Airtel Special 5 ad. Anna Introducing Her Special 5 Friends.


Special 5 Introduction

Anna Introduces herself saying
HI, I’m Anna, These are My 5 friends..
and there comes all her 5 Special Friends into Action..
The Video ends saying Now Keep Your Special One’s Always Close

Why was This Ad Released?
This Ad by Airtel is released to Promote a Plan in Airtel Called Special 5 Where an Airtel Can Call @20p/min for 5 members.

Why did They Choose Kids in This Airtel Special 5 Ad?
Children are clear in their Thoughts, And Ads Promoted by Kids are always a Big Hit. The Ad Also Describes the Bonding Between Anna and her 5 special Friends.

Length of This Ad Anna and Her Special 5:
15 Seconds

Youtube Link:

Download Anna and Her Special 5 Friends TV ad


  • I remember this ad. I felt it was a highly creative one the first time I saw it. Airtel definitely have a very good advertising and PR department. Right from their very first ad that introduced A.R. Rahman’s now famous Airtel jingle, they’ve all been excellent.