Word Lens- An iPhone application that can translate words

If you are in a foreign country and you dont know the local language of that country, you need not worry. Just get an iPhone!    

A new application has been developed for iPhone that translates words viewed through the phone’s camera.  WordLens  uses the iPhone’s inbuilt camera to recognise text that is viewed through the lens. At the moment, other languages are expected.

WordsLens uses text recognition to check what the word is, then automatic translation software translates it  into the new language. The translation is then pasted over the original location in real time. Every phrase translated in the application is not grammatically correct with mangled english. but the speed  and accuracy of the application’s software is good enough to make sense of simple road signs or restaurant menus.

This is how the WordLens works. It finds what the characters or letters are and searches in the dictionary . Then it pastes the translated words on the screen. It does it in real time – and also matches the color, font and perspective of the text, and remaps it onto the image. It’s as if the world itself has been translated.

More languages are going to be introduced in WordLens. WordLens is some what similar to the Google’s application Google Goggles, which lets users take a picture of a phrase and then seqrch the web using that word. 

You hold your iPhone running WordLens up to some text in, say, Spanish, and you’ll automatically see it translated into English.

Download the WordLens application from your iPhone