Apple Shows Off HTML5 and Safari 4


As reported via several Blogs, Companies, and people on social networking sites, HTML5 will be the next Flash. Well Apple has recently released Safari 4. And the new changes haven’t surprised me at all, esp the new features Apple has added.

In Safari 4 Apple has added “HTML 5, CSS3, and Javascript” according to apple. Of course apple doesn’t leave anything quite, they have to show off like usual and so they should. Well apple today launched a page on the website called “HTML5”

Yes, Apple is showing off HTML5. And knowing apple you most be using “Safari 4” to check out the demos. On the site you are able to check out the new ways of how you can use HTML 5 and CSS3 in various ways. Apple is also outlining you can embed Videos and Audio files without any plug-ins or third party software or scripts.

After a while of checking out the demos and doing a little tests, i was surprised on the outcome of my results. HTML5 and CSS3 seemed to be liter and faster to load than HTML4 and CSS2. The new versions of the coding languages seem to allow you to do anything, and without the need for large file sizes, and no lag. That’s right Safari didn’t effect my CPU, or Physical memory that much, in fact it proformas better than FireFox. Well , on my laptop anyway.

Overall the updated browser raising up to the new Web Standards is great. Now we only have to wait for IE and FireFox to meet the new needs of the latest new versions of HTML and CSS.


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