Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is a disaster!

June 30, 2011

Apple launched its latest version of Final Cut Pro, (video editing software) the Final Cut Pro X on June 21st. Apple states that Final Cut Pro X is completely built from scratch and is a lot more advanced than the previous one.


FCP X consists of a high-end video editing technology that beats every other video editing software out there. Apple has put together a complete featurelist over what new improvements it holds on its predecessor. The most prominent feature being it grabs out the heart of your 64-bit CPUs and throttles it completely. Full GPU utilization and adding more speed by making use of the latest Thunderbolt I/O ports are some of the key features of FCP X.

Apparently the developers of FCP X failed to include many of its important features, such as the ability to open previous FCP projects. FCP X also revolves around a number of issues like limited XML support, no 3D support and unusability of third-party add-ons. Apple has also officially stated that all other versions of Final Cut have been discontinued. The reviews have completely gone down, the negative criticism to this app went upto such an extent that Apple had to close down new reviews, although Apple regards this as an App Store bug. As TNW has rightly said it, “We’ll treat this one as a bug, though with some skepticism.”

This app has wreaked havoc even in the HOLLYWOOD. Conan O’ Brien mocks this piece of shit openly on his show. Take a look at this video.

For a complete PROS and CONS list refer to this article.

We at CHAAPS recommend of not investing in this software, atleast until it is fully patched by Apple. If you want to still give it a try, proceed to this link and click Buy. Thanks to Apple for keeping this app as a low budget software, FCP X is currently priced at $299.

Drop a comment to share your views about this huge disaster! Will video professionals revert to some other Windows app or keep continuing working in the buggy FCP X’s environment. Share your thoughts.

  • icechen1

    Can’t believe Apple just dropped their older users in one shot without giving them a chance to import their data. No add-ons is another reason why FCP will never be taken seriously by the pros.

    • Gautam A D

      yup. no 3rd party add-ons support means the program is not expendable which makes it total SHIT! :(

  • Luca

    I find Final Cut Pro X the most powerful and advance editing software ever conceived. So I do not agree at all with many of the comments out there. Moreover this is just the first version. New updates are coming with some of the issues resolved.

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  • kiki

    as for me, i prefer to use this tool to crop video, but thank u for info!

  • Web Design Resource

    O god apple has dropped their old stuffs.I do not know about this thing, thanks mate for this information :)

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