Aardvark – Google Answers revamped??


Google seems to have left no stone unturned to ensure that it remains the number one in the market. After buying orkut and a failed bid to conquer twitter, Google has now placed Aardvark into its already full kitty. On Feb 11, 2010, Google bought this social search service for $50 million.

So ,what is Aardvark?? It’s a simple service that allows you to post questions & receive answers from your friends. All you need to do is to ask Aardvark a simple question and it will forward it to the most appropriate person in your social network. This is done based on information available about the person’s hobbies & interests.And if reports are to be believed, you can get an answer to your question within 10 minutes.The site seems to be faring well with a query volume of more than 3000 questions per day.

But experts are skeptical about the success of this venture, primarily because a similar service had been launched by Google a few years ago. “Google Answers” anyone?? This much anticipated service from Google had sunk without a trace. And most importantly, Yahoo Answers remains one of the most popular sites for availing the search for answers facility. If Google’s Aardvark is to reach the top, it must overtake Yahoo.
Given that Aardvark makes use of the “ask-friends” type of service to solve users queries, it looks like it will have to compete hard against that “anyone-can-answer” policy of Yahoo.

But the number one reason why Google has gone in for Aardvark is obvious. They don’t want a third party service to eat into their revenue 🙂

I feel that ultimately, Aardvark will just be one among the many products that the search engine giant has acquired just to save its skin!