Best Disk Defragmenter to Keep PC Users from Bugging Out

A computer that lags will drive anyone crazy. Your fingers start to tap aimlessly on the keyboard, you run the mouse over an area really fast, you adjust the position of the screen, and when your project still hasn’t loaded, you feel like screaming. After regaining your composure, think about when you last defragmented. If you can’t remember, it’s time.

Rather than using Windows’ defragmenter, try one of these third-party programs. They run faster, more efficiently and offer more features that the multi-colored bricks that fly through Windows’ OS Space.

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics isn’t just really effective and easy to use, it’s free. This defragmenter has proven to perform better than similar programs designed to defragment and optimize your drives. Like Windows’ default program, you can view the progress and schedule your next defrag as soon as you’re finished. Auslogics is a suitable replacement for the default defrag for most users.


PerfectDisk costs around $30, a worthy investment for advanced users who are serious about the health and performance of their system. If looks didn’t matter, we’d still be staring at black screens with neon green characters. Luckily, this interface looks good and runs flawlessly. PerfectDisk boasts several advanced features such as offline defragmenting which allows you to defrag system files. The AutoPilot feature allows you schedule daily or weekly defrags.

Smart Defrag

This free program is easy to use and extremely effective. Smart Defrag comes with an “easy button” that allows you to start the process with a single click. Like other defragmenters, it has a scheduler for those all-important scheduled scans. For those who forget to schedule scans, this program also has Auto Defrag which runs continuously in the background without draining system resources.


Defraggler is a free program from the same people who created CCleaner. Though this program admittedly runs a bit slower than the others on this list, it offers the ability to defragment individual files. Like the others, it is easy to use, effective, and a good option if you need more functionality than the Windows default defrag.

Once you get set up with your new defragmenter, take a deep breath, click start, and enjoy the show. Then soak in the increased speed of your system.

  • I use Defraggler, and I’m pleased with it. Wouldn’t mind giving any of these other programs a try.

  • I’ve been a longtime fan of CCleaner, and Defraggler works so much faster than the W7 default defrag program. Thanks for the awesome program!

  • I have also been a longtime user of Ccleaner and defragger. I have not tried the default on W7 yet or any of the others. Will have to give the other programs a try. Thanks.

  • thats is the correct way of going thru the process of defragmenting, You may have to do it a couple of times though. Depending on how long its been since the last time.

  • All four of those are excellent defragmenters. Definitely leagues ahead of the Windows Disk Defragmenter, for sure.

  • I am using Windows Vista Home Premiem, service pack 1. When I run Reliability and Performance report it tells me.The average disc length is 2. The disc may be at its maximum capacity due to throughput and disc seeds.When I run Disk Defragmenter it does not seem to defragment my hard disk successfully. What am I doing wrong?Thanks

  • I run the Disk Defragmenter a lot on my computers, i was told that it makes the computer run faster. But what exactly does it do? What does defragment mean? If you could, give me all the basics on Disk Defragmenter.Thanks

    • After your computer accesses a file, it puts it away in “pieces.” Defragmenting basically reorganizes your files and puts all of the pieces back together. Since the file is organized, and stored in one location, it takes the computer less time to open the file, therefore speeding overall performance.

      For more information, check out this article on WiseGeek:

      Hope that helps!

  • Defraggler and all the product of piriform are awesome. Thanks for sharing the list.