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Today I will be Explaining about Google FastFlip. Last Month, I had Made an Article on Read it As You Like ā€“ Google Fast Flip

Refreshing The Same Post I will be Adding Some More Points about Google FastFlip…

A few words about Google FastFlip
Google FastFlip is in Labs.It is a Powerful Online News Reader. All News Under a Same Platform. Visit FastFlip

Why Google FastFlip?
As The Name Suggests. Everything is Fast here.. You can Flip around the Latest News (Trusted News Published by News Giants)

What is Special About Google Fast Flip?
Google takes The Live Screenshots of Latest and Happening Things on Web and Puts on FastFlip. The Advantage is , A User Need not Visit the website Listed in FastFlip, Instead he Could Directly See The Screenshots of Happening Page on Web… Thus Saves a Lot of Time and Delivers Quality.

Who are The Publishers Affiliated to Google FastFlip?
Currently there are 80 Popular Publishers Who serve News To FastFlip in the form of Screenshots. Some of the Popular Publishers Include
BBC News, TechCrunch, NewYork Times, Huffington Post, Mashable, Washington Post, US Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Business Week and Lots More… Check The Full List Here

You Could Even Customize Your Publisher Source and There are Plenty of categories and Sections which Makes You to Navigate Easily with The kind of News You want without actually Visiting The Site Directly…

Some of The Sections are : Politics, Business , U.S. , World Sports, Sci/Tech, Entertainment, Health, Opinion, Travel, Environment

Also There is a Seperate Tab for Popular which is Further Categorized into Recent, Most Viewed, Recommended, Headlines.

Is GoogleFastFlip Available for Mobile?
Yes, GoogleFastFlip is available for Mobile.. And It can be so hassle-free to Read Articles directly just like a screenshot Instead of Visiting and Each and Every Site.. Have a Look at The Mobile Preview

Currently Mobile Version of Google FastFlip Available only for iPhone and Android Phones..

How Different is Google FastFlip from Google News?
To Keep The Answer Simple, Google News Provides Meta Descriptions as Teasers for Every News which it has Indexed and a User Has To Click on These Links to See More about the site by visiting the Source site.

In Google FastFlip, The Currently Active Happening Things are Recorded in the form of Screenshots it serves as a Teaser for Users.. So Google FastFlip is a Win-Win Situation for Readers since Almost 80% of News can be Read from Screenshots of Popular News and Can Flip around the News as simple as That.

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