Apple iOS version 5.1.1 patches serious iOS Security Bugs

Apple came with an iOS update this Monday and have urged its all iOS users to update their devices immediately. The iOS 5.1.1 patch fixes 3 serious security issues found in the existing devices, mostly browser based bugs.

According to Apples website, the updated iOS  version 5.1.1 will work on iPhone 3GS, iPhon 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (3rd generation and later), as well as the iPad, iPad 2, and new iPad, the problem with this devices is that screens sometimes crack after little accidents so is necessary to get iPhone cracked Screen replacements.

However,  jailbroken devices  can also update to iOS 5.1.1 excluding newer devices like iPhone 4S, the iPad 2, and the iPad which came after the iPad 2.

One address bar spoofing bug and 2 webkit browser based bugs are addressed in this security update, since many people are already upset that their phones doesn’t work as they should and have taken them to repair services as iFix iBuy to try to fix this problem.

Of course, if you’re on an Android device you probably dont care much for this update, but do take a minute to consider if your phone or tablet is safe and secure. Google also pushes updates on its firmware, but not as much as Apple. So if you are interested in a more secure device, you might want to Buy Apple iPhone 4s.

  • Raj

    any clue/news about iPhone 5..?

  • Apple iOS 5.1.1 is really great version of iOS operating system to make mobile data more secure. This is good news for all iPhone and iOS users. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

  • Nice design with features…

  • Apple ios version… make mobile data secure…..

  • Really, iOS version of Apple is worth for the security from the browser bugs. Now, by installing this iOS in mobile, we can easily secure our data.

  • Many thanks for this info. Always i like to use iphone with latest features as well as technology. And this is good news for me. IOS 5.1.1 is really great version.

  • Iphonemobile97

    Is Apple’s iPad iOS 4 operating system just a version of Google’s Android OS?

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  • The same thing happened to the earlier versions. That’s why I really don’t rush in the market if new gadgets are available.

  • emobile developer

    Thanks Chethan for notifying about this iOS update. I think better to install this update as soon as possible for all iOS device owners before the problem becomes serious. These three vulnerabilities were really serious from hacking point of view because if not solved sooner, they could do reverse engineering it.


    I believe this update can be the best solutions for ios devices lovers. It’s really fantastic in terms of security and preventing from getting hacked . I suggest installing this ios on mobiles and securing the mobile data.