Abhishek Bachchan as a Tree in New Idea Ad. Use Mobile Save Paper

January 9, 2010

Every year thousands of trees are ruthlessly felled all over the world. Just to satisfy man’s never ending greed! In today’s world, paper has become indispensable. We wake up in the morning just to be greeted by the morning newspaper. Little bits of paper are useful to jot down small notes. Our kids extensively use notebooks to do their homework. So..as you can see…There’s paper, paper and paper everywhere!! Is there not a solution to this never ending problem??

Watch The Idea AD Featuring Abhishek Bacchan as a Tree: Save Trees Save Environment, Save Paper, Use Mobile. Youtube Video is Here.

“Of course! We have a solution!!”, claim IDEA in their latest advertisement. The solution is simple enough! Use your IDEA mobile phone instead of paper. So, we have a middle aged man reading the newspaper online, a waiter at a hotel typing the menu in his mobile and a passenger showing a soft copy of his boarding pass!!
That’s not all, IDEA is trying to show us how a paper – less world would be. So, you have university students attending their graduation ceremony, holding mobile phones displaying their certificates. A group of musicians replacing their standard song book with a mobile phone having the musical notes. A clerk at the judge typing out the judgment rather than writing it.

The ad of course features IDEA’s brand ambassador Abhishek Bachhan as a tree!! Yes..you read it right :)
He dissuades a woodcutter from felling the tree and thanks to his idea, everybody starts using IDEA mobile and start saving paper.

The makers of this ad must definitely appreciated for launching this unique campaign. Great going team IDEA, hope to see more creative ads from you in future!

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Download Idea Tune as a Ringtone.
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  • http://steal-ideas.blogspot.com srivathsan.GK

    ha ha .. Nice one .. Really appreciate the idea \m/ WHATaa Idea Sirji πŸ˜€
    .-= srivathsan.GK´s last blog ..Transfer All Your Images From Flickr to Picasa or Photobucket Just by One Click =-.

  • http://www.tricksdaddy.com/ Simran

    I have seen this ad today on TV
    .-= Simran´s last blog ..FreshBrown Free WordPress Theme By TricksDaddy =-.

    • http://chaaps.com Chethan Thimmappa

      Thanks for Comment Simran!
      Yeah, IDEA has always come up with innovative campaigns… GO GREEN!

  • http://www.bytechip.com Ramkumar

    lol, seriously IDEA is coming up with great ideas for their ads.
    .-= Ramkumar´s last blog ..Incredimail Vs Outlook =-.

  • http://www.techcats.net/about Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    what an idea sirji…
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..How To Check The Subscription box Checked Permanently in Subscribe To Comments Plugin =-.

  • http://www.netchunks.com Shiva@Web Magazine

    I have seen this advertisement in the TV a couple of times. This is truely innovative. So we have in Abhishek as the “Tree Man of India” . Lol
    .-= Shiva@Web Magazine´s last blog ..Scratch Disk Is Full – Photoshop =-.

  • http://blinkky.com blinkky

    That’s very creative =)
    .-= blinkky´s last blog ..Avatar: The Last Airbender Wallpapers =-.

  • http://www.technicstoday.com Anish K.S

    An Idea can chnage our life :)
    .-= Anish K.S´s last blog ..Orpat P-51 Mobile – Features =-.

  • rashmi

    it is a superb ad!!really very innovative

  • http://www.gadgetcage.com/ Siddartha

    wat an Idea Sirji!! Abhi wid idea rockzzz

  • http://www.techhow.co.cc shivaraj

    Nice, innovative GREEN Campaign by Idea cellular,All most all ads are unique.as i like zozo and that bing chips ad that also rocking πŸ˜€
    Thanks for update .
    .-= shivaraj´s last blog ..How to make wordpress blog load faster. =-.

  • http://techvilla.org Pavan Somu

    The idea is great. I too an idea customer from last 2years.
    .-= Pavan Somu´s last blog ..Wish Your Friends Varietely For This New Year =-.

  • Uday Bhan

    yup…. its great work.. this is called “social business”… nice… i like it… it may be inspiration for others….. good going… keep it up…..

    • http://chaaps.com Chethan Thimmappa

      Hey Uday Bhan! Thanks for Your Comments..
      Please Visit Again Chaaps dot Com

  • http://selurus.com Selurus

    Yeah I saw this advert. I really like to execution and the usage of mobile phones for various purposes. Mobiles are the future.
    .-= Selurus´s last blog ..I’m Flying =-.

  • ajay mishra

    faltu ka add hai .. mat banaya karoo sar dard hota hai

  • shailesh mangaldas makwana

    i liked this ad because it saves paper

  • http://technascent.com Uttoran Sen

    yep, saw the ad on tv, we were discussing on this topic on blogengage and i thought to write a post on it, but they got the ad first πŸ˜›

    read the comments, it was 5 days back when the ad was not shown on tv, lol it was our idea originally…. hehe
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..10 Gadgets that Changed the World and Life =-.

    • http://chaaps.com Chethan Thimmappa

      wow! Docomic Idea :)
      lols! thanks for linking it here!

  • http://gupshupblog.com Sunil Jain

    It is a Green evolution ad :)
    The best comedy part is when AB is asked whether you are pre-ped or post-ped [ped in hindi means Tree] πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    .-= Sunil Jain´s last blog ..The Ultimate guide to Different Downloadable Movies Format =-.

  • http://funpclife.blogspot.com/ Siddhu

    What an idea SirJi !!!
    .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Google Chrome Task Manager – Check Browser Stats =-.

  • mukesh

    im saving tree we always use Email and SMS.. computer Tech. we never send quotations or other official work by paper work.. .

    and really this advertise heart touch.. and reality life

    we are with you

  • Ravi Kumar

    Bhai bahot Ghatiya ad hai… agar “Idea” itna hi chahta hai “Save trees”, toh unko apne newspaper advertisements pe rok laga deni chahiye… agar “Idea” message deke khud implement nahi kar pata toh aise logon ko Hypocrites kehte hai…

    • Rupeshpatankar

      bo hot acha

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