5 Ways to Prevent your PC parts from Frying!


Before reading this post rewind back in time and check how many times your PC has been fried due to overheating! Yesterday after seeing my laptop’s processor getting destroyed because of the cooling fan not working gave me an Idea of making this post to make people aware how to protect your PC.

1. Clean PC Regularly: Sorry if the image frightened you. But this may be your PC from inside asmost of the people don’t often open up there case. they are unaware of the dust particles which are gathering around in the PC and is making the inner temprature hot. Due to dust particles many of the core components of PC may fail like SMPS, Motherboard and CPU too.

Open up the PC case and use a blower or a cotton cloth to wipe out the dust. You may also use Vaccume Cleaner.  This will help you to lower your PC’s temperature.

2. Air Supply: Air supply is one of the most common thing which normal users forget. Airsupply will help to exaust hot air and will ultimately resul in less temprature. There must be atleast 2 fans in a PC for users who use their PC for multimedia purposes and 1 is enough for those who just browse the net or some like work. better airsupply means better performance of the PC as cooler parts give much better performance than the fried one.  You must use a proper case with proper air ventilation!

3.  Overclocking: Overclocking means pushing your PC parts capacity beyond their default clocks. yeah it increases performance but it increases the heat level too. the default fans of the product like processor fan and GPU fan are not made for these changes. They are ment to cool in normal circumstances. And also overclocking must be carried out by the people who know what they are doing.  Falior may screw up the part 🙁

Even if you tend to overclock consider buying a new cooler for parts like CPU, GPU and RAM.

4. Long Running Hours: Long running hours of PC and using PC at its full performance may also result in winning you a trip to the repair shop. For example When i bought my new PC I played GTA IV continously for 15 Hrs (Believe it I Did) and the next day i was at the distributor (Coolermaster distributor in Delhi)  to replace my SMPS. May it never happen to you.

5. Malfunctioning of Components: Regularly check that if your PC fans, Cooler are working properly or not. Also replace CPU’s thermal paste every year. It helps processor to remain cool. It will reduce the risk of PC parts dying in early stage.

Hope the above tips were helpful. Also there is a free utility for checking your PC temprature called Speed Fan. Download it and check out the av. temp of your PC.


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  • On all this one thing you forgot. Use your system regularly! else parts will stop working 🙂
    .-= Vinay´s last blog ..20 sites to create/optimize website for mobile phone users =-.

    • Parts will fry up only when you use it! Else dust with gather around! And that’s the point no. 1. 😀

  • Bro… Useful tips to follow even for non techie guys… Expecting more tips and tutorials from you.
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  • kool!! man. nice article. wil follow d suggestions. i use my system for hardcore gaming. i hav a Coolermaster Real Power 520w, quad core 2.66Ghz. . my GPU is factory overclocked.i check and take gud care of my PC. is it real that ur laptop’s processor was destroyed?? how did that happen? didn’t u knw when d laptop’s fan stopped working??
    .-= Gautam A.D.´s last blog ..PS3 vs PC vs XBOX =-.

    • yeah my laptop got screwed for real! But i don’t care as i bought a new pc. I somehow managed to make it work and gifted that to my lil sis. My laptop was abandoned for 2=-3 months and when I switched it on I didn’t notice the fan. I rendered some video and then Bam it stopped running ;-(.
      Anyways if you are on xfire add me as gamer9891 . maybe We can play some games together :D.

  • LOL great article and catchy title 😀
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