Agent Dash – How different from Temple Run? [Review]

Run Forrest, Run.

Well, that’s exactly what this game is all about. You keep running and running and running.

The game, heavily inspired by Temple Run, yet addictive, just like the original. Apart from the fact that it lacks originality in the theme, Agent Dash has everything unique. The graphics are really amazing, the objectives are interesting, the gameplay isn’t easy, which is exactly why it keeps you hooked to the game.

In my opinion Agent Dash has caught from where Temple run left behind. It has six unique agents(and my personal favorite agent is BOBAJOB), each of them having their own unique style of running, jumping and dodging obstacles, which makes it even more fun to play. You can unlock these agents, as well as upgrade them with a jet pack and an extra life, with the diamonds that you collect as you run in the game.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the idea is pretty much the same, run as far as you can and collect as many diamonds as you can, although there are a lot of distractions, where you could either turn to ashes by the laser beams or get hit by a truck, or crushed to death by falling trees. What makes it really addictive is the fact that it looks pretty much simple and easy to play and each time you fail you tell yourself that you can make a better score the next time, so why not give it a try ONE MORE TIME, and this happens each time you fail, although you end up making a better score, but by that time you would have been really hooked to the game wanting for more.


Although the game lacks originality, it makes it up with a solid design, amazing gameplay and the best graphics you could imagine for a runner game.

Upside :
1. Best UI design.
2. Good control .
3. Gameplay.

Downside :
1. Lacks Originality
2. Version 2, slows down the running speed, giving you a feel that the processor is slow.

Rating :
Gameplay 8/10.
Design 10/10.
Theme 7/10.

Overall 8.5/10.

You can download Agent Dash
iOS Download link
Android Download link


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  • kiran

    That’s quite a review . Good Job 🙂

    • akhilesh

      thank you….

  • Sumitha P

    Good Review 🙂

    • akhilesh


    • Gorilla

      As if you have an Android or iPhone…..O_o

  • I would say Agent Dash is far better than Temple Run.
    Atleast it has some levels not like TR, running, running and running -_-

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  • welcome to chaaps akhilesh i hope you wil enjoy writing it here 🙂 keep em coming! 😀

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