Airtel Special 5 TV ad. Air Bubble.


Air Bubble! Air Bubble is Now Becoming Hot Favourites for all Advertisers!
Air Bubble is a Wonderful Thing Which has nothing but Void.. Still People Admire an Air Bubble for its spherical Transparent Beauty and for its very light weighted nature.. An Air Bubble flows in Its own direction depending on The Wind…Air Bubble Floats and Floats and Floats. Well, This Post is definitely not on description of Air Bubble. Airtel, The Biggest Telephone Giant in India has Released an Advertisement for Special 5 Scheme. The ads Theme focuses on 5 Friends of Anna… who are damn close friends…..

Special 5 Airl Bubble TV ad Airtel

Air Bubble is Now a New Chance to Communicate with their dear friends…. Just Watch This New Airtel ad.

The Music of the Advertisement Airtel Special 5 Air Bubble Ad is Appreciable.
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