Apple iPad – One Million Sold and Counting


Today Steve Jobs might be the happiest man on earth . Just 4 weeks after the iPad was released apple iPad sales reached 1 Million . The countless number of debate posts on whether to buy an iPad or not may have made people want to buy and ipad and figure out what the hell this that big slate does really.Recently i saw a grandma using an iPad in some youtube video . Well if Apple had released iPad in India with the population they might have sold 10 Million iPad

Apple I-pad

Users have also downloaded around 12 million apps, to use on the device as well as 1.5 million digital books to read on its 9.7 inch color touchscreen.Whoa !!!!! Holly molly !!!
The numbers speak the success of iPad . No matter what you think there are ppl who still want to buy an iPad. Well now iPad not supporting Flash is the last thing apple has to worry about .

Now that apple has proved that there is market for tablet PC other players like Dell, Nokia and Toshiba are expected to launch their own tablet PCs later this year. Well let us just hope that there is much better option available out there and i hope some are priced at affordable rates.