Airtel New Logo goes Live! 3G on the Way!

Bharti Airtel, India’s Biggest Mobile Operator has released its New Logo Just today. The Website was “Under Construction” over 12 hours from yesterday and Later Made its Announcement of New Refreshing Airtel logo at 12:45 pm today (18 November 2010)..

The New Logo comes with a Clean SmallerCase Attractive Font .. Red on White and Viceversa.. Airtel had recently joined the social media Party recently by Showing its Presence on Twitter and Facebook Intensively with the URL @Airtel_Presence (Observe the Refreshed Logo Change in its Twitter Background). Looks like Airtel has Huge and Huge Plans for its Next Innovation in the Field of 3G Technology..

Visit Landing Page for the Brilliant animation and other promotions…

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Let Us know your Feedback on Airtel’s New Refreshing Logo.

Here is the New Airtel Ad which Includes the New Airtel Logo

Listen/ Download the New Airtel Signature Tune, The New Airtel Tune has a Tangential Change from the Previous Classical Airtel Tune by A R Rahman.. Much of Remix I can Say.

Download the New Airtel Music (MP3) here 1.4 Mb