BREAKING: Google is back in China after License Renewal


Finally Google can breathe a sigh of relief. China has finally agreed to renew Google’s license for operating in the mainland. Google always had to endure rough weather in China. It all started when Google was asked to regulate their search results in 2006. Though they had initially agreed to do so, later on, the censoring of results was terminated. And this was followed by Google redirecting the all Chinese searchers to their uncensored HonkgKong search, This was not appreciated by the Chinese authorities who threatened to shut down Google in the mainland. Google then put up a fascimile search box on the Chinese webpage that allowed users to navigate to This seems to have brought a smile on the faces of the Chinese who have now decided to renew Google’s ICP (Internet Content Provider)

This news must definitely be soothing for the search engine giants as shutting down operations in the Chinese mainland would have translated into a huge loss. Though Google themselves had threatened to pull out in early January citing censorship issues, now they would probably be relieved for getting back the user base in China.