6 iPhone Blogging apps you might have not tried

With the gaining momentum for the use of iPhone as an alternative to carrying the large computers on the go, you need not bother about you having a downfall in your blogging career while on holidays, as there is the iPhone with a number of blogging apps to help you by time.
Some of the most common and useful iPhone blogging apps are discussed here in detail:

1. Word Press:

How will you feel like bringing your app down to the convenience of your iPhone that you can edit, upload and manage your blogs? Great! Isn’t it? This is an exclusive app that allows you to manage your blogs from the convenience of your iPhone and iPad. You can moderate comments, edit and create posts and pages. This is a trustworthy app that comes for your iPhone.
Download: Word Press

2. Pen my Blog:

This tool comes for no cost for blogging on blogger.com, a blogging platform from the convenience of your iPhone. Using this app, you can edit, delete and post on your blogger website and what is the only difference from the other apps is that you can do everything using this application without paying any registration fee.
Download: Pen My Blog

3. CoverItLive iPhone:

This is a free application that is very helpful for bloggers, journalists and media companies to post their events and current news live in action from the convenience of their iPhone using this app. Some of the features and actions that you could accomplish using this app will include allowing you to post commentary and media with up to the minute coverage, perfect for any live events, publish photos, audio and video and above all you can tweet all this information as this app is also integrated with twitter.
Download: CoveerITLive iPhone

4. altBlogger:

This is one of the best iPhone blogging apps that comes for only 0.99$, which is very inexpensive for the blogging platform, Blogger.com. Using this application you can post new entries to your blog and support multiple blogs. Some of the other permissible actions are like maintaining labels and tags, view and post comments, still you cannot post pictures or edit blog posts, what makes this more advantageous is that they are user friendly.
Download: altBlogger

5. Blog Press:

Coming for a small price of $2.99 you will be finding a capable blogging platform application that has been exclusively designed for the iPhone’s iOS, which works in conjunction with many of the blogging platforms including blogger, MSN, Movable Type, Crupal, Joomla, WordPress and LiveJournal. The best features of this very useful application will include video uploading, and geo tagging your location. This app can also work in landscape mode for bigger keyboards and can send the same entry to multiple blogs.
Download: BlogPress

6. Square Space:

If you are looking for a blog that is perfect for keeping your blog contents up to date by posting pictures on the go and manage your Square Space contents, view your site and posts then Square Space must be your choice. Using this blog you can manage multiple Square space sites and even create new account from within this application for iPhone itself, which even Google is yet to achieve.
Download: Square Space

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  • Great post. Some of the much needed apps for every blogger using an iPhone.

  • altBlogger is definitely one of the best value for money solutions you can get. The others are also great but I’ve been using altBlogger for a while now and I’m very satisfied.

  • I am comfortable with WordPress and altBlogger. WIll try out the remaining apps too. Thank you very much.

  • Great list or blog apps for the Iphone. Will have to check out the other ones, besides WordPress and altblogger which you can’t beat the price of.

  • how many people blog from their iphone , its just for accesing the commments etc , not blogging purpose , however ipad can be sue d

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