Add Cool Effects to your Website


Recently I put my blog on under construction mode and added some effects. I got 3-4 emails from people asking how did I made that effects. Well I used some codes…

I will now tell you how to add these effects to your website. 🙂 I don’t know if it will work on wordpress oe not because I haven’t tried it yet but it works fine in HTML Websites.


To use this code first of all open the page (you wish to add effect on) in any editor.

Save any of the below images and upload to your server or anywhere on the web:

Or you can use your Picture.

Now paste the following code in <BODY> tag of your site.

Now Save the Page and you are done…. 🙂


Do the same thing you did earlier. Open the page and edit.

In the <BODY> tag paste the following Code:

Add a cool mouse trail in the website.

Again save the following image and upload and paste in code.

Now open the page and Paste the following code in <BODY> tag.

Save the page and another cool effect. 🙂


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