5 Reasons Why Justin Bieber has to be made a Permanent Tab on Twitter


Justin Beiber doesn’t need any introduction for twitter Users, Every Day and Every time, you could see Justin Beiber trending on twitter. Justin Bieber is a 16 year old Canadian Pop Singer who has featured in “One Time” , “My World”. The Recent Popular hit “Baby” has driven the World Crazy! You Could See People Chanting his name and passing LOVE YOU Justin Bieber messages. See More on Twitter Search

For the man who has done such a HUGE impact on people, It gives a feeling why don’t twitter make a permanent tab for “Justin Bieber”, (which is already Permanently floating up and down in right Column ie. Trending Topics of Twitter)

Here are few supporting Evidences, how crazy people are interested with Justin Bieber.. Who, How, When, What and Why people are behind Justin Bieber. The 5 Powerful Reasons which has to be considered to make JUSTIN BIEBER a Permanent Tab on Twitter!

Reason 1
Who Justin Bieber

Reason 2:
How Justin Bieber

Reason 3:
What Justin Bieber

Reason 4:
When Justin Bieber

Reason 5:
Why Justin Bieber

Thanks for Google Suggests for Giving an Interesting Insights on Justin Bieber! Are you a Justin Bieber Fan?? List out Your Reasons(if any)why should it be a Permanent tab on Twitter!