Amazon Kindle Fire unveiled - As cheap as it can get

Amazon Kindle Fire slashes Apple and Android tablets! Sets a new stage.

Amazon released its newest tablet in the market, the Kindle Fire. Priced at just $199, the tablet is all set to take out the bigger chums like Apple, HP, RIM and set a new level in the tablet world.

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos unveiled the tablet on Wednesday. Adam Leach, an analyst at Ovum said,

“We believe that the launch of an Amazon tablet will significantly boost the tablet market and inject a much needed competitor to Apple’s iPad”

Amazon Kindle Fire being launched

(Credit: Slashgear)

Even though the tablet is priced so low, there are more tempting offers awaiting for you. One of them being: When you become the owner of the Kindle Fire tab you will also become an Amazon Prime subscriber. What does this mean for you? Well that’s where it gets good! By becoming a subscriber you will get a 30 day free trial of the Amazon Prime, a service that offers you free streaming videos on the Amazon channel. Also you can shop more and enjoy all the Amazon services at a reasonable price.

Although having these advantages brings a whole lotta cons on the list. The primary one being the Hardware. Amazon’s Kindle Fire doesn’t even have half the hardware compared to an iPad. For example there are many features missing on the spec list such as no camera (front or rear), no video calling, no microphone, no 3G wireless, no bluetooth connectivity or even GPS! To top it all off it only gives you 8GB of storage space and believe it or not the display is only a mere 7 inch.

However some of the eye-catching features include a dual core processor, free syncing to amazon’s cloud servers and a cloud accelerated mobile browser known as Amazon Silk which caches your favourite websites for faster loading.

Amazon sleak looking tab - the Kindle Fire

I think even if there are a lot of cons, neglecting such a low priced tablet for features we (really) rarely use on a tab, is not my gut feeling. Amazon Kindle Fire will surely be a good decision made and will outrun its rivals (not to mention Apple’s highly priced iPad 2 and HP’s mildly priced TouchPad) in the near future.

If you want, take a look at the Winners and Losers speculations made after the Kindle Fire was announced!

So what are your thoughts about the Amazon Kindle Fire tab? Please drop a comment and tell us if Kindle Fire will manage to slash out its competitors from the race or will prove to be a failure, share us your views!

via Bloomberg


  • If it was an android it would be better. Don’t think I will getting this.

  • Yeah, good read,
    Also, Its the only rival for ipad i guess !

  • I ordered one yesterday. I think it’s a great price for all of its capabilities. I don’t own an iPad, but I think the Kindle Fire will handle everything that I need it to do.

  • This tablet is much cheaper and therefore it is going to pose a threat to many of the best selling tablets.

  • Anonymous

    kindle fire looks cool with more features.. going to buy one..