7 ways your expected-to-be viral Posts may turn out to be Suicidal

We work hard to write posts. And harder, to write killer posts. Have you ever spent hours of writing, several times of self-reviewing before publishing a post and yet got results which are no good? Well actually speaking, there are chances for your your to-be viral posts go suicidal i.e., wasting all the hard work, knowledge and research you invested for your blog post. What are the things responsible to this? Read on to learn more…

Posts going viral

Seven things that you must avoid doing in a post that you’d like to go viral

  1. An ugly title – this is the first and the foremost thing that ever gets noticed by a reader – the post’s title. You might like to read Nicholas Cardot‘s post on how to write eye-jerky post titles.
  2. Lack of multimedia content – As we all know images speak a thousand words, that should be taken into consideration. Do you have a post that has no images/video or the likes in it? Give a link to it in the comment and I’ll mark it as spam. No kidding! 😉
  3. False statistics. All imaginary, approximate and other such figures in a blog post – especially, a blog post that falls into the category of researching, this is a big time drawback to your posts.
  4. You’ve made it boring with lengthy paragraphs. You must rather be to the point. Use ordered or unordered lists with respect to the post.
  5. What I desire is an out-of-the box article. You wrote an out-of-the-niche blog post. How awkward can it get, when I write a post in Chaaps: “10 reasons your love betrayed you” ? 😛
  6. You don’t let others’ post go viral by commenting and/or sharing it. What you sow is what you reap, right?!
  7. Your post just doesn’t deserve to go viral. Say for example, I write a post “How to post in a friend’s wall in Facebook.” I swear by god, none except my self will hit that post with a read.

Ever experienced your viral posts going suicidal? Do let me know whether such a thing had happened to you and also let me know in the comments , what is the most probable reason for it?

  • kiran

    A nice post …. a decent comeback :):):)

    • Thanks kiran, for dropping by. Appreciating is always appreciated. 😛

  • Awesome Insights. Every Over confident blogger should read this !

  • ANuj

    yeah it did recently with my post Twitter vs Facebook ! its kind of a suicidal . Non of the readers in the comment section gave a good review.

    • That is not at all a problem, Anuj. It happens. You in fact are the person who bought back chaaps into action. Thanks so much for contributing for us. 🙂

  • Well written points, I know how a bad title ruins everything you have written ! My strategy is to check check and recheck my title before publishing the post because I have seen a drop in traffic if the title is badly given . 🙂

    • That’s an experience for me – a bad title. I worked two hours on a post collecting all things needed and a bad title ruined it all. I kinda like this check-check-recheck strategy. I must give it a try too, to ensure whether that will make my posts any better. Thanks for the comment, Himadri. 🙂

  • Superb post muru! Had a lot of ideas sprung into my mind after reading this! Every budding-up blogger should read this. 🙂

    • Thanks for the awesome comment, gautam. Looking forward to read more posts from you.