Belkin Retractable Mouse Hands-on

Belkin Retractable Comfort Mouse [Hands-On Review and Unboxing]

At the recent Belkin event held in Bangalore i was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the devices at display. Here is a hands on review of the latest Belkin Retractable Mouse.

Belkin has surprised us with a great collection of mices and keyboard combos. I was very much excited to test one of them and here i am with this amazing contraption.

Let me list out the features of this mouse.

  • Wired Optical Mouse
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Windows 7 compatible
  • Retractable wire
  • Designed for comfort use

Check out the pics i clicked while unboxing this pretty little gadget.

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 1

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 2

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 3

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 4

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 5

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 6

Belkin retractable mouse screenshot 7

While not being a high-end model, this mouse still grabbed my attention by its unique comfortable design. When you rest your palm on the mouse, you can feel the ease and can relax your hands perfectly. That’s what we call an ergonomic equipment, very comfortable to use. Its sleek and slim in shape. A nice polished finish gives it a smooth surface. In looks its just minimalistic, not too flashy and attractive but yet it gives you that feeling of elegance. I personally am not concerned about looks, for me its always about performance and comfortability.

VERDICT: This is a great mouse for people who are more inclined towards comfortability and ease in work. It can get things done quickly. Also the retractable cable eliminates the fuss of long wires which could come in your way while doing work. The response is also good and is quite sensitive to movements. This mouse is also reasonably priced which makes it no doubt, the best buy.

Also be sure to check out our on-event pics of the Belkin Product Launch by Team Chaaps.

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  • It’s design says that it will give comfort zone to users, you can also call it super cool mouse i guess so… 🙂