7 More Stupid Ways to promote your Blog!

August 11, 2010

Ever felt like promoting your blog by stupid ways?????? I read a post like this few months back which gave me the idea. Though the concept is the same (To extract stupidity out of you!) but the ideas are my own!

Here in this post I’ll give you some of the ideas which you may use to promote your blog! (I recommend you don’t 😛 )

  1. Write behind the books of people: Hungry for traffic???? Just write your blog URL on each and every notebook or book you encounter! Someone or the other may be caught in your trap! 😀
  2. Your URL as your Brand: Make T-shirts in all shapes and sizes with the URL of your blog and give them to poor. People roaming here and there will ultimately wonder why do all the poors have the same URL
  3. Go Public: You may have seen people writing there names, their Girlfriend’s, Other’s Girlfriend names etc on the walls of public toilets or Bus stands. Then why can’t your Blog be inscribed on that surface.
  4. SMS Power: SMS people with the URL and give a note that if you forward it to 20 people you will get Rs 200 as a free talktime! Believe me it works! I have seen many stupids doing the same!
  5. Piracy Rules: Put some pirated content on the blog! Piracy can attract people from miles away!
  6. Key Word Chaos: How about a meta keyword flood????? Paste the each and every word in Oxford’s Dictionary into the Meta Keywords of your blog! Enough Said!!!!
  7. SpamBook Rules: Make a facebook account! Add all the people your eyes could see on the screen! Once you are done begin your business with pasting Blog address on their wall! Success!!!!!

Hope these ideas encouraged the stupid inside you!!!!!

  • http://www.cricoholic.blogspot.com/ Venky

    hahaha LOL at the 3rd and 4th points very true!
    .-= Venky´s last blog ..A hard look at ourselves =-.

  • http://mobigyaan.com Puneet

    LOL 😀

  • http://www.ashout.com/ P.K.ARUN

    Brb, I strongly agree “Piracy Rules:” point. Recently I noticed similar incident with my friend on Facebook. Now I’m going copy all your post and paste it some other blog. Hope I get free link back to my blog :)
    .-= P.K.ARUN´s last blog ..Brand and Monetize All Outgoing Links from your Blog =-.

    • http://www.chaaps.com/author/sukhjit Sukhjit Singh

      Thats not piracy! Thats copying and violating copyright! 😛
      .-= Sukhjit Singh´s last blog ..How about an Android PlayStation Phone =-.

  • http://www.dailyblogging.org Mani Viswanathan

    Awesome..I used to try the 1st one 2 yrs ago..then realized there is not search engine juice in it 😛 But offline promotion (If done on a large scale) can seriously work.
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..Apple Peel allows you to convert your iPod into an iPhone =-.

  • http://techgopal.com TechGopal

    hmm really interesting & stupids ideas …

  • http://blogliving.org Gourav Jain

    This is one of the craziest post ever read !!

    • http://www.chaaps.com/author/sukhjit Sukhjit Singh

      I bet you haven’t read my previous posts then 😛

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  • http://www.gadgetcage.com sidduz

    I would like to add one more to this list use College or School boards also, which is my main area 😛
    .-= sidduz´s last blog ..Google Chrome Dictionary Extension to Look Up Definitions Instantly =-.

  • http://www.funnyvideoslol.com Funny Joe

    Some people may have issues with this list, but I believe “Thinking Outside of the Box” is to be commended. Another option is to tattoo (with Henna ink, not real ink) your blog url on your forehead, bicep, etc. Attend large events.
    .-= Funny Joe´s last blog ..Cameramen fight at wedding in Russia =-.

  • http://www.echoblogger.com Kranthi – EchoBlogger

    Nice tips ….SMS Power is though a good way to promote your blog, it is an odd way cheating people …..
    .-= Kranthi – EchoBlogger´s last blog ..Track your Google Adsense Cheque Payment in Blue Dart =-.

  • http://www.currentaffairsarena.com ved prakash

    I think these are good way for hudge level site promotion only not for who’s using google adsense

  • http://www.bloggerseed.com/ infreelancer

    Really happy to know there are methods like this to promote blog

  • http://techozens.com Harsh@Facebook Poke

    Man, the sms spamming idea is the most implemented one. I’ve received many such messages. Simply stupid stuff!!!

  • Gnsantosh23

    nice info for stupid marketing our blogs but am sure atleast one of this works very stupidly,..lol thanks for the info

  • http://facebookz.in/ Gaurav Garg

    Really Awesome Tips and Very True in Traffic Generation

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