Airtel’s Special 5 Ads to Take on Vodafone TV Ads?


Fight in TV advertisements between India’s 2 biggest Telephone Giants Airtel and Vodafone are Always ON.

This Time Airtel has Come Up with a New Plan Called Special 5 where Users have Flexibility to Call 5 of their friends at reduced call rate for just 20p/min. To Promote this Offer Airtel has come up with Brand New Advertisement Featuring Anna a cute School Going Girl who has a special 5 Friends. These Friends of Anna Always help her in one or the another way and are portraited as special Friends of Anna..
Special 5

Based on Special 5 Offer Airtel has Released Five New TV advertisements which I will be Posting in My Upcoming Posts..
Don’t you think Airtel Televison ads are derived from Vodafone’s Happy to Help ad where a Dog Helps a Little Child in All Her Actions??

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