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Google Webmaster Tools is The Powerful Tool for Managing Your Websites Efficiently. Google Webmasters has Lot of Tools, Which you can Use to Improve The Viewability of Your Website in World Wide Web.


One Such Tool in Google Webmasters which i recently came across is Parameter Handling

Parameter Handling

Before discussing on Google Webmaster’s Parameter handling tool, It is important to Know the Meaning of Parameter Here.

Parameter in Your Website Refers to different extensions in Your Website URL like source, session IDs or language… You Might have Come Across Many Such Extended Parameters along with The Actual URL…

How does a Parameter Look Like?
Here is an Example for Parameter in URL




All These Extra Extensions in The URL is called Dynamic Parameters.

What’s wrong With Dynamic Parameters in My Website URL?
The website URL http://www.yoursite.com/contents?sid=12885923 may point to the same content as http://www.yoursite.com/contents which may result inefficient crawling resulting in Duplicate URLs..

How Can I Prevent Dynamic Parameters from Google Indexing?
Parameter Handling is a New tool introduced by Google Webmaster to avoid Dynamic Parameters from Indexing.
You Can Specify The Parameters Which You donot wish to Get Indexed.
Presently You could specify whether you want Google to ignore up to 15 specific parameters in your Website URL.

Parameter Handling is Located at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/settings.

Select Site Configuration in your Webmasters Tool.
And Then Select Settings Tab where The Parameter Handling Tool is Located.

parameter handling1

You Can Add Upto 15 Dynamic Parameters By Clicking on Add Parameters button. Be Wise in Selecting Which Parameter you want Google to Ignore.

This Is How Google Describes the New Webmaster Tool- Parameter Handling

parameter handling2

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