ATI vs NVIDIA in 2010. And The Winner is….


Here is a Verdict on ATI vs NVIDIA in 2010 by Sahil Singh who is a Hard Core Gamer

This fight cannot end , if anyone asks about Graphics the first name which comes on mouth is  NVIDIA which takes the win, but in 2010 the game has changed! The game winner is ATI now! ATI started making its place when it launched the 4800 series graphics. After that, World got to know that ATI is still in game! The first 4800 series card the ATI RADEON HD 4830 was the starting of the evolution , though it was not a big hit, soon there comes 4850 with same platform as 4830 which had more GPU core speed, the next card was the main highlight of the show! It was the nvidia killer, HD 4870, after that ATI never moved back. HD 4870 boasts of having 956 million transistors on 55nm fabrication process ,256-bit GDDR5 the first card ever having GDDR5 that made the day for  ATI , after that there was HD 4890, Once again a hit by ATI, which made nvidia to think

As you can see in the picture, the smallest one is HD 4850 the middle one is HD 4870 and the biggest one is HD 4890. Let me just say that you will need the best gaming monitor to even get close to seeing these at max settings. There were no big hits till September 22nd. They launched the first 5800 series card, the 5870 which was again a great hit! There were 2 models available hd 5870 1gig and 5870 2 gig, Later, hd 5850 and the hd 5830 all were the lucky charm for ATI, but ATI wanted something more than this! It wanted the name “World’s Fastest Graphics Card”

Here are the specs of the HD 5800 series of card. All of the 5800 series supported eye infinity which is a next generation module immersive gaming experience innovative, panoramic, multi-display capabilities4,6 and also had the direct x 11 support

This is the main deal, HD 5970 world’s fastest card with 4 gig of memory and with Eyefinity 6 which could connect six display together like a large monitor!

By This You Can see how the game changes Not every time winner stays the winner

Therefore, The Winner is…………….


  • i would say , ati is cheap with better performance but less compatibility to games

    • sahilsingh

      dude were from this compatibility comes in way there is no such way thing like compatibility in graphic cards and ati is not cheap its new card 5970 4gb cost around 60k

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  • bob

    ati suks but they r good but nvidia is gooder ati want premium money for garbage product but im am still buying one cuz it will be my first ati but i like nvidia cuz they r better and cheaper but ati suks and nvidia is better and gooder………..go rednecks

  • bob

    I say…
    Yeah buddy
    Rolling like a big shot
    Chevy tuned up like a nascar pit stop
    Fresh paint job (check)
    Fresh inside (check)
    Is the outside frame in the trunk wide (yes)
    Are the rims big (what)
    Do it ride good (good)
    Lean back right hand on the pine wood (ughh)

  • Angga

    Ati sucks Nvidia is better then ati. ati has more bugs and more expensive and nvidia less bugs great clock speed and cheaper

  • LeXuS

    If nVIDIA is better, this test is bad, I don’t think, so nVIDIA sucks, and ATI IS BETTER…,2484.html

    The nVIDIA just in DX 9 faster, than ATI HD series, but nVIDIA in DX 10 and DX 11 is slow…

    I wouldn’t like nVIDIA, nVIDIA is better, why: He support the PhysX, and he programming the PhysX, and pay for some game creator to support the nVIDIA PhysX, because he know the ATI cards wouldn’t support and work slowlest… I really hate nVIDIA!!!

  • Jack

    I replaced a Nvidia 9800GT with an AMD (formally ATI) 6970 and returned it a few days later. When it worked, it was awesome. However, I don’t spend $380 on a video card to have it crash every couple hours. I ended up buying a Nvidia GTX 570 and couldn’t be happier. The performance is slightly better than the 6970 but, most importantly, it doesn’t crash. I even saved $20 by going with this card! Until AMD/ATI fixes their horrible drivers, I will stick to Nvidia and Intel graphics, the latter for PCs not meant for gaming.

    • Jack the idiot

      Yah sure fanboy *redneck go pick nvidia so we can all have a nice low price vid card with the best graphics engine on this plannet. God damn it we love the fanboys. Ati is not bad not bad at all. The just stay to servive thats all the are trying to do like intel and amd without them we go back 10 years back and pay like 1 mil for 1 laggy pc. Let them have wars so we get cheaper cards. Nvidia is stable at drivers but ati got the porsch inside there engine. But drivers is not that bad. Now jack go troll on somebody els his website you idiot.

  • AMD has been making high quality products for years! I have bought three different ATI graphics cards and each one out performed the Nvidia counterpart and for less money. ATI all the way.

  • andri84

    “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played”, even the best from the best High ATI Graphic Card you can buy, if this logo “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played” appear on your favorite game… “it’s meant to change your card to Nvidia Now!!!” … HAHAHAHA…

  • Gautam A.D.

    ATI is good but NVIDIA is better!! ATI can never race NVIDIA…nvidia technologies are way more advanced than ati and its tech support is good too. Games when released always display the compatibility for Nvidia not ATI.

    Take the new CRYSIS 2 for example, in the starting screen of the game a logo of Nvidia appears not ATI or check out the requirements yourself at
    Nvidia card is first displayed…after that ATI. if u want true gaming experience go for NVIDIA. As XFX always says ‘PLAY HARD’!!!

    • andri84

      Gautam A.D. yes you are right!!!… the logo is “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played”
      as far as i know In 2000-2005 the victorious ati, nvidia GeForce fx slumped with a failed on core engine, That makes nvidia frustrated, then in 2006, when ATI is more focused on the sophistication of the graphics, nvidia find another way to get Closer to game software maker, nvidia funding gaming project, so to this day Millions of games supports the logo of “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played”, even the best games like World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Crysis, and many more. this is why when you play games with the logo “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played” using ATI graphics cards have constraints on the drivers, actually game makers make limit the sophistication of the ati graphics card, That makes you think That the problem was on the driver but it’s not. this is why in 2006 ati fall into bankruptcy.

    • andri84

      check out this … when you games list on that site… and you all play with ATI graphic card prepare to your self to disappointed with your expensive ATI card… 😀

  • Gautam A.D.

    exactly andri84. I m with you on this. 🙂

  • Avro Arrow

    You are mistaken. The 4830 was NOT the first card released but the third. The first card was the HD 4850 which was aimed right at nVidia’s hot-selling GeForce 9800 GTX+. The second card (which you’re right, was the nVidia-killer) was the Radeon HD 4870 which effectively destroyed the GTX 260. The HD 4830 was released third using all the 4850/4870 parts that weren’t “up to snuff” and that card was aimed squarely at the GeForce 9800 GT. The HD 4890 was a complete flop because it couldn’t even beat the GTX 275 and it had serious heat issues. I currently have 2 HD 4870s crossfired in my gaming rig.

  • Mitin

    please tell me which system(pc) should i buy, coz i m too much confused , between amd and intel i m a game freak and want a good graphic card with at least of one gb and a ram of at least four gb which proccessor should i opt for and y i also want that all the softwares like illustrator and max should run easily on the system and all the rendering and effects in illustrator should work very fine and only then i could be satisfied

    • andri84

      confusion between amd and intel?, ok, I’ll tell the difference between amd and intel from my point of view,
      1. budget, amd is cheaper than intel at the same speed …
      2. technically very good intel on i7 processor :)…
      up to you to select which one …

      graphics programs are very important when choosing the best examples of video graphics chipset vga nvidia gtx560 ti 1gb :), but with the ability to adjust your budget and needs :)…

  • I cannot wait for the weekend, but in the interim, I will just scan your insightful words.

  • Suhel Chakraborty

    I bought a dell inspiron 1464 paced with ATI Mobility Radeon HD5450 1GB a year ago… It osnt magical but I am continuously running each and every upcoming game with stereoscopic anaglyph 3D without a single slow gaming… The chip itself heats up but maintains the performance perfectly… Even as I overclocked it, it performs very well… I previously had nVidia, and ATI is exponentially better… I trust ATI for its amazing 292 million transistors working together to processevery bit what the eyes want…

  • noneofurbusinesss

    Whatever Suhel said, I too had the same; Nvidia before. It ROCKED. But guess what? Now I have HD5450! And it is BETTER than the NVIDA card.! I overclocked it as well, it rocks! ATI FTW!