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Blogger app for iOS devices realeased

Blogger iPhone app now available! Now blog through your Apple device

Google just released its Blogger app for iOS devices. You can now blog on Google’s Blogger platform through your iPhone and iPod. The app got released just yesterday as stated on Google’s official blog post.

Blogger app for iphone welcome screen

According to Google, you can now create and publish new posts right from the app. You can also edit posts which you created earlier through your computer. The modified part will automatically be synced to all your apple devices and you will always get the latest version of the post when you sign in to your blogger account.

Blogger app for iphone screenshot-1 Blogger app for iphone screenshot-2

Apart from creating and editing posts, the app also gives you the facility to add photos, labels and location information to your posts. Adding photos slightly got easier in the Blogger app for iPhone. You can now capture pics and link them directly to your posts all from within the app. There’s no need to leave the app to capture a pic. You can even attach pics from your gallery.

The app is available to download for Apple iOS devices 3.2 or later at the iTunes official store. If you are an Android-ian then don’t forget to check out the Blogger app for Android devices.

Comment and share your views about the new Blogger app for iPhone! Do you like the app?

via Gizmodo



WordPress Tooltip – Pop a cute tip for your readers!

Bloggers are under a lot of pressure these days. There being a lot of competition around, every blogger thinks to try out something different in his blog every now and then to increase his readers and maintain his Google PR.

Some of us can’t handle pressure and just exhaust out of options and then the blog sits somewhere in the corner waiting to get noticed by a passer-by. And then there are some, who try out a lot to modify and add interactivity to their blog, and finally those “some” do get noticed. Here is another plugin *SPOILER ALERT* (not “another”) that one plugin which really makes your blog stand out of the crowd. Yes, i am talking about the WordPress Tooltip.


Developed by Muhammad Haris, this plugin gives you a cute little tooltip when you hover over text or links on your post. Tooltips are designed to give the reader a short description on the content being hovered upon. So what are you waiting for, download this plugin right now and activate it.

After activation. the next time you write a post, there will be a small tooltip icon added to your post editor kinda like a small bubble. Just click it and a pop-up box will appear giving you fields where you can enter tooltip content, text and url to be shown when a reader hovers. Finally click Add a Tooltip to save your changes. If you are a code-savvy person, you can also implement this functionality by adding a shortcode in your post instead of using the lightbox:

[tooltip content=”This will show in a tooltip” url=”This will make tooltip a link”]Hover over me for tooltip[/tooltip]

If you would like to see a working demo of this, head over to this page and see for yourself!
Time for your comment. Please do tell us if you liked this tutorial, and if it has helped you any way.



Google +1 button for AddThis! Change size and personalize

I know, i know, what you all must be thinking! Since Google launched their +1 button everybody’s writing about it! BORING! Next thing you do is close this tab. Well to your surprise this article is not about integrating Google +1 button in your site but is rather inclined for those people who are experiencing trouble in placing the code and trying to make modifications to the button via AddThis.


Since you are already here lets quickly brush up the coding for beginners who are not using the addthis platform (NORMAL METHOD):
Go to this site and make your selections, copy the generated code below and paste it wherever you want the button to show up.

Copy the code below and paste it in your header.php file just before the closing of </head> tag: *MUST FOR ALL BUTTON SIZES*

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Copy the code below and paste it where you want the button to be displayed: *CODE FOR STANDARD BUTTON (24px) only*


If you want to change the button size visit the above link and pick your size. Thats it! Now lets discuss what addthis users have to do to personalize their button style and size.

Addthis released the +1 button the same day when Google made it available. Since many of us are not addthis users, hence the tutorial above but for others who have been loyal fans of addthis community are recently experiencing some trouble as to how to make further changes to the readymade code given by addthis people as seen over here.


While googling around for the solution i came across this very interesting post by Mark Shu. He had written exactly what i was looking for! Here is how i succeeded to modify my button:

The standard code given by addthis people is this:

<a class=”addthis_button_google_plusone”></a>

If you want to change its size here is what you have to do:

<a class=’addthis_button_google_plusone’ g:plusone:size=’medium’/>

For other sizes just replace the word medium with small, standard or tall to get the respective button size. If you want no counter just include g:plusone:count=’false’ in the above code like this:

<a class=’addthis_button_google_plusone’ g:plusone:size=’medium’ g:plusone:count=’false’/>

If you want to play with other features take a look at Google’s +1 button API site. You can also see a +1 button integrated right here on this very post just beside the tweet button, what more…+1 this now! Your recommendation will be visible to all your connections.

Now post a comment if you have enjoyed this tutorial and if there are any questions pls dont stop asking! 🙂

Promote your Website as a brand in Real World

Most of the bloggers spend all their time in catching up the every possible news as fast as possible, researching on topics which suits their blog’s niche, some spend all their life in optimizing for SEO, and some will be involved in intense social media activity becoming the super users of digg, stumbleUpon, reddit and getting some “Traffic Love” from them.

At some point of time, you might meet the saturation level in your online life of your business marketing. It is right time for one to jump to the real world (offline) and look for ways to promote your website.

Assume that you catchup some of your blogging friends in a meetup like mashable meetup, 4sqday or any press releases, It is very important that you promote your website as a professional brand.Of course, it is impossible to expect everyone to be a techie and ask him to lookup the online stuff which you built. Why not have a booklet of your brand?

Booklets are always a good idea to promote your stuff to connect with people and say what exactly you are. Identify the most important parts of your website and order for booklet printing today! There are varieties of booklet types available ranging from small to big, glossy finished booklets and more. You could make a wise choice in selecting the color and type of the booklet which you order before asking for a print.

Keep the booklet simple with limited yet eye catching content. Do not forget to mention some of the core things like your Website URL, a simple about page, various ways one could connect like appropriate links to your social media profile. It is always good to have a high-quality logo and show all your superior communication skills within the booklet.

Remember, Before you go ahead with printing your stuff on booklet have a double check with spellings and grammar. You donot have a delete button for printed copies! Once done, it stays there for long time.

Along with booklets, you could you could share your personalized business card / Visiting card to the people whom you meet. Again, the business card should be simple but elegant.

Share your views by commenting here. How would you rock in real world promoting your website? [ad#chaapsv2-top]

How to fully restore your WordPress Blog

Backup Guide

You are reading this article because:

  • At this point, i think you have already screwed up your blog somehow and crying in help what to do next OR
  • Congratulations you are much more cleverer than you think you are!

Ok, so now that you are here let me tell you how to create a foolproof blog that you can use to restore if anything goes wrong and i mean “ANYTHING”. Sometime in the future if your server gets crashed suddenly, or your SQL databases become corrupt or if there’s a plugin gone rogue, whatever may be the situation you will totally thank god that you stumbled upon this article.

Backing up your Databases

(Serious shit, dont joke around this area)

Wordpress Backup technology

Every WP Blogger might have heard of this awesome plugin. What it does is it backs up your entire database including, posts, comments, and other wordpress core tables. Install this plugin from here For genuinity, this plugin is created by Austin Matzko (WP username: filosofo). Download it and install it. Schedule your backups daily, weekly or monthly. I backup my databases to my computer locally when making some minor changes.

Restoring your backed up Databases

(If you screw in here, wave your final goodbye to your blog)

Set it and forget it!

If you have backed up your databases through WP-DB Backup plugin, read more.

  1. First delete your wp-content/cache folder, then
  2. Login to phpMyAdmin present in your Webhost.
  3. Select your wordpress database.
  4. Tickmark all the tables that reside in your database
  5. Select the DROP option to delete them forever.
  6. Upload your database by selecting the import tab and browsing where you had saved the backup earlier created by WP-backup plugin.

Backup and restore your Themes, Images and Plugins

(You can live without it)

Save your Blog!

Login to your FTP account and download the whole wp-content folder onto your computer. It will include all the themes, plugins and uploads made by you. To restore them simply copy them back in the same folder.

By the time you are done, your Blog will be looking just like the last time you had seen it.

Backup now!

For the paranoid users, there’s a software called XMAPP available, which will run your blog locally on your computer without the need of any internet connection allowing you to preview any changes made to your blog before you actually make them on your live blog. For installing your XMAPP check out this awesome tutorial over here.

Please comment and share your views about WordPress backup technology. Have you ever suffered a major loss of your blog and had to repent over your mistakes or are you just too clever and developed a secret backup plugin of your own? Please let us know!

Blogging: Write, Write, Write and Fail.

Blogging is an art and of course, a different as well as a difficult one to master. Blogging is all about content. NOT. Read on.

I have awesome content and an amazing blogging frequency. Now what the flick should I do?

One. You do have awesome content, but there are people who have something even better. The game is not about knowledge, it’s ’bout how you implement it. Promoting an article must be given as much importance as in creating it.

Two. “Google Panda sucks, Bing hippo sucks.” Guess who said it? Ah, chuck it. Everyone is saying it these days. But why do you worry? Aren’t there a million blogs relying just on referral traffic? In fact, you aren’t losing a thing by not getting indexed by Google. If not Google, there’s Yahoo!. If not Yahoo!, there’s Bing. If none, create one yourself! 😉

Three. What did you say? You have an amazing blogging frequency? Awesome! You write five posts a day and write not a single post for the next five days. Have you heard about this thing called scheduling? Do it! If you overdo, you WILL suffer. (This is something I’ve been doing. But I won’t, anymore.)

Four. You might be asking “Promoting my article is not a problem; okay, but how?” It can’t get any easier. Build a relationship everyone you find in the web. Share your content on various venues such as Facebook, twitter, and also sites like Reddit and Digg.

Five. “You say content is not important?” Did I ever say that? No, It IS important. But c’mon would you write a novel and keep it under your pillow and admire your self in lieu of publishing it?

That’s it from my side. Have your say at the comments section.

6 iPhone Blogging apps you might have not tried

With the gaining momentum for the use of iPhone as an alternative to carrying the large computers on the go, you need not bother about you having a downfall in your blogging career while on holidays, as there is the iPhone with a number of blogging apps to help you by time.
Some of the most common and useful iPhone blogging apps are discussed here in detail:

1. Word Press:

How will you feel like bringing your app down to the convenience of your iPhone that you can edit, upload and manage your blogs? Great! Isn’t it? This is an exclusive app that allows you to manage your blogs from the convenience of your iPhone and iPad. You can moderate comments, edit and create posts and pages. This is a trustworthy app that comes for your iPhone.
Download: Word Press

2. Pen my Blog:

This tool comes for no cost for blogging on, a blogging platform from the convenience of your iPhone. Using this app, you can edit, delete and post on your blogger website and what is the only difference from the other apps is that you can do everything using this application without paying any registration fee.
Download: Pen My Blog

3. CoverItLive iPhone:

This is a free application that is very helpful for bloggers, journalists and media companies to post their events and current news live in action from the convenience of their iPhone using this app. Some of the features and actions that you could accomplish using this app will include allowing you to post commentary and media with up to the minute coverage, perfect for any live events, publish photos, audio and video and above all you can tweet all this information as this app is also integrated with twitter.
Download: CoveerITLive iPhone

4. altBlogger:

This is one of the best iPhone blogging apps that comes for only 0.99$, which is very inexpensive for the blogging platform, Using this application you can post new entries to your blog and support multiple blogs. Some of the other permissible actions are like maintaining labels and tags, view and post comments, still you cannot post pictures or edit blog posts, what makes this more advantageous is that they are user friendly.
Download: altBlogger

5. Blog Press:

Coming for a small price of $2.99 you will be finding a capable blogging platform application that has been exclusively designed for the iPhone’s iOS, which works in conjunction with many of the blogging platforms including blogger, MSN, Movable Type, Crupal, Joomla, WordPress and LiveJournal. The best features of this very useful application will include video uploading, and geo tagging your location. This app can also work in landscape mode for bigger keyboards and can send the same entry to multiple blogs.
Download: BlogPress

6. Square Space:

If you are looking for a blog that is perfect for keeping your blog contents up to date by posting pictures on the go and manage your Square Space contents, view your site and posts then Square Space must be your choice. Using this blog you can manage multiple Square space sites and even create new account from within this application for iPhone itself, which even Google is yet to achieve.
Download: Square Space

Comments are always appreciated!!

How Moms and Dads use Computers

Few months back we had published an article – Teach your parents a computer lesson which was all about how one could help their parents to learn the A’s and B’s of computers and Internet using this wonderful project by google.

Now, in a new attempt to bring the focus back, we are introducing a new author in our chaaps team, Mr Vaidya R from India who writes on how his mom and dad used the PC. He explains every bit in his own way,a story on how elders use computers, how young techies are impatient to catch up their parent’s pace in using the latest tech toys.
Read on..

She was never a power user. Definitely not the kind that is addicted to the computer. But my mom still loved her daily dose of the internet on our dusty old desktop. It was dusty because we removed the covers on its side to accommodate the different hard drives that we accumulated as the prices dropped. My leaving for foreign shores and my brother’s eventual move out to a place closer to his workplace meant that the computer was entirely under my mom’s maintenance.

The computer being on the first floor also meant that she used to do one trip to do all her browsing every day. There was the usual checking of mails(in two email accounts), reading up wikipedia for any new ailments she had read about in the paper, catching up on any TV serial episodes she had missed out and the religious ones from

My father of course, kept away from anything computer based. I once tried explaining the process of copying photos from his camera to different folders. I even created exercises after taking some pictures on it at random. It worked twice, but he never seemed inclined for it. End result – photos would remain in the camera for months together until someday my brother found the patience to copy it into some folder which my father forgot the location of.

An old desktop running a pirated version of Windows XP procured off the streets in China works for only that long. Microsoft cracking down on pirated software meant that the experience was fairly sub-optimal and my mom’s lack of discretion when clicking links from various religious sites meant that the OS never survived for more than a few months. It was left to my brother to come along and install the OS whenever he was around, but that meant weeks without a computer at home and my mom started sounding pretty frustrated without the internet, during our phone conversations.

A couple of times I tried guiding them step by step from the phone, but it was frustrating. There are some things we, as techies, are conditioned to look out for immediately to understand what’s happening. For the unused though, the whole screen is a new experience. All that theoretical jazz about red colours with cross marks being errors and serious, and yellow to signify warnings goes for a toss and an experience is exposed for its inadequacies. It shows you that we are still far away from mastering the proper UX which anyone can walk up to and understand. (All that jazz about Apple having the best UI for this, also does not stand up. Believe me, I’ve tried.)

Think about it, how would your parents, who started using the computer mainly to stay in touch with you when you moved out react to the blue screen of death? Or to an error 0x6400000E? To a thread that got interrupted? How will they understand why their computer does not come up because svchost.exe was not able to do something.

My return to India however solved the problem as I brought along a genuine copy of Windows XP, and most importantly I set up a wi-fi hub at home and left my old dell laptop in the ground floor in their room for usage whenever required. With no steps to climb to access a computer, my mom’s usage has shot up and I see her online often when at work. The copy being genuine with a proper anti-virus system installed has also meant there have been no crashes till now. Touchwood.

She does miss the old computer though, and tells me that she used to spend time looking at old photos from their trip to Seattle when bored. I promise her that I’ll set up a sharing mechanism where she can access the photos at all times.

The initial introduction to my laptop was also interesting. I started her off on IE8, but she asked for chrome first up. I’ve always thought that chrome was more suited for the tech-inclined and lacked the UX for the non-techie crowd. But the integration of the search box and the address bar has meant that she could type anything at all and get some result which she could work with. She also wondered why GMail, Yahoo and her other favourite websites were not on the new page list like before. I had to start off with a usage pattern so that she could have those on the new tab page.

Being in the tech industry looking mostly at other techies use computers it makes for an interesting experience to see the non-technical and the elderly use their computers. Power-use is mostly never there. There is the slow and measured reading of everything before taking a decision to click on something. But when it comes to the elderly the most striking thing is the absence of any tech support for them. Considering that in big cities like in Bangalore, the empty-nest scenario is becoming widely common with the younger lot moving to other countries, cities or just closer to their workplace to avoid the commute, the amount of support for the elderly when it comes to most things is very limited. Considering how we are becoming more and more dependent on technology for our daily lives it might be a good place to invest in on-demand at-your-place computer support where you call a number and a tech support guy drops in to fix your computer, or even just copy photos from your camera to the computer and share it out for you. If car drivers are now a proper industry, I can see this blooming into a decent one.

But at the same time this is also likely to go the way of most other service-driven industries in India. You call, you call, and you call again before you give someone a royal blasting on the phone before someone turns up at your door. And you’d assume capitalism to take care of such things pushing the best to the front…

Do you want to say something?, use comments section to share your views on this article. Stay connected with chaaps for more interesting articles and tech updates.

4 Superior Tricks to Drive Visitors To Your Blog

There are number of bloggers who depend on the search engines alone to attract visitors. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, together with Bing, govern the characteristic appliances to status your weblog for particular keywords that you have optimize for your blog text.

Buzz each blogger, moreover they’ll accept thousands of tips on how to enhance your blog traffic. Relying on your focused category, they may suggest anything from holding a tournament to going on an attacking guest posting contest.

Whereas legion blogs have favorably ranked in the search engines, great quantity get hands on not. This is why it is not urged to confide only on the search engines to drag viewers.

4 Leading Tricks to Push Users To Your Blog

#1. Content can bring you Crowded Visitors

You will wish the content that you write to be correlated to your company focused. This quality content should be instructional information.

If you fill your innovative business blog up with nothing but trade graphs moreover commercials, fans will separate as it gives the appearance of a spam website.

As we always say, Matter is the King moreover It will accordingly provides you great exposure once it was marketed completely.

#2. Depend on Search Engines together with Determine Betrayal

Perform Onpage Optimization techniques like Optimizing Meta Tags, Selecting Strong along with Relevant Titles, Taking Care of Permalink Structure etc moreover moreover focusing on Offpage Optimization techniques like, submitting the blog to Search Engines, Blog Directories, RSS Directories, Article Submission Directories together with making use of pinging tools, Commenting, Forum Posting along with Building Backlinks, Keyword analysis etc which finally brings your visitors from Search Engines.

Related: 6 essential SEO on-page optimization tips.

Slightly be aware of Basic SEO together with you will be able to reach Top notch by employing the Plugins like All-in-One SEO etc.

#3. Focus Deeper on Social Bookmarking Sites for Immediate Results

The social networking is presently grasping indeed wider base in attracting crowd to participate in their webpages and get to know other human beings through their products/services. You can skyrocket blog traffic by being active in these sites in addition to distribution attractive articles, videos, in addition to just simply intertwining with alternative citizens. I used to promote by blog from my Laptop Computer as I consider myself as Social Media Expert and Promoter.

#4. Join Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Squidoo, etc, for large go through to push deeper users to your blog. These webpages were consisting of millions of millions of people registered along with employing it. So, its our effort to use these weblogs for forcing our posts the margin to assign it separating these traffic moreover also Print your blog URL on your commerce cards, brochures in addition to flyers.

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Siddhartha Thota. If you’d like to write for us too, check out the guest posting guidelines.


Start with a Click- Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography and blogging shall come in hand in hand. An year back at chaaps, we kick started with a photography article Top 30+ Flickr Tools to Enhance your Flickr Journey, and today, we have a new member in our crew, Karan Chadha who is passionate with photography and his first article here covers All photography tips for wanna-be photographers! Few important tips for the beginners who really wish to click.

1. Do not go for a professional camera in the beginning.

The love for photography starts when you start clicking. The passion arises if you start clicking few pictures. Bang on..!!! Its possible to get good pictures through a point and shoot camera. The more you click, the more you learn about your camera. You may upgrade to the kind of camera you want, later.

2. Click Click Click

No photography course can improve you as much as you are yourself. All you need to do is to click and click as much as you can. Keep a camera with you and whenever you get time. start clicking.And you never know, you might take advantage of some unexpected opportunities.

3. Shortlist the areas of your interest. As a passion too!

Even if you wish to click pictures and you cannot take your camera around, you need to shortlist your areas of interest. You can choose whatever you wish to click. Street, Portraits, Landscape, Light and whatever you wish to click. Make sure you do a research and note all the important information you observed.

4. Do not go for a perfect shot every time.

The more you click, the more you learn. It happens many times that people cant find subjects in their surrounding. But remember, it takes a deal to live your passion. And you need to stand up and see your surroundings to get your shots. You never know that you might find interesting! Light patterns or lovely macro shots in your veranda. eh.! Often a simple subject makes a best shot.

5. Never ending process.

The more you learn, the more you can learn. The best thing about photography is that its a never ending learning and experience. You can find your source of information everywhere. Look through the eyes of the photographer and you will experience a completely new world.

6. Search the internet.

It’s not just about clicking, but also seeing the work of other people. Taking inspirations and tips from internet and everywhere. You can browse through websites like flickr or deviant art or also facebook to see the work of other photographers.

7. Free softwares and post processing

Photography, is just not limited to clicking. The pictures have to be made presentable. And all the photographers decide how to present their pictures. If you cant use a photoshop then dont worry, you can use softwares like picasa, photscape and gimp that are easy to use and free to download and help in improving the photos upto a great extent.

8. Experimenting with the camera settings

There is no harm in experimenting with your camera settings. You never know your digi cam may be loaded with much more features than you expected. As you explore, just try changing settings of your camera to learn what effects do you like.

9. Be regular.

Try to click photos everyday. Make sure you practice regularly, so that you can set a good hand on your camera and develop a new eye. If you cant click regularly, try participate in various online competitions so as to improve your work. Facebook can be of great help here.

10. Just experiment

If you are using a point and shoot camera, dont be afraid to experiment. Just click it. if you like, save it. And if not, delete it. Just go crazy. Do not be shy and you might learn a lot in the process.

The Author, Karan Chadha would like to hear from you, you could comment your views on this Photography tip by commenting here. Stay tuned with chaaps for continuous news and updates.

Google’s Blogspot introduces Dynamic Views feature!

As you all know Google’s Blogspot is to be completely renovated in the near future. For some of you who haven’t heard the news, here’s the Google’s official news. Take a look at the video too, Google has teased us its new Blogger very creatively!

Coming to the major news, Blogger has just now introduced a completely new innovative feature that allows Blogspot Authors to display their Blog in 5 new dynamic views. Remember this is only possible if the Blog Author has made his/her blog publicly visible. These views gives the readers to interact with any Blog very attractively. Take a look at the new designs.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/flipcard in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/snapshot in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/sidebar in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/mosaic in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/timeslide in the address bar.

Remember to enter your Blog address in place of ‘BLOGURL’ in the above parameters.
If you find typing in at the address bar difficult for every view just watch any one view and then navigate to the drop down box to jump to another view.

There’s also a small glitch Google has warned us about these views i.e. they cannot be viewed in old browsers. Only newer browsers such as Firefox 3.5+, IE 8+, Chrome 8+ render these views smoothly.

So what are you waiting for, go dynamic in nature. View the Blogger dynamically!

Please comment as to how you find this new feature. Is it dynamic enough for you?

What to do when nobody comments on your post whatsoever you do?

“Awesome” is the only word that can describe your post, you’ve gone wrong nowhere, but still you have nothing in the comments. Is it that none has a word to say? Maybe. You get comments only when your readers feel like commenting. What do you do when none even seem to spare a couple of their minutes to comment on your post? Well, all I can say is mend your ways.

Firstly, tempt your readers to comment:

  • Make wise use of Disqus, IntenseDebate and the likes to enable social log-in. It would be amazing if I could log in to my twitter account to drop a comment, rather than hog with the age old way of entering my name, e-mail and website and of course, my comment — wouldn’t it?
  • Speak controversial – Who here doesn’t like to dominate? Everyone does. Let your reader speak, speak something controversial so that they can raise their voice.
  • Give a link to the comment section – This sounds crazy, but it works crazy too. The posts in which I’ve linked to the comment section get far more comments than the posts in which I haven’t linked it.
  • Keep you comments moderated; but not ‘much’ moderated. If most comments are sent to spam or trash, what is the reason for them to comment? Or I’d be wondering what even makes them to read your post when you trash all their comments.

I tried everything, but they just aren’t turning up…

If that be the case, why long for comments? Employ better methods for reactions. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Conduct polls: When my question is to check whether Chrome suits you better or Firefox does I can’t expect you to write a comment. At these times, polls can come handy. Also, using Polldaddy, you can embed your poll wherever you’d like to.
  • Surveys: Embed or redirect to a survey form if you want to extract a lot from your Reader. Make sure you don’t go for this option often because this needs a lot of time from the part of your reader and chances are many that he/she may avoid responding.
  • E-mails: This is something least used by most bloggers around the world. I have seen in, under an article, the author’s e-mail ID is provided so that the reader can contact him. I’m not sure if this works well because I’m not quite used to this practice either. But after all, Something is better than nothing, right? 😉

Feel free to express your views in your comments.