About Chaaps

About Chaaps.com

Chaaps.com is an open-source multi-author technology blog.
Chaaps.com is the other Synonym for Simplicity.
Chaaps.com is a Simple Website which deals with Simple issues around the world.
Chaaps.com was Launched on July 15th 2009 to Simplify the Planet Earth.
Chaaps.com Doesn’t Have Vision, Mission or Goal.
Chaaps.com Promises to deliver any News Which You Like, The Things which you love.
Chaaps.com Hates What You Hate, Loves what You Love.
Moving The First Simple Step in The Simple Journey of This Simple World rather “World Wide Web”!
Experience the Love of Simplified WWW with Chaaps.com!

Team Chaaps

Chethan Thimmappa: Founder

Shakti Sourav: Chief Editor

Murugappan Meiyappan: Chief Editor


The other core authors are:

1. Shaquille Ray

2. Sukhjit Singh

3. Nandini Rajagopalan

4. Kiran Ruth

5. Ankit Puri

Other than the core team, we have 20+ guest authors.

Would you like to join our team ? Contact us here!