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Best Launcher for Android: LauncherPro+Android Pro widgets

Android can be customized in a million ways and that’s what i love about it. Today i will introduce you to two new apps: LauncherPro and Android Pro widgets. I will tell you how you can give a modern look to your android smartphone free of cost.

Many of you might have heard about LauncherPro because its one of the most popular launchers in the Android world. Although the paid version of LauncherPro consists of many new features, i will tell you how you can get those paid widgets for free by installing an extra app known as Android Pro widgets.

Android pro widgets app

For those of you who don’t have a lot of RAM and have trouble running many apps, i had suggest you to install LauncherPro, as it takes minimal energy resources and is a lot faster than your stock launcher. Go download LauncherPro.

Next, there is no need to purchase the LauncherPro widgets because the same widget experience can be enjoyed by installing Android Pro widgets app. Now download Android Pro widgets.

Android pro widgets themes

So do you like it? The most exciting of all is you don’t even have to pay for the apps, as they are available for free in the Android Market.

LauncherPro is sure fast and smooth but it isn’t as customizable as GoLauncher EX (another favourite Launcher in the Android world) like we can install cute new themes in GoLauncher EX but LauncherPro doesn’t have the option to change themes. GoLauncher Ex sure has a few cons too, like its a drain on your battery and RAM but more on that later!

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Comment and share your views with us. Which is you favourite Launcher?


  • Is it really supportive for run many apps with law RAM? New widgets in smart phones are helpful

    • if you have low RAM you should choose which apps to run very wisely as they take up background memory as well…so when considering running lot of widgets and apps…its better to install a fast launcher and the one that doesn’t consume more memory!

    • Why would you settle for a low RAM??? It will run but you have to close all other application.