avast 7 internet security reviewed!

Avast 7.0 Internet Security AntiVirus Brings New User Interface for Users

avast 7.0 antivirus has recently been released. Apart from giving a whole new look to avast.com the team has also uplifted its product’s interface from modern to eye-catchy.

Let me give you a walkthrough of what major changes you will see in this latest version of Avast i.e. the 7.0.

Avast 7.0’s new UI

The installer has also been rebuilt to be more user friendly and in appearance too. The top antivirus software now boasts of a new black rugged look alongwith yellow and blue combinations to make it look neat and attractive.

avast 7.0 internet security - new user interface

There hasn’t been a lot of features introduced in this version, just some slight modifications here and there, the major update being the capability to use remote assistance.

Remote Assistance feature at a look

Remote Assistance is a nice tool which can connect your computer to other computers in your network. Basically it is used for providing technical advise to people almost instantly by making remote connections. This feature has now been incorporated in the standard avast antivirus 7.0.

avast 7.0 internet security - remote assistance feature

Sandbox and Safezone features remains intact

Avast Sandbox and Safezone features remain as it is. You can launch untrusted programs in the sandbox utility to allow safe execution of such applications. Safezone provides a similar environment, only here you can run programs which are extremely sensitive to make sure nobody is eavesdropping.

avast 7.0 internet security - sandbox feature

Browser Protection becomes more intelligent

Browser Protection page has been modified a little bit in this version. Avast integrates a plugin of its own in every browser you have installed on your computer. This Webrep plugin allows you to identify harmful sites on the web. Through this control panel, you can check the status and choose on which browsers this plugin should be installed.

avast 7.0 internet security - browser protection plugin

Better overview of your Protection Services

The Real Time Shields page has received a major interface overhaul. All the shields are now arranged in a circular fashion giving you a better view on what each shield is doing. You can also track which shield is running or stopped by checking what color its displaying, green means on.

avast 7.0 internet security - real time shields

Cloud services brings you streaming updates

Avast 7.0 also brings cloud services with it to provide better updates to its product users. Avast introduces a concept known as streaming updates. Its a feature wherein your virus definitions will be updated the minute avast discovers of a new virus and adds it to its database.

avast 7.0 internet security - cloud services

Cloud services page also gives you a nicer look as to which service is currently turned on. When the nebula’s wire is yellow it means you have enabled the service, when it becomes gray that means its off.

Avast Market introduces new Products on its list

avast! market has three new products available to purchase this time. avast backup which syncs your data to the cloud is tagged at $49.99 / year. avast rescue disc is available for just $9.99 and avast easypass which lets you store your passwords securely in a vault is priced at $9.99 / year.

If you think i have missed out any other features, please feel free to drop by a comment and i will include it in the list above.

  • Thank you Gautam for this interesting and complete review! Personally I use Avast 7.0 Internet Security AntiVirus and now when a new interface is released it will become even more popular!

  • The new version of avast seems very good with its new user interface and specially its appearance which look very catchy.

  • George@Antivirus software

    It becomes absolutely necessary that antivirus software get updated and gets patches from time to time to ensure reliability in the provision of security especially when on the internet. A good appearance to go with a excellent antivirus!

  • emobile developer

    New Avast really impressive. I think i stumbled at the right time because i recently got my PC attacked with virus, named Trojan but i have not tried to remove yet. Hope this new Avast will help me. Thanks Gautam for useful sharing.