5 Ways to Manage and Organize Your WordPress Blog


When you have invested your hard earned money in a blog, it will be your first priority to get the maximum benefits from your blog. The first and important thing is to organize and manage your blog in such way that your blog gives you what you want from it i.e. benefits in terms of visitors, money, reputation, etc. Normally every blogger wants to earn a lot of money from his or her blog. Well earning from one’s blog isn’t easy as it seems!

To earn good money from your blog, you must follow some tips and techniques that will make your blog more profitable. For example you must develop a good blog plan, blog design, niche, quality posts and relationship with your readers and SEO friendly techniques.

1.) Planning Is Must…

Don’t stop planning, because better plan will give you a better blog. If your blog is new post regularly, exchange links with other bloggers, think about Search Engine Optimization and learn its concepts, etc. all these should be the outcome of your planning. Take decision only on the basis of your planning. When you start a blog maintain a set of goals and always try achieving them. Be in time achieving your goals.

2.) Posting Frequency Values A Ton…

If you are a part time blogger then you must set a frequency for posting new articles in your blog. Whether it is 2 per day or 2 per week, first plan the number of post you will provide to your readers. It is not good for your blog, if you post too often or too fast. So try to plan about posting frequency. Remember, if you post 5 posts a day in your blog, but all being boring and not unique are of no use. Instead write 1 post which is unique and is good to read.

3.) Develop Interest By Contests & Giveaways…

Apart from general information relating to your blog, you must also give something special to your readers. I mean you should at certain times hold contest in your blog. Sometimes giveaway copies of themes, plugins, software or any service. This will retain the existing readers and attract new readers as well to your blog. Apart from giveaway offers you should also post about special offers, promos or any discount offers. The more free and worthy information your readers will get the more exposure to the whole blogging community you will get.

4.) Link Building Works!

The most important factor that will make your blog more profitable is quality links. You should concentrate on your blog backlinks. For better ranking in search engines, you need quality backlinks. Instead of getting 100 links from unrelated blogs, try getting 10 links from blogs related to your blog topic.

Another thing that you must keep in your mind is that getting backlink from another blog means that the traffic from that blog I being diverted to your blog. So if the link is from a related blog, then you will also get hits to your blog.

5.) Look From The Eyes Of A Reader…

Many bloggers just target SEO and write posts which can get them the best number of visitors. Even if you get visitors this way and there is no content to read, I mean there are only keywords, do you think it will be helpful? No it won’t be. So target your post both for readers and SEO.

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Saksham is working for GO-Gulf.com , a Dubai based web design company that provides web design solutions in Bahrain, Kuwait and Middle East.


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