Airtel Special 5 Advertisement. Boat and A Little Girl.


The New Airtel Special 5 ad. Anna and Her Adventures With Her Special 5 friends -Boat.

Airtel Special 5 Boat
Advertisement Desciption:
Anna Leaves her Home making a Pink Paper Boat. It’s a Rainy Day, she Finds Water Flowing as a channel in the Street and Keeps The Boat Inside it. This Paper Boat sails for Some Distant. After Sometime, A Heavy Wind and Rain Blows which Changes Direction of that Paper Boat. The Boat Looks like Sinking into the water. The Girl Manages to Protect The Boat from Rain Using Her Little Hands. But, It was not enough to Protect her Beautiful Pink Paper Boat. Suddenly, The boat starts Sailing Normally! The Special 5 Friends of Anna Joins Anna’s hand in Protecting The Boat while sailing. Fantastic Ad Worth a watch. It’s all about Anna and her Cute 5 friends.

The Background Music of airtel Special 5 Boat ad is unique and Marvellous.

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