind, it is highly recommended that “Chaaps” be made a rich, interactive and multimedia enabled website.

Way to go “Chaaps”!

Google all set to unveil Body Browser that maps out Human Body

Google is on its way to unveil a new browser that can map the entire human body.

Google Body Browser a 3D hightech application is a breakthrough the study of anatomy that could increase people’s understanding of the human body and even fast track media research.

At the WebGL Camp at SRI, Google’s WebGL team demoed a Web3D medical application called Google Body Browser, which lets us explore the human body just like how you can explore the Google Earth.

In 2007 , Google introduced another application called Street View which provides panoramic views from various positions along many streets in the world. Google Body Browser comes out with the introduction of the Internet Technology called WebGL that will allow complex 3D graphics to be used on normal web pages.

Flash, Java or any other plugins are not required for this application.  this application can completely run on any WebGL supported browser.

WebGL is not enabled by default in chrome 8. Type about:flags in the address bar, click “Enable” next to ‘WebGL” and then click on “Restart now”. Where as WebGL is enabled by default in Chrome 9 Dev channel, Chrome Canary Build and Firefox 4 Beta.WebGL is expected to become standard in new versions of most Internet browsers, including Firefox, to be released next year. This technology will be very much helpful in the anatomical education.

Google Body Browser: Visit


Alexa for your Favorite Browser


Since the foundation of Alexa was laid in 1996, It has been a major factor on which the popularity of a website depends upon. According to Alexa:

In addition to the Alexa Crawl, which can tell us what is on the Web, Alexa utilizes web usage information, which tells us what is being seen on the web. This information comes from the community of Alexa Toolbar users. Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, is giving back. Simply by using the toolbar each member contributes valuable information about the web, how it is used, what is important and what is not. This information is returned to the community with improved Related Links, Traffic Rankings and more. The Alexa toolbar is a program written by Alexa Internet that users install into the browser. Every time the user changes pages, the Alexa toolbar communicates with Alexa servers to retrieve information which is then displayed in the toolbar.

Today, three most popular browsers across the web are, undoubtedly: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. That’s why Alexa offers an extension/toolbar to only these three Browsers.

Alexa for Internet Explorer

Alexa for Internet Explorer
Alexa for Internet Explorer

Link: Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Alexa for Mozilla Firefox

Alexa for Firefox
Alexa Toolbar/Status-bar for Firefox

Link: Alexa for Mozilla Firefox

Alexa for Google Chrome

Alexa for Google chrome
Alexa extension for Google Chrome

Link: Alexa for Google chrome

Bonus: Alexa for Opera [Not Official]

Haven’t you yet submitted your site to Alexa? Do it now!

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Twitter birds

5 extensions to tweet right from Google chrome

Are you one among the few who hate the new twitter or are you just lazy to go to the twitter website? Then these extensions can Give you a great helping hand!

Twitter birds

Chromed Bird

To be summarized, Chromed Bird is simply A better alternative to the twitter web. It is more or less having the functions of Twitter web but in the shape of an extension.

Link: Chromed bird


No more rule that you must see the tweetmeme button only in blogs, Now they can invade your address bar too! Go grab the extension and make the use of a very well-known twitter client. What I love about tweetmeme is I can tweet my heart out as well as make use of the URL shortener
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Link: Tweetmeme


Want to share a link? Hit the Hootlet button, and automatically, the URL is shortened and text is grabbed from the site. You can also schedule your messages to get sent at a later date, or as a draft.

Link: Hootsuite for Google Chrome

This something which most of you didn’t know. The updated version of URL shortener’s extension allows you to tweet. But before you can tweet you must go to the options and enable it.Updating twitter status from extension

Link: URL shortener

Twitter Bookmarklet

Most of us would have forgotten this method of tweeting just because of the advent of add-ons and extensions. At least I did, in the beginning. What’s special about the official twitter Bookmarklet is that it is the only way so far to use links in your posts other than the tweet button.

Link: Get twitter Bookmarklet

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