A Workbot can replace Human in Workstation

Workbot can replace human beings in workstations. They can do all work done by a human in the work place.

Researchers in German have created a robot with two flexible arms and touch sensitive fingertips . These workbots will soon replace the single armed robots and humans in factories and workstations.

This workbot consists of 2 arms, 3 cameras, fingertip sensitivity and variety of facial expressions. they can smile,laugh, weep and do many more things. They can shift goods from one place to the other , assemble parts of an equipment, test the perfection of a material etc. This worlbot is similar in size to a human and it can be employed at any workstation in a factory.
A workbot can pick up a gear wheel in one hand a housing in the other and fix both together. When the wheel and housing doesnt fit at once the workbot rotates the wheel little in a certain direction and tries fixing it again. This time it fixes it and places the assembled parts on the conveyor belt and gives a smile as its work is done sucessfully.

The pi4-workbot can perform much more movements than a normal robot and can improve the work force in future. This may also leed in the factory owners leasing the workbot when ever its necessary.

The pi4-workbot has three cameras . A 3D camera in its forehead captures its surroundings while the other two cameras are for inspection.

A workbot can do a wide range of tasks.Workbot can measure objects or check the nature of the surface by studying how light reflects from its surface. The two cameras of the workbot can be used for inspecting a component for 24 hours. A special feature of this workbot is ot has two arms thus can carry out many other functions using it. Its not like a normal robot which has just 6 degree of freedom and not 7 like a normal human arm. The workbot arm functions exactly like a human arm. Assemblying two components was a real challenge, it requires additional sensor system.


The sensitive finger tips can sence the  object and can hold it with grip . It can hold an egg without cracking it. It can make different facial expression and can show the status of its mood to the people around it like being happy or bored.

  • Would not surprise me if this workbot was real, I can see in the future these robots having an even more of an impact on the job market.

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    hmmm they all would stand in a queue with thier resumes lookin for job 😉