Breaking News: Microsoft owns Skype

Okay its everywhere, its official and its big! Microsoft has acquired Skype for $8.5 billion. CEO Steve Ballmer has released his press statement. Redirect here to view the official Press Release.

skype-into-microsoftMicrosoft Corp

Facebook and Google were to purchase Skype, but out of nowhere Microsoft dashed in and gained hands on it. This is looking as a massive blow on Apple’s face. Steve Jobs has integrated the Facetime in all of his devices making it available on a wider platform. Microsoft has done the same, but just a bit better. Microsoft will implement its Skype services in the XBOX gaming console, Kinect motion-sensing device and also on the Windows phone platform. It will interconnect Skype users with Xbox Live, Outlook and Lync as well. Of course, Microsoft will not harm non-microsoft platforms and will continue to support them too.

As of Skype’s history, the Luxembourg based company was launched in 2003 and annexed by eBay in 2005. After Skype lost a whopping $99 million in 2009, eBay decided to finally trash the deal and eventually dropped Skype to a company called Silver Lake in 2009. Skype lasted for 18 months on its own and the company did pretty well in its years. Profiting $13.2 million in the first six months of 2010 Skype was making some heavy bucks. According to an article at MASHABLE, Skype is recorded to have 170 million regular users of which 8.8 million are paying customers.

The deal was successfully closed just yesterday Monday, the 9th. Microsoft is claiming this to be the most expensive deal they have ever made. This is a very good news for the investors down at the Silver Lake as they now have copious amount of money pouring in. Tony Bates had recently joined Skype as a CEO and now will be heading the Microsoft Skype division as the President.

Please drop a comment as to what you think of Microsoft sealing the deal with Skype. Will it promise to be a profitable one and pose as a serious threat to Apple or will it turn out to be another shitty deal? This latest news is brought straight to you at Chaaps. Please subscribe to our feed to receive more of the latest stories and updates!

  • Really it is a good news here with have a excellent post.I am totally agree with this.

    • thanx for the comment, Vapor Smoking! 🙂

  • MS getting skype is a safe deal . i hope ms can integrate and improve their service with skype . better if it comes installed with windows 8 and give easy voice video between computers

    • exactly sourish, if microsoft doesn’t make good use of this service, it will lose its skype customers. windows 8 will surely prove a good combination with skype!

  • That’s a really good move for Microsoft, as they are taking a good actor on the market with them.

  • Actually I am really excited about the deal and the future will be bright for Skype and with what Microsoft can bring to Skype.


    • thanx for the comment, Jean. Surely if microsoft has purchased skype for $8.5 billion, they are upto something big! 🙂

  • Jay

    Microsoft is gonna ruin it – Bad news

  • Skype was originally sold when it was loosing money, now that it is profitable they all want it.

    • exactly purchaser of settlement! go with the winning hand! since it was doing good…microsoft thought wot d hell why not spend a little more money and ensure company’s image and reputation!

  • I think the price is too high. Will Microsoft be success with buying Skype ? Let the time answers.

  • Microsoft has done things right recently(Windows 7, security essentials), so I’m guessing that Skype will turn out just fine, if not better than before.

  • Well, I hope Microsoft do a good job with it. Skype is one of my favorite softwares and I wouldn’t want it to be affected in a negative way by this.

  • Hi,

    I didn’t heard the news… wow, Microsoft owning Skype is something great. Very smart move Microsoft made, pure marketing strategy, very intelligent and profitable. Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,


  • I think the price is too high for Skype. It should be 3 or 4 billion $ .

  • I Skype really worth that much? Hopefully MS didn’t get way in over their heads in purchasing skype. I mean, couldn’t they just further develop their MS Messenger?

  • I just hope Microsoft will be successful in implementing Skype services. I like Skype because of its features and the best thing is some of its services are free. I just hope Microsoft will improve it to a better software application.