6 Reasons to Buy APPLE iMac


The iMac is a desktop computer built by one of the World’s great Computer giants, Apple Inc.

Probably many of you didn’t know that ‘i’ in the iMac stands for ‘Internet’.
On July 27,2010 Apple unveiled its new line of iMacs which embodied the new range of Intel Core processors. In Macintosh Desktop Computers there are only two models with different processing capabilities.

Now lets discuss the important features:

1. Processor: The low end models 21.5″ and 27″ features the Core i3 processors which can be upgraded to Core i5. The high end model 27″ now features a Quad Core i5 processor which can be upgraded to Quad Core i7. The Quad Core advantage is that iMac puts four processing cores on one die, so data doesn’t have to travel far to get from core to core.

2. Graphics: 21.5″ models comes with ATI Radeon HD 4670 or 5670 graphics processor with 256MB or 512MB of GDDR3 memory respectively. 27″ dual core models comes also comes with 5670 GPU but 27″ Quad core models comes with 5750 GPU with exclusive GDDR5 memory. The main thing in iMacs is that the Graphics processor is separate from the CPU.

3. Storage: 21.5″ models comes with 500GB-2TB 7200rpm SATA drives and 27″ models comes with 1TB-2TB 7200rpm SATA with an Optional 256GB solid-state drive.

4. The most IMPORTANT feature of an iMac is that it is designed to take advantage of the advanced multicore processor architecture, so every Intel processor reaches its full potential on iMac and you get the fastest performance possible.

5. iMac is also rated as EPEAT Gold for its Environment friendly nature.

6. One disadvantage is that its very very costly but if you want to do a one time investment for the best possible PC, i say go for the iMac.