After iStore, its now WinStore for Windows 8


Taking a leaf out of their arch rivals Apple, Microsoft has now decided to open a dedicated WinStore. The motive behind this surprising move is to offer better support to customers for any device based on Windows 8.
“Consumers get applications they want, that they can feel confident in, that they can use on any Windows 8 device”, thus reads one of the slides about the Microsoft WinStore.

Earlier, Windows Marketplace was the entry point to purchase 3rd party software compatible with Windows. However, this is likely to be replaced by WinStore. Microsoft hopes that using a centralized location to track down and install new software would reap benefits for the company. Users no longer have to look up to the search engine giant(read Google) for software or updates.

But of course, there has not been an official communication from the software giants themselves regarding the same. Until, then, lets keep our fingers crossed.


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  • Great, another way for bill to make ten’s of millions of dollars and to tie in with the o/s via updates, great post

  • It was only a matter of time. Windows is trying to compete with aps for iPhones and such, so it makes sense there is a locale to do this.
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