5 things that you must know about Guest blogging

Blogging is a skill, Guest blogging is an art.

[Credits: Luke.H]

Guest blogging surely is beneficial but you have to keep some small thing in your mind before you take up Guest blogging. According to me, the five points listed below seem to be the most striking things to remember before Guest posting.

1. Read the Guest posting Guidelines of the respective blog

Every well-known blog has a page which contains guidelines for Guest bloggers, Chaaps do have it – you can read the guidelines and start writing for Chaaps.

2. Gravatar, Please!

A Gravatar is a globally recognized Avatar which is usually integrated in the Author bio and sometimes it is also inserted in the post Excerpt. So if you don’t have a Gravatar, go grab one.

3. Too much self-promotion is to be avoided

Any blog gives you back-link love as you guest-post in it, but forcefully placing back-links in the post doesn’t sound good. But One or two relevant back-links to your website maybe considered.

4. Don’t be Money-Minded

Guest blogging is to drive traffic and gain fame but not to earn money. Demanding money may create a bad opinion about you.

5. Build Relationships

Guest blogging’s main intention is to build relationship with fellow bloggers. So let’s do it!

Write for Chaaps

Hope you enjoyed the write-up. We have a good news for all the readers out there – Now we have enabled public user registrations at Chaaps. So register, write a post and have great fun writing at Chaaps. Happy Blogging! 🙂